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[i]Mutants, what are they? Some thinks the next step in evolution, I say the next step toward the fall of mankind.[/i] - Senator Kelly.

[i]"Exceptionnal" means something that is an exception. Thus we are exceptionnal, and like all those that are exceptionnal, we wish to help humanity. Athletes, genius scientists, artists, they helps in their own ways, just like we help in our own unique way.[/i] - Michel Chatelet "Channel"

[i]All we ask is for some trust.[/i] - Michael Biddall "Dreamcast"

This is a fairly AU (Alternate Universe) to the X-Men movies (I am not familiar enough with the comic books to use this fandom). The situation is the same than the movies... Without any X-Men caracter.

It's year 2003 and the mutant situation is still at bay. Even with the work accomplished by the Organization for Peacefull Human Relations and it's unofficial branch, the Mutant Brigades, many people remain afraid of mutants and yet another mutant registration project recently entered the Senate.

The Organization for Peacefull Human Relations is an non-governmental organization working for complete integration of mutants in human society and is made of mutants and regular men and women. They also help new mutants harnessing their newfound powers in MHGs: Mutant Help Groups.

The Mutant Brigades are groups of mutants of varying sizes working in concerted collaboration with official government in all domains. They help capture dangerous and criminal mutants, police investigations, scientific research and peacekeeping.


There will be NO all-powerfull mutants OR X-men caracters (Though you may use powers or names of very secondary caracters, and I mean VERY, and never together). You are asked to be original in both powers and names. Each and everytime you introduce a new mutant NPC (non-player caracter), you are asked to fill a profile for him to help consistency. I will provide several exemple sheets below in this post.

The Mutants Brigades are organized in independant groups that usually doesn't know each others, they are centered around a living place, place of work, school etc. and named by natural things. However, I'll ask that you all be part of Toronto's Group Blueberry or Operation Group #4: Solidarity, for simplicity's sake. Operation Groups (a dozen around North America) are groups of trained mutants that are usually fairly powerfull... and fairly different, most of the times having body modifications.

The Mutant File is as follow:

[b]Name[/b]: Your real name (nothing too fancy please)

[b]Codename[/b]: Duh! (For privacy purpose, Mutants in mission [i]always[/i] call each others by their codename)

[b]Age[/b]: Duh!

[b]Occupation[/b]: what you do when you aren't on Mutant Brigade-related mission

[b]Identity[/b]: How much of the fact you exist, your mutancy and your powers are known to people around you?

[b]Legal status[/b]: Citizen of which country? criminal record?

[b]Group Affiliation[/b]: "Mutant Brigade. Northern Sector, Ontario Division, Toronto Section, Group Blueberry" OR "Mutant Brigade. Operation Group #4: Solidarity.".

[b]Eyes[/b]: If anything special

[b]Hair[/b]: See above

[b]Strength Level[/b]: "name of caracter" possess the normal strenght of a man of his age who engage in (intensive, moderate, little, no) regular exercise. (If you have superhuman strenght, write as you please.)

[b]Mutation Type[/b]: (keep it simple, all descriptions go into Known superhuman powers)

[b]Known superhuman power[/b]: List your power and its effects in details. Powers of magical/mythical origins are fine by me.

[b]Identifying quote[/b] or [b]Special quirk[/b]: Just a bit of fleshing out lol

[b]Special limitations[/b]: If applies

[b]Others[/b]: What's your personnality? What's your history? Do you possess other specific habilities or weapons/equipment? Do you have ennemies or nemesises?

My caracter:

[b]Name[/b]: Kevin Lefebvre

[b]Codename[/b]: Magnev

[b]Age[/b]: 19

[b]Occupation[/b]: Student

[b]Identity[/b]: Most people are not aware of Kevin's existence.

[b]Legal status[/b]: Citizen of Canada with criminal records.

[b]Group Affiliation[/b]: Mutant Brigade. Operation Group #4: Solidarity.

[b]Eyes[/b]: grey, no irises/pupils

[b]Strength Level[/b]: Kevin possess the normal strenght of a man of his age who engage in moderate regular exercise.

[b]Mutation Type[/b]: Can control the magnetism of his body.

[b]Special Quirk[/b]: Likes to humm dance music while fighting.

[b]Known superhuman power[/b]: Kevin can effortlessly attract and repell (or attract/repell himself from) any metal objects from any chosen part of his body. He can also climb/stick to metallic surfaces, disrupt electromagnetic fields and create a form of magnetif tunnel if he is between two magnetic objects, that allows him to fly in mid-air. If he his standing on a metallic mass, he can super-jump easily two-hundred yards away or fifty yards up. Seemingly, he can also "surf" on electrical wires, though he does prefer super-jumping for long distance deplacements. Finally, he can create magnetic shields that keep any metallic objects away from him.

