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Art First thread! and post and such..


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Despite the title yes this is about art. I managed to get some of my art scanned in trhe other day. Yes i know that 2 are not originals. One was taken from a MSN page and the other was taken from that marvelious publication Wizzard Magazine. Tis pretty obvious which one is which. But so everyone knows they are freehand copys. The other i drew several weeks ago ni a bout of depression. Try and guess if its a guy or a girl..
[url=http://annabelle.ns.tc/sakura/alexspics/alexspic1.JPG]Mysterious person of unspecified gender.[/url]
[url=http://annabelle.ns.tc/sakura/alexspics/alexspic2.JPG]Ultimate Iron Man. Not the whole pic. DId htis like 2 years ago. Got some water on it..hmm..[/url]

All of these pics need to be run through Photoshop to cure some bad stuff that heppened to theim. I'll do it sometime and replace these. More to come if i can get them to Abra's house caue she has a scanner.
Thanks goes out to Abra for scanning, and Annbelle for hosting of the pics. Now everyone what do you think?
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