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Writing dreams [PG]

dark king

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her silver hair withering, by a tear from her eye.
a bright white, like a mirror of ice reflecting the bitter cold into your soul.
her tormented hart once burning of passion, now resides in cold flame.
her flowery expression faded, like the death of summer and the birth of fall.
her faith hanging by a thread, hoping someone would come to take her hand.


fierce he looks, but broken he is.
eyes dark and defeated, like a void full of sorrow.
his hope faded along with the joy, sad his hart lies dorment now.
dyingfall has grasped his mind, cold and unbearable.
his hair silk yet robust, softened by his tears ever going.
it is over, his life ruined, his world collapsed.
death is no option, he must carry ruin within him, like a scar in his soul reminding him of it every time he closes his eyes.
he must go on.


as neverwinter goes around, the traveller seeks the sun.
he never lands in spring or fall.
roaming with swiftness, he must never be late.
guiding stars and morninglight, through dew and moist always light, the grass carries the feet of the sunchaser.
around the world he moves and moves.

dyingfall is always cold, followed by the one sees dark.
sun he never looks upon, the moon he hunts in shadow snow.
warmth of light he is not aware, through night and shimmer, the snow takes the marks of the moonhunter.
the same he does his whole life long.

but as a cycle`s end is near, something strange is going on.
the crossing of the sun and moon, a spot where two fall into one.
the summerchaser and the moonhunter stand, face to face each looking never seen.
for dark now sees light and light sees dark.
they talk and talk, springstart comes by dyingfall`s end.
springfade to neverwinter, and neverwinter crumbles at fall`sbirth.
and still they talk.


tomorrow dies, today takes it`s place.
as sun sets the day begins with silent voices.
earlier they where loud thoughts, overwelming eachother making it a understandable blur.
one looks into a mirror, seeing nothing but an empty void.
he turns away, making the mirror reflect the true nature of his soul.
he walks away, hollow and closed.
grey the sky is now, it is dawn.
the dawn is slow, creeping into whatever place is open.
it fills the harts with depression, wich gives them joy.
the night falls down the sky, it plunges into the earth.
it plunges into the verry soul of everyone.
making them lit up like fire.
and so tomorrow has died and today will arive.

the dream continues

cold and bitter desire, pure untouched and growing for it has not been stilled.
the cold wind nor the warmth of fire has touched the verry core of feeling.
it are the words that reach deep, they stroke the verry nerves that makes one feel uncomfortable.
the words, the tales of how it felt teasing the verry cold desire making it filled with greed and uncontrolable hunger.
driven almost insane by society that does not know of these feelings, these dreams....
the pure will started arriving, the pure will to reach the dream.
years it has taken to arouse it to actually leave this world behind.
it is shimmer, the gate opens.
the gate.....to midland

[b]paths of life[/b]
paths of life
the road goes ever on.
there is no end to where we go.
we start only to come back where we started.
we go on as do our roads.
the paths we take leads us to other paths.
we do close roads, but we do not stop because of that.
we open old ones, starting with new stones and rebuild it again.
we build our own roads to our futures.
and so we travel trough our lives, in every weather good or bad.

swamp of sagthor

they do not know what lies ahead,
when sun has faded and moon is dead.
evil whispers into the ear.
angry spirits causing fear.
haunting souls sour plight,
poison fumes enchanting lights.

hollow nights restless dreams,
fire demons piercing screams.
death in places where it waits,
creeping bugs searching wraiths.

it`s not safe to go that way,
best to cross there during day


always rushing, some are late.
taking no moments, spare no time.
hasty legs anxious to move, we cannot sit still.
loud we yell, to get to the top.
mass rules, quantity over quality.
cause quality is silent.


grass grows green but dies shrimpled and dry.
flowers flourish and they wither, falling to the ground.
we grow and learn, die of old age or ourselfes.
time affects everything on earth slowly draining life away.
but there is something that time makes grow.
the soul untouched by the hand of death.
how far a soul may be in darkness, it still grows.
either dark, light or grey.
never ends the immortal soul where time will stop

endless candle

luminate the course of mine,
i will walk with fire burning.
started with the strike of stones,
vapour fills the air with sulphor.

shining light where i must go,
on and and on i will not stop.
open lies the road for me,
lits up the sings so i can read.

