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  1. whoah...I am not on Crack! just becuase I started the thread doesn't mean I'm*sniff* on-ok, I am just joking...my little sister wanted to know...you understand...just a little something to start a conversation on topics surrounding or underestimated community...oh, and Mitch, that poem was great:) So...the opinion is mostly down or up-sided...I really should ake a poll on this...but from what I heard, I think it is just cancerous in rats and it would toke forever to get sick from it...and yes, diet MD is the worst excuse for making our lives healthier...case and point. thank you, all you concerned members of society.;) Coco
  2. Hey everyone ...I know this is going to be a little lame, but I want to know if Diet Soda is cancer causing, because my sister and I have had a refined debate and I want to know if this is true or not. It just does not click to me that they would be selling diet soda if it was cancerous, but then you think...they are still selling cigarettes and they are cancerous. Same goes for other toxins. Thank you in advance for any reply you may submit, because I want to get down to the bottom of this. Thank You again:) Cocomi Myojin
  3. This movie is an all time classic for my family. We started to watch it when it first came out around Hallloween. My sister fell in love with the song-What's this? And I think that all the voices behind the scene made a BIG difference to how it cae out. They all were unique and credible in the same way:) Cocomi;)
  4. Very cool, very very cool...awesome, very very awesome! Whoo hoo! This is going to be so stellar, des ka? Man, someone brought up quite a point about that guitar guy dying or not. I forgot all about him. I wonder if I can save up some money to get the DVD, I hope...well, rock on, people! Cocomi P.S. Rockstar Haruko-I looove your Banner! And Shinobi-funny banner-it rocks!
  5. [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Shinobi [/i] [B]So, will any of you go to see this movie? Or buy the DVD? I would like to go see it in the cinema but i probably wont be able to convince my non-anime loving friends to come along. Although they might come along because they sure loved the videos ^^. ! [/B][/QUOTE] Man! Is it me or do you and I have something in common? I LOVE daft punk, and my friends do not like anime either.... The music is catchy, and I love those blue peeps! The music videos were neat. I could watch them over and over again. Rock on! I can't wait! Thankya! Cocomi Myojin
  6. I have been gone six weeks and this topic is still somewhat active, kukuku! Well, I am happy...anyway, to keep to the thread, I now really do not have that much confusion over boys and girls in anime. The only exception I would have to mention is that girl with the short dark-blondish hair in Sailor moon. She is a scout, and she hangs around with that girl with the dark green hair. I have never seen her in a dess, always some pants or a suit, (Besides her sailor uniform) And at one point I thought she was a boy...(Go mE-wowo0_o) Well, otherwise, you all have cleared this little predicament up for me...domo arigatou gazaimazu :) Cocomi-chan
  7. Well, I bet there is an answer here somewhere. I personally do not know, but some smart person here should be able to answer that, that they should. I hope it goes on to december. I really do. I can't wait for tomorrow's episode! It is to be the most promising one yet! Oh, and I went to the mall and looked in the anime section and I wanted to know what Love Hinna is. I saw a lot of the books. I just was wondering if someone could let me know...perhaps fill me in,. that they could. Excuse me, for I am quite prone to getting off topic...lol Cocomi Myojin
  8. "Guess I'm grounded, got my wings clipped, I'm surrounded, by all this pavement, " Man, I love that song. If anyone is from St.Louis they have probably heard of 98.1, a contemporary 80's and 90's station. I listen to them to get a break from all this hardcore rap crap that you can't even understand, non the less guess why the song was even written. John Mayer is pretty cute too. (am I the first person to say that?) Well, I like "Bigger that my Body" and "georgia". Anyone here like Jason Merez? He reminds me a little of John Mayer in a way. Cocomi Myojin:angel:
  9. I agree with EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU IN THIS THREAD! Gyaaahhhh! I tell you, some parents try to protect their children from things that aren't even necessary! Like Most extremists, she made that confirmation sound like a dissapointing matter with a clerk, or whatever. I just wanted to tell her to shut uip! She has no right to-*pulls out katana* I'm going to go over to her house and rip out her cable! Hey, who knows? She could have a dysfunctional family and wants some attention. Ok, I want you all to know that you shouldn't take ANY of my ranting seriously. I don't want to hurt ne1 in neway, because I care about whatcha think :) Itry to watch what I say, des ka? Cocomi MYojin
