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Writing Don't you see?


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don't you see?
this is the end for me.
lock the door and swallow the key
this is how it's gonna be.
they will tie me up and let me lay
never to see the light of day.
my mind is in such a racket
they will bound me in a straight jacket.
i would listen to the shrieks and moans of the insane
untill it becomes ingrained in my membrain.
this is all i would ever hear
these memories will not be dear.
i used to slit my wrists
then i learned the risks.
no one could ever be near
the thoughts i have in here.
i hate being so sad and alone
i am not your average drone.
i despise all that i feel
no one could handle what i deal.
all my pain
falls back on me like acid rain.
i have deep loathing for my face
it is something i would like to erase.
i really despise my body
lots of people see me as blobby.
can't you see?
i really really hate me.
people are so harsh and hateful
that is what makes living really painful.
my sadness is so so deep
i cry in my sleep.
all the time, i want to cry
or maybe what i really want....is to die.
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lea, I must admit that most of your posts I find fairly infantile and slightly annoying to read. I don't hold this against you, we are all growing in some way or another.

But, let me say that this is by far the most profound and greatest peice of writing I've seen you do. I've decided to re-evaluate my opinion of you as of reading this peice of work. Honestly, keep things like this up, you have alot of talent that I've not seen before.

Keep suprising me,
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