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This is gonna be a true sequel to my RPG, Trigun: Return of Death and Trigun 2: War of the Titans.

The city of New July was a ravaged place once, but all thanks to a small band of Gunmen and Outlaws, it was able to heal back and become a prosperous city once again. All thanks to those outlws. Lead by a man, in a red coat......

A man, named Julius Ravin, was once a very respected plant engineer who knew so much abobut the lost technollogy, it was eerie. his family was a long line of engineer and the secret ws passed on, generation to generation. He rufused to ever confess it and kept it unknown to the public or the Plant Engineer Organization. But one day, his life was destroyed when he was fired from the PEO for almost destroying the Plant of December when conducting an epiremnt. he went into insanity, for he no longer had anything to live for, when he finally had an idea.....

3 Years later

LR Town, 2:23 am

Julius Raiving was working on delegiantly at a consol inside the towns third plant. His eyes drooped and his his face was sweaty and sadistic. Had a menacing smile on his face. A Toothy smile. His began shaking. "After this," he said, "I shall rule this planet and all of its inabitants! Mwuhahahahahahahaaaaaa!"

Suddenly, the large bulb of the plant, shut off. And a loud cracking sound was heard and then the bubl shatterenmd. Julius smiled insanely as he walked towards the shattered bulb. He yelled out to it. "You may come out, my sweet." Then suddenly a glowing, humanoid figure walked out, towards the man. its skin was golden and it face was blank with colorless eyes. it hair, long and silky. It had an empresstionable mind. the smile on Julius' face widened as the glowign figure stepped up. "Hello, child, i am your father. Good morning." Eh said as the suns rose on LR Town.........
Now, Julius Raving and the Plant Being, named Adam are running a muck and destroying many towns with the divine powers of the Plants. Julius has recuited five outlaws with amazing powers to help him take over Gunsmoke. Who can stop them?

Okay, this RPG is for those who participated in the last one and for the 5 that i let join as minions of Julius Raving. the sign ups for them are:




Description: (face, clothes.)

Weapon: (Guns and creative stuff. No Katana's. They are way over used.)

Special Abilities:

Bio: (why you decided to join Julius,)

For returning members, just post your character, Weapon, and hitory with Vahs nad Kaiyden. :D

Name: Kaiyden the Kid

Weapon: Two Colt Magnum Berreta's and a Bouie Knife.

History: Vash and Meryle's love child. He was raised by Meryle,for Vash had to leave, in fear thta his bounty mightindager Meryle and his son. he knew someday, Kaiydne would find him. KAiyden has since helped Vash take down the Vivious Titans and they hav grown a strong bond. But unfortunalty, Kaiyden has taken from Vahs in everyway becasue of his supereior gens, meaning that he looks, sounds, and fights like him.
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Cool, the plot sounds really good

Name: Vash The Stampde

Weapon: a Silver AGL .45 Long Colt, Machine hidden in cyber left arm, and the Angel Arm

Bio: After helping rebulding the town of New July, Kaiyden he open up a churh in honnor of Wolfood, when he found out that Kaiyden had taken on his DNA, he made sure that Knives old black gun was keep safly hidden so that, Kaiyden could not use that Angel Arm as well. He then went off to talk to wear Doc lived to get some help and answers, Vash is curntly on his way back to town
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Name: evean kiro
Age: 17 ( i'll change the age once I find out how long it's been
Height/Weight: 6'10, 250
Description: brown hair, green eyes, blue head band, black pants, brown boots, purple shirt, orange vest, gloves, black tinted goggles, brown cloak
Weapon: the hand gun and phinox soul from the trigun return of death, phinox sould 2
Bio: Evean decided to hang around with vash because he knew vash would get in trouble and he would need some one to help to get out. He helped to make the church in wolfwood name and in the name of his brother to honor them. He's made the phinox soul 2 based upon the first one. He's become very good at mechanics and is learning about the ancient technology used in the plants. He helps vash out when ever he can.
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Guest Anime_Forever
Though yours does have a good plot YOU TOLD ME TO MAKE IT!!!!! IT TOOK ME A WHILE TO POST THAT!!!!

Sorry. Your still cool.

Name: Shai Waban
Weapon: Kitana, 30" Colt revolver
Bio: After running a muck in New July, trying to kill Vash, and seeing his partner die, he finnaly realized that his uncle Obiwaban actually turned out to be a good guy and he became one too. Now he is helping the "Vash Squad" find out about this freaky dude...
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[COLOR=blue] Nice story plot

Name: Nicholas Wolfwood

Weapon: A Cross Punisher and a Silver .45 Long Colt Revolver.

