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Writing I'm bew here, so make me feel welcome.

Jesus Chicken

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[color=blue]I know I'm not bew here( I'm not even NEW HERE!), but that title seems to work for other bewbies, so I thought I'd just see how this pans out. Some bewbies even change it to
"I'm NEW here" etc. Silly fools, don't even know its spelt Bew.

Yeah, I wrote this one with no real motive behind it. I was just thinking about how people get stepped on by others every day, just for their own personal gain and stuff and I wrote this. Tell me what you think please.

[I]In Comes The Tide

"Beware the wankers as you walk the world,
watch out for the killers, in the corners, curled,
Cause you're unique, just like everyone is,
but that won't help you when live like this,

Cause no one is going to look out for you unless its for them,
No one gives a **** about what turns out in your pen,
Because you're just another face to their eyes,
another target for abuse, cruel jokes, and lies

So make sure you've got someone youger then your time,
someone weaker to step on your mine,
someone who will keep you alive even if they don't want it,
someone who will crawl hands and knees, through all of your ****,

Yeah, thats why I'm here, just for you pleasure,
I'm here to be the butt of the jokes, just for your leisure,
Yeah, thats why they sent me along for this crappy old ride,
so you have someone to stand on, when in comes the tide."[/I][/color]
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