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Writing Dreamcatcher


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[SIZE=1][COLOR=dodgerblue]I didn't see the book..But I saw the movie and I thought the movie was crap. I really think the book would've been better. But the movie was pure dirt. I'll have to read the book sometime because I think the storyline was really interesting.

-Kitty[/COLOR] [/SIZE]
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Of course the movie sucked, it was a movie based off a Stephen King novel. They all suck, exept for Shawshank Redemption and the Green Mile.

The book was awesome. It's one of my fav's of his. But right now now I'm eargely waiting for Dark Tower V: Wolves of Calla.

But that's going off track there. I think it's genious how King wrote the parts with Jonesy inside of his own mind.

And what about that one "mentally challenged" guy who saw the "line", or whatever. In my mind I thought he looked like Carrot Top. Hmm....I didn't see the movie, so I wonder what they made him look like.....
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