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Art What does this Banner need?


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[color=navy][i] It is quite good already, but I think it could have some improvements.
Maybe sharpen up the backround image a bit, and as for the text, personaly I don't think it looks right with the picture. I think you'd be better off with text that is a tone of red rather than blue. Blue doesn't seem to go with the picture.
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My personal thoughts?

OK, if I were doing this *gets things thrown at her*--eep! Yeah, if I were doing this, I would have kept the first image. The second one's showing some white edges.

It was a good idea to use red instead of blue; however, if you can, try to use the color selection tool to pick the color off of the dark deep red around the train's lights. In PhotoShop, the tool I'm talking about is an eyedropper.

As for the text itself, maybe smaller, more tucked into the corner.

But that's how [i]I'd[/i] do it. That's not how I'd tell [i]you[/i] to do it, Shaun m'dear. :)
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