  10. [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by zaufier [/i] [B][size=1]i live here..in an asian country.. we have many artists here who can draw manga.. they even started their own.. most people in our school knows everything about anime.. it's like anime has invaded our entire school..[/size] [/B][/QUOTE] Wow...I wish I lived where you do. People think I am stupid for watching Anime, and I only have 1 (count it, no, 2) people at my school who watch Anime and love it close to how much I do. The people at my school are like, "Shut up with that Anime crap, Codi" When they won't shut the heck up with Baseball! I live in St. Louis, so we have a lot of Mark McGuire fans...ugggghhhh... I mean, b-ball is ok, but you don't have to tell me the statistics of every game they ever played in starting from 1967 to this day. I get really mad sometimes because I don't have any friends. If I had any, they have stabbed my back. OK, I'm sorry If I am getting reel off topic, but I had to say something to you, because you sound reel cool :)! Cocomi MYojin
  11. Well, I have to say that I was reluctant to watch flcl, but when I finally saw it, I was obsessed with buying a guitar and hitting things with it. It just clicked, des ka? Oh, and FLCL inspired my little band for my Sonic Fan Fiction world. I drew up a lot of the Sonic Char's children and stuff and once I get it on the internet it will be really cool...I need to stop getting off topic. So, I taped all the episodes. It was out of the ordinary, and something that I needed. You need a weird un-clear anime sometime, des ka? I really like the animation formats (South Park, Animatrix, behind the scenes) and I can nearly sing the end theme song by heart! Yes, It's that good! You don't understand what they are saying, but it's still good music. Cocomi Myojin
  12. AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Someone turned the thread I started into a whole new discussion! o_O don't sessha deGozaru yo feel speshal! OHOHohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohoh...*ahem* sorry about that...well, since you all bropught it up, I think that Trigun is really kewl. The voices match, the villians are awesome, and the plot is wicked-wicked cool. They are also quite creative in my opinon :) DElete this if you will, for I am tired... Cocomi
  13. Now, hmmmm...Fav anime couple...I am going to get so many flames after this...ok, here goes: I like Inuyasha and Kikyo. They actually had a relationship BEFORE Naraku tricked them both into hurting eachother. They were in love, man! I swear, If I see another Kikyo bashing site I'm gonna freak! I just passed #57 the other day. I don't remember all the names tho. Call me weird, but I used to hate Kaoru and Kenshin too, but it took me a while to understand their problem. (the whole thing w/ Tomoe) Now I think, despite the age difference, they are perfect for eachother. I guess that I just missed too many of the concepts. So, If you are wondering why I did not choose Kagome, her voice in the american-dubbed anme is annoying, and it is just the way she acts in some episodes that really ticks me off. Now that Kikyo wants to kill him and Kagome is starting to discover her true feelings, I think he should just focus a little on those lingering feelings and think once again about who he should be with. Seriously. I'm not implying that he should be with Kikyo or Kagome. He should just...you know...have some time to think about this...I dunno-I guess I would like Kagome in the manga or Japanese version, hai? I also wanted to say that you may hate me after I post this, but I am just expressing what I feel. It is what you do in boards, hai? So, ...yeah. Cocomi Myojin
  14. Konichiwa, Minna-sans! It's Cocomi! Well, at my school everyone thinks I am someone most prone to being laughed at, so one Friday very recently, I brought a picture to school and asked people if they could tell me who was a girl and who was a boy just for fun. (and to get a laugh, sadly...) The picture had the cast (Or most of it) of Inuyasha. Well, the only thing I can say is everyone thought that Sesshomaru, Naraku, and Shippo were girls. No one got any of them right except for one of my teachers *big suprise!* and my friend who likes anime as much as I do. Cocomi-chan P.s. Srry, I can't upload the pic for some reason, but it's the one where the paper is divided off into quadrants and Inuyasha and Kagome are standing in the middle, if it helps at all :D
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