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Feudral Japan :

[ This rp is sorta alike Rurouni Kenshin so get your ideas from that ]
[ Oh yeah, when Roll playing you have to have atleast two paragraphs. This way we can explain and descirbe what is going on]

The year was 1879, a lonsome wanderer name "Kudara Katsuyuki" found himself in a era that will never be forgotten. The Meiji era, was era of mostly peace. But assassings was sent to kill the leaders of the Meiji Goverment. This is where Kudara come into play. After protecting the Meiji Goverment for 2 years he wanders the lonesome roads of Tokyo. Knowing that there is a bounty on his head for the assassins. He awaits for assassins to try to strike him or his friends. Some people of the Meiji Goverment hires people to protect there money and not there land. Many warriors , samurai's , etc. don't believe in the Meiji Goverment and want to end the era. But the police stop them each and everytime with skilled officers. But also there is fighters that just look for warriors that is at there own skill. There is many dojo's around japan that teaches fighting style. Which ones will Kudara, his friends, his enemies have to go up against.

[ There is no limit on characters. ]
[Feudral Japan Form ]
Name: [ First and Last name if possible ]
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Weapon: [ Can only have two. ]
Fighting Style: [ Make one up ]
Brief History: [ Ateast one paragraph ]

[ Here is my entry. ]
Name: Kudara Katsuyuki
Age: 19
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Sex: Male
Weapon: Two Katana's with dragon shaped handles.
Fighting: Huriken Sai Ryushi
Brief History: Kudara Katsuyuki was abondened by his parents. Wandering across the japan region he finally crossed a dojo that caught his eye. He train there for 5 years. Sharpening his skills, sinces, etc. After the 5 long years he train and studied there he left the dojo. He then started wandering and was hired to protect the Meiji Goverment leaders. With his skil of the Huriken Sai Ryushi. He slayed all but two of his enemies. The enemies met his skill. He left the goverment after two years. Too this day he does not know who is the two men that had matched his skills.

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Guest Skyechild91
Name: Sorua Kanimaki
Eye color: Green
Hair Color: Black
Weapon: Throwing knives/stars
Fighting style: Loong rang, brawl
Bio: She is a loner and is very choosy of her friends. Not perticularly talkative, she tends to stay by herself. SHe loves to see her friends happy, and if ther not, she'll do anything to make them that way.She will stop at nothing to avenge her dead parents. All who join her stay, or face death.
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Name: Kanosuke Sagara
Eye Color:Brown
Hair Color:Blue
Weapon: Twin Katana's (( Would her Fists Count as weapons?))
Fighting Style: Tenbu no Sai Niyoru Ken
Brief History: When she was 3 she was orphaned because of her parents were killed. A man told her that her parents were killed by the members of the Mejing Government. She was raised and taught the Tenbu no Sai Niyoru Ken style . She grew up practicing techniques and many other attacks once she could handle a sword. She herself is going to kill anyone keeping from finding who killed her parents
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name: Koroma


eye color:Blue

Hair Color: Black



style:His Own

Brief:He learned his style from a rich family. The family dies right before his eyes by assassins. Then he goes to get revenge. He can be very stubborn and lets say "reliant and stubborn about his fighting skills."
So can I still jion?
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Name: Shoryin Aizian

Age: 18

Eye Color; Cold Blue Eyes

Hair Color: Green

Sex: Male

Weapon: Nunchaku,Kunai

Fighting Style: Shissen Karihadi

Brief History: At a young age,Shoryin's family was killed by bandits.For years he trained in the Shissen Karihadi style.has he devoloped himself further,he finally hunted the bandits.After killing them,he was hired because of his skill.It turns out the bandits were infamous.He is to,at any cost,to kill the leaders of the Meiji Goverment
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Name: Ichigaku Samusuke

Age: 39

Eye Color: Dark Red

Hair Colour: Black

Sex: Male

Weapon: 36 inch Smurai Black Stealth Katana, Bow & Arrow

Fighting Style: Block Block... Attack

Bio: When he was very young his father left him. His father had to protect his country in war, So he taught his son how to protect his home. Ichigaku did a good time, and his mother was getting old. She died, and he went out on a journey on his own.
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