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YES! Krademon recognized it as being from Armored Core. It is one of my fave AC's that I made from Armored Core 3, and it's name is "Whatever", hence the quote and the title of this thread. If you want more info, I am in an AC story currently that you can check out.
Oh, and here is the avi. Thanks for the comments! Keep em' coming!

EDIT: *sigh*, the avi is too big, and therefore I changed it. (is it just me or do avi sizes change all the time?)
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Heh, of course it's Armored Core ...

I think it's a pretty clever tagline, since the AC's name is Whatever. Not everybody might know that, but who cares :).

The rain or whatever (<-- haha) in the background is a little ... um ... ghetto-looking, to put it colloquially. I think it could do with a cooler background, maybe even something plain would be better than those little lines. They look very amateurish and considering the cool mech-y feel of the rest of the banner, they don't fit.

I'm really awful at making backgrounds myself, but what I usually do (I use Photoshop) is pick colors I like, have Photoshop render clouds, and then fool around with filter effects on them until I have ... something. Eh, that was probably no help. Anyway, I like the idea of the banner :)
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