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Writing Many Mikes

Dragon Warrior

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I made this one day in Math class because I was bored and didn't want to do my work. So sue me. =P


Wesley walked over to his friend Mike and showed a parcel to him. "Here ya go, Mike!"

"What?" said Wesley's other friend who was also named Mike.

"Not you, Mike," Wes scolded.

"Okay," said the first Mikewho walked off.

"No, Mike!" Wes shouted. "Stay here!"

"I am," the second Mike smiled.

"No. The other Mike should stay. You go."

"Huh?" the first Mike said, appearing again.

"Stay, Mike!" Wes shook the parcel angrily.

"I AM!!!" the second Mike shouted impatiently.

"No! You!" Wes pointed to the first Mike. "Stay!"

"I stay?" the first Mike questioned.


"Why?" the second Mike asked.

"Stay out of this!" Wes scolded the second Mike.

"Okay," the first Mike said and left.

"Hey!" Wes shouted. Then the second Mike kicked Wes in the shin and left. "Mike!"

"Yeah?" said about 50 guys who came over.

"Who are you guys?" Wes asked, surprised.

"Mike," they all said simultaneously.

"Wait. You're all Mikes?"

"I am?" one said.

"That's what you just said."

"Huh?" Another looked confused.

"Aren't you all Mikes?"

"I'm not," one man said, raising him hand.

"Same here," another called.

"Yeah. Me, as well."

"Same over here."


"Okay, who's a Mike here?"

One man rose his hand. Wes mumbled.

"That's it! Get out of here! Shoo!" The wannabe Mikes scattered. "Now where's Mike?" Wes pondered.

A hobo appeared eating a strawberry-flavored cabbage. He coughed. His cough sounded like "Wesley's a loser." It was like, "HACK!", ya know what I mean? Wes got mad and jumped the hobo.

Suddenly, Mikes poured in from nowhere, slaying Wesley in an instant. One of the Mikes was the first Mike. He picked up the parcel from Wesley's dead and slimy hands and chucked it into a shredder which oddly appeared out of nowhere.

"Hey! My name was on that!" one Mike shouted. "Yeah! Mine too!" another followed.

"No," the first Mike stated.

"Oh." And they all went home.

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