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False Accusations


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Well, I had to go last night before I read the post that transtic posted in the SSJ GOten topic.

Then it was closed before I could respond.

I want it to be known to all that I had no part in what this sick idiot fool is doing or trying to do. I dont know if you all got the idea from what I posted (which i wasnt supporting him) or iof he said something to someone about it.

The fact of the matter he did contact me a while ago asking me to help him "Overthrough" the mods. I told him no and he insisted i help him. When I refused to he said he would do ab unch of things and blame it on me if I didnt help him. Well, i just shrugged and clicked the ignore button. That was at least 2 weeks ago. Now that i see this little fool is actually trying to do it it has made me sick.

This is a prime example of an stupid CHILD with way too much free time.

I promise to you all I had no part in this. Anything and everything this fool says is about 90% lie. Like I said in my previous post, people like him should be banned forever with out the chance of coming back.
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