trough wind and water,
lightning thunder.
the flame of light on the candle,
flickering by the touch of storms.

on and on,
on and on.
nor lifting nor descend,
there is no end.


rushing over the land the wind blows with something in it.
it is strong as the carrier.
loudly it flows through every corner, fills empty spaces.
that what the wind contains is called spirit.
it carries cold and warmth, snow and rain.
it doesn`t stop or dies, it goes past it.
and when the hand of death finally takes it`s grasp on it.
another wind is born, bound to grow and to return to the air.
and so it`s spirit is never lost, and the wind keeps on dancing.
trying to dance with everything on it`s path.


water flows with force, much or just a little.
it covers the earth with purity and makes the soil rich.
as it cleanses us and purifies the earth, we forgot the meaning of water.
we forgot what water started, and we forgot to take care of water.
we negllected to purify water in return.
we forgot that water needs us as much as we need water.
we forgot water means.....life.


solid making the foundations of all.
it is hard and heavy, but also light and soft.
as it is the start of journey, it is at someplaces holy.
when life has left us we return to the earth, and then we return to the surface of our soul.
cutivated overlayed with stones of civilisation, it remains silent untill we fall back to it and start again.


destruction, consuming the first words to begin with, cause fire is spoken of that way.
but also stands for passion and gentleness.
it has it`s gentle destruction, and it`s consuming passion.
showing that a rose still has thorns.
we condem it we encourage it, and so we try to wield the flame.
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[COLOR=teal][SIZE=1]O.O Wow!

I really like your poems, your ideas catch me and even though your poems don't really rhyme or have a smooth cadence they still were excellent.

Oh, and your Swamp of Sagthor poem sounds a lot like a poem out of LOTR, something Gollum says... Anywho I love them all!^-^

BTW you shouldn't double-post though that is better that "hexaposting" it's still against the rules.]

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[size=1] I mergered your remaining double post. As many have already said in my absence, double posting is [i]strictly not allowed[/i].

As for your poems, they show good. What I have read, I have come to the conclusion that a lot of them are very vague...which is definitely something that can be worked on. Make them more focused and better describe whatever idea it is you are coming from...because as a reader, I do not know exactly what it is you are trying to say from a poem...and the vagueness makes it even harder to really find the meaning I want to find.

That's only for some of the poems I read...but otherwise, your poems seem fine, if not great.[/size]
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my appolagies for the double posting.
a short explanation of the poems.
i do give a moral to my poems although they are hard to find sometimes.
and on the other hand the moral molds itself to your perceptive, so the poem ought to fit in your way of thingking and reading.

but also i would like to thank everyone who posted.

the poems that i make, and the stories that i write are things that happen to me and things that i dream.
my dreams don`t just occur when i am asleep, they happen everytime i close my eyes, or wander off to them.
to make it a bit clearer for you if you are puzzled how i come up to them, my dreams keep me going.

dark king

another dream

i stood somewere i did not know the existence of.
i was in a long dark coat some loose jeans and a pair of strong boots.
i looked up at the sky, a strange blue, a bit darker than where i fell asleep.
i was on a place not far from a beach.
i thought i was on an island, but when i decided to climb a tree i saw the land stretched endless.
i got out of the tree and there is where i saw the most valuable item i could possibly have.....a sword.
it was a long blade with some carvings on them i could not understand, the hilt was strong and the entire sword was light.
i tossed it into the sand, but when it left my hand it fell to the ground as if it was a skyscraper thrown on the ground.
the ground shaked, i looked like amazing stood in letters in my eyes.
i picked it up and i could just lift it with one hand.
i was puzzled.
i found a ring at my shoulder i placed the sword there.

Haldamir : i think these boots are for long walks, so i guess i`ll walk.

and so i got on my way.
i thought it was too quiet, no birds no nothing.
but then in the distance i heard something comming closer.
just in case i drawed my sword, i could see now that my action was the right one.
there i stood face to face with a monster and behind him even more.
it snarled at me i tried to stay calm, but i could not resist.
i jumped up in the air swinging my sword down, and thrusted it right in the head of the beast.
it fell and bleeded.
another two of them jumped in.
they made an attack on me, wich i shielded with my sword.
i jumped up again over the first one, dropped my sword wich was eager to pluge down because of it`s massive weight.
it made the earth tremble and it made the other monsters run.
the second was still standing, but i grasped my sword and swung it horizontally cappitating the monster.
i asked myself why i was so good with my sword, i never handled one before in my life.
then i noticed something particullary, there was no blood on it at all.
i put my sword away and took a step when i felt a sharp pain.
it appeard one monster took a shot at me, my side was badly injured.
i walked on but i kept bleeding it was not long before i fainted.

