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Art Joining the banner trend


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Well, I just joined, and found out that everyone posts their banners here. I happen to have made some banners of various animes, so I'll just post them here for your aesthetic enjoyment.
They're all different sizes because... well, because they are. Here.






If any of these strike your fancy, you can use them on your sig as long as I get some kind of credit ( a mere "Banner made by Megumi" will do.)
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Save in GIF ^_^ It always work for me if the picture is good.

Also,all banners don't have to be as big as the max size for Ob people =P But you won't able to use them,Megumi,but I think you already know that.

Everything eles is good.The effects of the banners are cool,but the quality of the images are not the best.If you find better images,I think they would be great.
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I don't see what is so big about them. They fit under OB's size limit. There is no rule on how big something has to be to look good.

The text most likely looks off because you saved as a jpg. Generally, unless you tell it otherwise, those programs compress things rather poorly... which leads to lossing, which is the artifacting around the text and on large fields of color.
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