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Ave Maria, Flower Waltz, Fur Elise, Moonlight Sonata and The Nutcracker are just some of the great song classics. I was wondering what you Obers thought about this stuff. Do you like it? Do you hate it? Why? What is your favourite?

I, myself have a love for the classics. I dunno why I just do. But my most deffinate favourite has GOT to be Fur Elise. I just like the way Beethoven(sp?) makes the piano keys come together to create beauty. It's amazing. What do you think? Think I'm crazy?[/size][/color]
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[size=1]Ode to Joy [Beethoven],Adagio for Strings [Samuel Barber], Bach's Cello Suites [Duh.], and many of Tchaikovsky's pieces.

[rant mode]I don't think many people can truly appreciate classical music until they try playing a string instrument. Because let me tell you...it's hard. The amount of practice and concentration you need to play a string instrument well is...[i]huge[/i]. No, I am not trying to insult other instruments, but I believe that string instruments are the hardest to play. Yes, I do play the piano and used to play some flute. Orchestra itself in under appreciated, while marching bands get most of the attention.

My sister's high school has an [i]excellent[/i] orchestra...they've gone to Austria, Washington DC, and Disney World to play. They've been invited to countless festivals only for the top of the cream, and what do they get? Two seconds on the intercom...sometimes. It gets my sister angry sometimes. [rant mode off] [/size]
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