i woke up in a bed i was a bit dazed, but then my eyes started to adjust.
next to me sat a young lady, she was pretty.

lady: how do you feel?
haldamir: am i dead?
lady: no but you almost where.
haldamir: how long have i slept.
lady: exactly ten days
haldamir: ten days?

i tried to get up but fell back to the bed

lady: your not well yet, i suggest you stay in bed for a while longer.

i got back under the sheets.

haldamir: tell me where am i anyway.
lady: your in toga silly.

almost i fainted again because i knew toga did not exist where i came from.
we talked about that, where i came from and how i was attacked.
we where sitting there talking untill the night fell, i tried to stand up again and this time i was strong enough to stay that way.
we talked some more about how i might have got in here.
then when i told her i went to sleep and woke up on the beach, she was quiet.

as if she could see what have happened, the compassion flooded her eyes.
she then told me it was the affra, she explained to me that it carried away the ones that dream special.
i did not know how or what she meant exactly but after half an hour, she gave me some coffee and we drank it together by the fire.

haldamir : so tell me what is your name?
lady: my name is alysia mornemen, but you may call me alysia ofcourse, what is yours.
haldamir: well my name is haldamir Narmolanya but you can call me haldamir.

she looked at me with a glare and i knew that there was something wrong.

haldamir: are you ok?
alysia: look i finally finnished my coffee

she said with a cheered but down voice.
haldamir: you don`t like coffee much don`t you.
alysia: yes but i drink it with you, and somehow that makes me feel...comfortable.

i`m back once or more times, not very often but i`ll try.

vision is beyond sight
sense is beyond touch
thought is beyond the universe

as universe is beyond sense and sight
universe is a little part of everlasting paradox
a contradiction of the receptors showing only physical

mentality is beyond the stars
as recognition of life
death the ultimate as spoken
while it is only a phase

power only a rythmic flow
while thought holds what power is made of
a small piece called universe
wich is the embodyment of existance

existance which gives life and death
and beyond the sky where thought lies
complexity elemental filled with spirit and soul
where multiple are whole

paradox wich can be made in a box
thought where the greatest of battles are fought
power existing in every hour
wile existance is eternety

[color=darkred][b]the path of truth[/b][/color]

when the time is near
the ones that hear
between sound and sight
instincts will show light

only those who posses the light
will face darkness and might

returned from the abbyss within
must walk a path so thin
only ballance matters
or within shatters

when the ballance is right
one shall be darkness and light
the barrier grows thinner
breaking in the end and judgement turns shimmer

never understood but brings the healing
ever born the power of feeling
ballance never comes alone
a second that bears the strength of stone

one that gives the other persistance
overcomming every resistance
one that gives the other assistance
will show the shimmer the meaning of existance

[font=Verdana][size=1][color=red]Edited double post into one -- Lady Asphyxia[/color][/size][/font]
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[font=Verdana][size=1]Please [i]do not[/i] double post. Simply edit your original post. Since it has been so long since your last post, you could also just start a new thread. Mitch has already warned you about double posting. If I see it happen again, I'll close this thread. [/size][/font]
[font=Verdana][size=1]Also, I've rated your thread PG. If you feel that that rating is not correct, PM me and I'll change it again. [/size][/font]
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thank you for the good comments, i wanted to keep this thread up because it is practically my most valuable.
and because you like them so, i made one for you^_^(during school time)^_^
hope you like it


as you dream your dream in endless night or day
a memmory it becomes, to fade or there to stay
the future and the past
the present and all things you make

comming from the deepness of within
from a soul in a universe
wich has one of it`s own
the physical is only material

the mental passes beyond comprehension
and the spiritual binds the realms
and learn from every mistake
only to become experienced in life

paths taken new roads ahead
the mind stays immortal
even after death the memmory remains
of the never broken soul

and not as an end of ones dreams
but as a chapter faded
and a new chapter born
with a new beginning yet continous dream

and as one travels his dreams
he never travels alone...