[b]Others[/b]: In fight, Kevin usually uses darts an can throw them with deadly aim and speed. Born in Quebec City, he was always a loner and ran away from his house at 15. Discovering his powers, he used to repeatedly wreak havoc in Quebec and it's region. He clashed several times with mutants from groups Amethyst and Kabir-Kouba, and ended up joining in the brigade when he was offered to be part of Operation Group Solidarity. Though he still likes to cause mayhem, he seems to appreciates the harsh training of operation groups.
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Heh, this seems rather familiar. :D

Name: Ben Lonel

Codename: Slimeball

Age: 26

Occupation: None

Identity: He's almost a total unknown.

Legal status: Citizen of Canada, clean record.

Group Affiliation: Mutant Brigade. Operation Group #4: Solidarity.

Eyes: Dark Green

Hair: none

Strength Level: Ben possesses the normal strength of a man of his age who engage in moderate.

Mutation Type: Eh....physical...?

Known superhuman power: Is able to extend of warp his body, which is green and very slimy. He does not have any organs anymore, therefore discarding the need for food or money to obtain food.

Identifying quote or Special quirk: "Oosh."

Special limitations: Liquid nitrogen is a bit of a pain. He's able to extend himself, but cannot retain a very strong measure of solidity when doing so.

Others: Has a somewhat high-pitched voice and is always in a buoyant mood. Nothing can keep him down, seemingly. He carries a large, round golden shield when on missions. It is his only possession.
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Hmm. . .This sounds good,even if it's a bit confusing.I'm probably the biggest X-Men fan around,so I'm extremely interested in seeing how this is going to turn out. . .

Real name:Kathryn Wisdom
Legal Status:Citizen of the U.K. with no criminal record.
Group Affiliation:(Okies,this is where I get confused so I'll just pick one. . .)Operation Group #4
Eyes:Ice blue with feline pupils
Strength Level:Possesses the normal strength for a physically feet teenager.
Mutation Type:Can manipulate air molecules
Special Quirk:Though she's normally a hard rocker,she often falls to the beats of other songs(and will never admit that she likes Justin Timberlake's "Rock Your Body"),and loves to dance.Her fighting style often resembles her dancing style.
Known Superhuman Power:Can manipulate air molecules,thus heating them to the point of combustion(though the flames,oddly,are black),or lowering their temperature to the point of freezing.With much,much concentration,she can even solidify air molecules into simple shapes.She can also use the air to rise or lower herself,not neccessarily flying,more like--"walking on air".
Others:Has shaper than average senses and feline-like reflexes.Her movements are often far more graceful and fluid than others' of her age.
Brief History:
She doesn't like to discuss her past,preferring to leave it be.She grew up in the service of the British Secret Service,like her father before her--Peter Wisdom--even though her father did his best to steer her from it before his death.She's very secretive,though she rather laid back and non-challant.She doesn't like to fight--but if you start it,she'll finish it.
Long,dark brown--nearly black--locks frame pale,ice-blue eyes and a soft but deadly face.A faded black t-shirt bearing the like-wise faded and nearly non-existant words "Hellfire Highschool" clothes her torso,and a pair of loose,chain-ridden pants are slung low around her hips.Chains and bangles of every sort decorate her wrists and neck,while her ears sport several piercings.On closer inspection,it's seen that a single,plain hoop pierces her full lower lip.Despite her rather. . .dark. . .apperance,a smile graces her lips--and a welcoming one too.

((Just tell me if you want anything changed))

Identity:Vitually none
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Circéus [/i]
[B]Ben: Yeah, I kow, the first one was a total failure. I'm hoping this will meet more success. [/B][/QUOTE]

I think the last one failed because no one knew what to [I]do[/I]. We just got a vague mission description and were given gadgets for it.

Heh, gadgets which I stole. :p
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I'm being idiotic with this signup, so I'm sure there will be things I'll need to change. Just PM me. I hope this one does better too. ^_~
Name: Lauren Vauhn

Codename: Fury

Age: 19

Occupation: Freshman in college

Identity: The authorities in the states mentioned below believe Lauren is a pyromanic/terrorist. No one else knows of her powers.

Legal status: Citizen of US, criminal record; naturalized citizen of Canada, clean record

Group Affiliation: Mutant Brigade. Northern Sector, Ontario Division, Toronto Section, Group Blueberry

Eyes: storm grey

Hair: Fire engine red with black streaks (also tends to change frequently)

Strength Level: Lauren possesses the normal strength of a person of her age who engage in moderate regular exercise.

Mutation Type: controls fire to a certain extent

Known superhuman power: When she's angry (which is often), her hair ignites and burns orange with bits of yellow when she's not too mad or violet with bits of crimson when she's on a rampage. Occasionally, her eyes will also look like they're on fire, just for effect.; can control flames when in a moderate temper

Identifying quote and Special quirk: (see sig for quote); Secretly drools over Justin Timberlake, Benji, and Joel while publicly preaching the word that is Evanescence, System of a Down, Vendetta Red, and others.

