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Yo! Guys I'm back! Well since I don't have any rpg's left here, I am gona start another one.

It's simple, make a reploid from scratch or copy off another.(Please don't copy off another persons character!)

Here's an examaple (and my charater)


Name// Kai
Age// 13 ages can be your own age or around teen agers
personality// Quite, likes to be alone.


Personality// Loner, Likes solo missions.
Style//Wing Burner
Special Attack// Inferno Blazer

that is it. Told you it is Simple. I'll post the "winning" players after there is at least 10 "try outs". Thanks.
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This has no backstory or anything but hey.


Name: Jake

Personallity: "Funny guy" Jokes a lot. Kind of a wise a**. Fun to be around, though. Normally hangs around, does nothing.

Age: 17

Bio: Jake grew up in a normal neigborhoog. Got into a lot of fights in school... ect.

Name: Xaru

Personality: A leader type. Hangs in groups. Doesn't care what kind of mission he gets.

Style: Blaster

Speacial attack: Buster cannon. Unleashes a large amount of non-elemental damage to a player.
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