[color=navy][b]the nine rulers[/b][/color]

darkness and light in the soul of creation
shimmer of wisdom that always exists
the king of creation of all

honesty lies in the eyes of truth
rightousness that penetrates every lie
the king of eternal truth

diversity that lies in the path of dimension
dinstances wich are shortened by gates
the queen of travel by dimension

serenity in the soul of purity
a cleansing that holds up the clear
the queen of real purity

aeges within the eyes of time
wich reach through rock and bone
the king of permanent and temporal

always run the eyes of destiny
all preceeded with a fate
the king of evergoing destiny

nothing slips the mind of knowledge
gaining all there is to be
the king of what`s beyond knowledge

never caught the essence of being
traveling in his hood and cloack
the king who is everythings being

stubborn always the way of cold
bends nor bows to no man`s soul
the king that masters all things cold

these are the nine rulers of midland
midland is what they hold
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[font=Verdana][size=1]Otakuboard's rules do not allow double posting, and you have been warned repeatedly about it, by both Mitch and myself. This is the [i]third[/i] time you have double posted in one thread. Therefore, I am closing this thread.[/size][/font]

[font=Verdana][size=1][strike]Thread Closed.[/strike][/size][/font]
[font=Verdana][size=1][b]EDIT -- [/b]Following the PM discussion we had, this thread will be reopened. However, I do warn you that this [i]will[/i] be your last chance. Once again, if you have any problems, don't hesitate to PM me.[/size][/font]
[b][font=Verdana][size=1]Thread Reopened.[/size][/font][/b]
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smile for me
feeling kinda sad when i see it
the hope to feel it
the thought of holding you in my mind
where nothing can break it
and i only make it
and the sound that you cried
not by night but daylight
never in fright
because the sound resides in my heart
where i can start
the power to see
that you are free
never for my
my mind holds no moment of
the clearness of above
only the blur that`s love
paradox rocks in my soul
when i listen to choal
chamber music
maybe saturday
or whatever i play
with my mind and my suit
case and my guitar
in the bar
when everybody can hear
the melody of my life
style and my rythmic
flow what i bestow
upon the people around
the world
wherever i am i
and amplify
my solo wich
crafts the magic of my being
and the understand
and the reality
of almost home
alone in the dark
where only the spark
can be set of
course by only one thing
from you so


[COLOR=Navy][B]the deathplains[/B][/COLOR]

over seas and sorrow
abacinated eyes that see
drowning in the field of tommorow
where mind will always be

across the plains of death
life faded from every statue
sealed in with their last breath
holding faith to their retinue

eyes that see, eyes that feel
all the lies and what is real
eyes that see, eyes that bleed
hoping on a time when their freed

tortured by their last thought
scythes held on their doomed soul
how inferrior they have fought
reapers come to preserve control

eyes that see, eyes that feel
with a gaze as cold as steel
eyes that see, eyes that bleed
fear they show is what you`ll read

imprisoned with their fate
sealed in with their hate
statues beyond billions a row
and the words that they bestow
plains filled within every dimension
holding only death with no redemption

eyes that see, eyes that feel
living inside a cursed seal
eyes that see, eyes that heed
the plains of death is what they feed


in the realm of midland, lies the hall of kings
their purpose to uphold the wisdoms and laws
laws of nature, laws of time, laws of dimension, knowledge, destiny, life and death.
not to a person self but in a whole universe that has a variety of species of people.
they have no faith but in their own clans and past achievements.
the primary planet of midland is ptorhia.
the most thriving land is gizar wich houses the hall of kings in the northern tip.
it`s days are 30 hours long and a week has 9 days and a year 12 months.
it is a huge planet wich holds no snow, not even on the higest mountain wich is 12 km high and the tip is called gathar peak.
this is of the gasutan mountain range wich stretches all the way into the next country in the east.
gizar holds a few cities wich are very big, they can be seen from space along with the largest forests, rivers, lakes and grasslands wich can stretch for more then a few 10.000 km.
the world is pure of nature and holds a variety of flora these are maintained by fairiesand the spirits of the forests wich exist as long as the life age of the planet.
there is a law of purity wich corrects any imballance caused by pollution.
and elliminates it to it`s source.
water is plentifull and is drinkable anywhere from streams to oceans.

untill i continue to tell about my creation, i m gone to my universe of dreams.
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