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I [i][b]highly[/i][/b] recommened you go out and buy this album and give this band a shot if you haven't. I really really like them.

They just have this really amazing way with how they work things. It's very instrumental, and the lyrics and the signer are somewhat in the backdrop. Well, it's like that when you first listen to the CD the first times through, but eventually it just grows on you even more.

I think the first time I was more or less too stunned by them to take it all in at once...and really, it is a lot to digest all at once. But yes.

I love them.[/size]
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Did you just randomly buy this? Or did you get it since I mentioned it? I am just curious.

At first, I didn't like them. I found them overly dull, especially the vocals. I can't get too interested in the song if the vocalist doesn't even sound like he remotely cares about anything he sings about.

However, once I got used to this... I realized his singing fit the band, the lyrics were decently written and it actually worked.

I had no problem with the music itself from the start. It's really good stuff. I don't think there is any one standout part of it, but its parts make a good, solid whole. It creates a landscape basically.

The disc is still like $10 at Best Buy since they're considered one of those "new" artists (despite this CD being rather old by now), so it's worth checking out.

That rack is the best rack in Best Buy. I get some nice stuff off of it for cheap prices.
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