Special limitations: Refuses to go near preppy people; cannot enter the states of Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey or New York without being arrested on sight; has anger management classes three times a week; extremely moody

Others: Lauren carries a lighter wherever she goes, usually lighting it at random.
Lauren was first arrested, and first learned of her powers, was thirteen and yelled at one of her teachers in a museum and burned a priceless piece of American history. She was banned from the museum and later moved. The same thing happened whenever she lost her temper.
PS: Editted and hoping everything's okay now.
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Name: Jake Larsen


Age: 18

Occupation: Student

Identity: In the mutant world, eveyone knows him.

Legal status: Citezen of Washington state. No criminal records.

Group Affiliation: Mutant Brigade. Operation Group #4: Solidarity.

Eyes: Crimson red.

Hair: Brown

Strength Level: Shadow possess the normal strenght of a man of his age who engage in intensive regular exercise. (Doesn't have overly large muscles, though.)

Mutation Type: Energy form transformation

Known superhuman power: Shadow changes himself into pure energy. Doing so enables him to travel through matter instantly. He also has the ability to defy gravity and walk on walls.

Identifying quote: "Ill."

Others: At first he doesn't speak much, likes to test people, and get on their nerves. When he knows someone is cool, he eases down and becomes a nice guy.
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Name: Gabriel Crane

Codename: Warp

Age: 27

Occupation: Writer

Identity: He is estranged from his parents, they don't know about his abilities since they were late developing. He hides what he is from everyone around him, frightened of the truth.

Legal status: Born in France, Citizen of the USA, no criminal record apart from a small run in with the french police in his late teens for theft

Group Affiliation: Mutant Brigade. Operation Group #4: Solidarity.

Eyes: and ever-shifting grey, like tumultuous storm clouds

Strength Level: Physical strength of an athletic adult male

Mutation Type: Object Manipulation (okay this has nothing to do with me kinda copying silent's power, all my mutant characters have this power...mine I say)

Known superhuman power: Object manipulation e.g turning gass to solid, solid to liquid. He can change an object such as a ball into liquid...but once he solidifies it it won't be a ball anymore. To change something back to it's original form, or there abouts he would have to change into a plyable substance physically mould it himself.

Identifying quote or Special quirk: Quotes poetry randomly in conversation, and of course in battle. Speaks with a slight French accent.

Special limitations: as directed above

Others: Gabriel only just discovered his powers in his late teens to early 20s, a late starter by most mutant standards. Hiding this new mutation from his family and friends he moved from his native France, where he lived with his english father, a colonel in the British army and his french mother, a writer for the local newspaper to take up residence in cleveland, ohio. In relative seclusion he writes novels and short stories, getting minimal acclaim for his work. He trains himself in many different fighting arts, not completely trusting those around him. Having suffered from a fractured leg early in his youth he continually walks around with a walking stick, although he no longer needs to use it. Hidden within the stick is a thin blade, such as those once used by wealthy men of the 19th century.
He came across the notion of these teams from an article one day and, as if on a whim, decided to join.

Appearance: Long, dark brown hair almost always tied back, Dark brown leather pants and black leather boots, a white shirt with a white vest undernieth, several leather bracelets on his right wrist and a simple silver watch on the other, silver wrings on the fingers, most notably the large thumb ring with a black onyx center (he made it himself). A silver cross adorns his neck along with a brown leather choker. All this is topped off with a a long black duster. The cane is simple black ebony with a silver butt and a silver hilt in the form of a perched raven.
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[COLOR=TEAL][SIZE=1][B][U]My Character[/U]

Name: John Harrison

Codename: Greenleaf

Age: 19

Occupation: College Student

Identity: Only know to exsist by the teachers and pupils in the College

Legal status: Citizen of United Kingdom with clean record

Group Affiliation: "Mutant Brigade. Operation Group #4: Solidarity.".

Eyes: Vivid Green

Hair: Black with green streaks

Strength Level: John possess the normal strenght of a man of his age who engage in moderate regular exercise.

Mutation Type: Flora/Fauna-kinetic

Known superhuman power: John has the ability to control the plant life on Earth, raging from the smallest weed to the tallest tree, much like a Pyrokinetic can control fire. The ability is limited to a certain range, meaning, if John wanted to control a plant outside of the range he would have to get closer to the plant.

Identifying quote or Special quirk: John hates to see the plant life destroyed and in his off time he tends to the gardens around the city helping them to grow

Special limitations: N/A

Others: Can I edit this later? I'm rushed for time right now[/B][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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Great sign-ups, everybody. Two important things however:

1) Mutant Operation Group 4 and Group Blueberrry are both based in Toronto. Base of operation: the MBO mall. So you should at least be a naturalized citizen of Canada (unless you are member of an Operation group, in which case your previous life usually has been erased from all records.)

2) Members of Operation Groups have no "work" so to speak. They live in hiding, secret weapons of the Brigade. (However, students may still continue basics school with private teachers)

I should be starting the RPG tomorrow.
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