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Gaming RPG Maker 2

Charm Seyugoshi

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It's not out yet. I believe it should be rather soon.

I've not heard anything bad about it. The original RPG Maker was quite good, although flawed. Obviously, having to write lines of text while selecting them on a screen is a pain in the ***. The RPG Maker 2 allows you to use a USB keyboard, thank god.

Also, the first was severely limited by PSone memory card size. PS2 card size is massive by comparison, and so I figure it will be enough. I think you can use more than one for one game anyway.

Obviously it's not the best looking game ever, but anything that lets you make your own RPGs can't look FF quality I guess. I'm looking forward to it.
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It's games like this that really make me wish I had a PS2.

The idea of being able to make your own RPGs is a stroke of genius and I'm surprised that RPG Maker wasn't a massive hit (considering the sheer number of RPG fans). I was never able to get my hands on the first RPG Maker, unfortunately, and always regretted that I was never able to find it because I heard very good things about the game.

RPG Maker 2 looks to be even better. From what I've read about it, improvements have been made (the USB Keyboard support being one of the biggest, as Semjaza pointed out) and the game has made the journey into 3D, even though it obviously won't be winning any graphical achievement awards lol.
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