Bio: He first wanted to kill Vash because he thought he killed his father, Nicholas Wolfwood(the original). But he now knows that Vash did every thing he could to help Wolfwood and was his friend. So now like his father Wolfwood is best friends with Vash and the others.[/COLOR]
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Name: AkaSuki BlueSummers

Weapon: 2 twin silver/black 9mm's. Dagger kept in boot

History with Vash: She had once was trying to kill vash who had killed her father ,Legato Bluesummers, in cold blood. She still wants to kill him but in a sense she has controlled it. She Wants to find out about this Julius person for she is intrigued about him. She has decided to Help vash for she thinks the faster this is over with the faster she can Avenge her father's Murder
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Sorry Mill, i just did it cause there weren't any posts other than returning members. And i thought it was tasteful of me to create the sequel simply cuz i was its creator. Sorry again. Everyone else, thanks for the complimets. :D
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Very nice plot sweety! Oops. I mean DBD! *Tehe*

Name: Asla aka Six Shooter Asla
Age: About 30.
Height/Weight: 5'9"/130 lb.
Description: See Asla.
Weapon: .45 Super and Colt Anaconda
Bio.: Asla joined Julius because she got tired of Vash saving the day. One day when she was having fun destroying a huge town he came and stoped her with 2 bullets in her right leg, 1 in her left arm, and 2 in the side of her torso. She swor to kill Vash and any desendent(sp?) of him.

So she thought if she joined Julius and destroied towns and plants, that would lure(sp?) him tohis death. But she is to deprested to do much, so she sits on her butt and does nothing but watch the sun go down and the moon come up.

[URL=http://jurai.syste.ms/ryoko/ryoko302.html]Asla [/URL]
And I don't care if it's Ryoko from Tenchi. It's just a pic.
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[size=1]Name: Kyoji Takigawa

Age: 22

Height/Weight: 160/5'9

Description: Kyoji is a silent being. Having leather belts around his right hand helps him to reduce the physical attacks of his component. Wearing a black jacket, Kyoji stands five foot nine inches tall. His leather pants is made for his maneuvability. His brown hair seems to have a tent of blonde with the rays of the sun hits his hair. He green eyes seem to be open and ready for anything to come.

Weapon: Two .45 Colt Customs.

Special Abilities: Stength, and his speed.

Bio: Kyoji has been, for along time, hunting Vash The Stampede to challenge him to a shoot out. He has done this for 5 years, not for the bounty but for the fun. Julius seemed to be the place to go. Its popularity seemed to grow. News of Vash The Humanoid Typhoon might spread around faster then other places. This will give him a edge to find Vash. Knowing that vash had a son with Meryle. Not knowing who he was or where he is at. Kyoji knew that he might be a challenge. Even though he might die. He wants to challenge Vash's son also. Now the journey of his arrival in Julius is begining...and the hunt for Vash and his son still goes on...Kyoji was also kidnapped when he was young a professor. This professor experimented with his body. Putting robot like parts in him. This increased his strength and speed but he escaped from the lab. He did not want to go through any more of the pain he had gone through. He created his own .45 colt Customs when he was only 18 years old thanks to the mechanical parts inside of him. This increased his stability also.

[ I hope this will work ]
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Guest Anime_Forever
Im sure new towns have been built by NOW. But usually we use New July and New Mei. And if the other 3 sgnups arent in by tommorow at 7:00 My bro can take a charachter lke last time... I hope this ends up more like the first one...
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I normaly don't make up second characters but to help get this off the ground so be it.

Name: Sand rock

Age: 20

Height/Weight: 7'10" , 260

Description: blue eyes, black hair, gloves with out the fingers, red shirt, black pants, blue tint goggles, round black case on his back

Weapon: hand gun with exploding bullets, 2 swords

Special Abilities: his body adapts to situations so he can match other peoples skills

Bio: He's a mercanary hired by julius to help him take over gun smoke and he joined him to see if any one of the people who stood up to julius would be a match for him. He makes all the things he uses. He has a hi knoledge of machinary and plants. He normaly acts nice to others but becomes seriuse during battle. He's not afraid of death and has no family or friends so there is nothing to keep him from hisatating. He's faught members of the kiro family before but never has beeten one of them. He belives that by joining juliuse one will step up to fight him.
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Name: Trick

Age: 25

Height/Weight: 7"4 140lbs

Description: Wears a wide brim black hat with a black suit and white shirt underneth the suit, wears black dress shoes and has read eyes with round glass and has messy long black hair

Weapon: Cane gun/sword, custom 7 shooter revoler, Grapling metel right hand

Special Abilities: use light body frame for high speed attacks

Bio: Trick was taken from his home and his parents were shot dead at the age of 10, for next 10 years he was exprement on to try an created a perfect assain that could kill Vash the Stampede, but when founding was cut for the prodject "T" so they were going to kill him to get rid of the evidance but he found this out and went on rampage killing all of the sincetists, but many of the chemcials use on him messed up his mind so he is rarely sireus, he is very Sarcastic and is a bit of a phyco in battle, he met Julius after he went ramped on a town when some one had hit his " Beutifal face" Trick jumped at the chance to fight the man that had caused him some much pain, also has a vanity issue about his face.
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