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Anime You now you've played/watched too much InuYasha when......


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okay my friend gave me this idea...cuz...i got her obsessed w/ InuYasha...and because i play my InuYasha game for playstation all the time...

now...lets all come up w/ ideas...i'll start...(i hope this post wasn't already thought up...if so...please don't hurt me)

ok im starting: you know you've watched/played too much InuYasha when...you start calling all the guys at school who walk by, Miroku :demon:

and : when you buy a whole bunch of InuYasha merchandise...not to mention movies...

(yes i've done/do both of these things...:p)

[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Inuyasha_Pro [/i]
[B]10.Dye your hair black every full moon and white any other day [/B][/QUOTE]

It's actually every month when there's no moon...:p
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Guest Shadow&Midnight
You know when you played/wached InuYasha when...

1. You say feh all the time.

2. You name your freinds after chacters

3. You call twins Kagome abd Kikyo ( dont kill me if i spell things worng)

4. you dress up as Kagome...

5. You look on e-bay and look for everyones weapons

6. You try and get all your friends to dress up as InuYasha chacters.

7. You re act your faviort scence.

8. You know every word said in the whole InuYasha series.

9. You know all the songs by heart in english and japenes. ( my friend is trying.)
10. You apply to these things and others soon to come.
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1. When yiou try to yank one of your dad's teeth out, while he's asleep, to make a sword.

2. Wehn you name your cat Kilala.

3.When you take old beads and try to make a magic necklace.

4. When you get angry at someone and yell, "Wind Tunnel!" while holding out your hand.

5. When you die your hair platinum white.

6. When you sharpen you toe nails and finger nails into claws.

7. Whwn you go to school bare foot with a closet full of shoes.

8. when you punch little kids in the head for annoying you.

9. Whne you search the net for red MC Hammer pants.

10. When you start to where big, fluffy furs on your shoulder and paint your eyelids purple. (i think i'm describing a cross dresser.)

If you apply to any of these, tape InuYasha and don't watch for about 5 days.
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... When you tie a rosary around the vacuum cleaner...
... Whenever you bleed, you automatically stick your nails in the wound...
... When your grandfather starts trying to exorcise your boyfriends...

I used to have a list of funny ones... but I forgot them. This isn't such a new idea, by the way. These are on a lot of websites, and even a few make it on fanfiction.net though they're not allowed.
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[SIZE=1][COLOR=darkblue]You know you've played/watched too much Inuyasha when you:
~When you make a big boomerang and throw it at people when you're pissed.

~When you take a large bead saying it's the jewel of four souls and jumping down a well with it.

~When you try to take out your younger brother's pupil and say it is the way to the sword made from your father's fang.

~When you name all your animals after the characters.

~When you come to school dressed as Inuyasha, have a boombox playing a fight scene song, take out your sword and go up to your all time enemy(for real) point the sword at him/her and say,"I won't let you get away this time! We finish this here!"

~When you put a "magic necklace" on one of your guy friends and start yelling,"SIT SIT SIT!!!!"

Heh, that's what I have for now.[/COLOR][/SIZE]
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You know you've watched/played to much Inuyasha when you:

-call your most hated teacher Noraku (I think I spelled his name right)

-carry a fan with you to school and try to command the wind

-call your annoying little brother Sesshomaru

-go to school dressed up like a monk with a staff

-carry a large sword with you every where you go

-call your girlfriend either Keikio or Kagome

-sit down cross legged and start whispering incantasions to keep people from you

-carry around a bow and a satchel of arrows and try to shoot a spirit arrow towards your enemies ;)
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You know you watched too much Inuyasha when:
1.Try to glue an extra tail on your cat
2.Throw your cat into the air hoping it will fly
3.Slam into the ground every time someone yells "sit"
4.Sue the toy store for not having a big enough boomerang
5.Make a beaded necklace and call it The Shikon Jewel
6.Find broken glass and call them jewel shards
7.Carry a plastic sword with you where ever you go
8.Jump into a well thinking you will be thrown into the past
9.Try sucking people into the palm of your hand
10.Dye your hair black every full moon and white any other day
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Guest Anime_Forever
When you attach fangs to your dog and call him Inuyasha
When you put on a necless, stand on a matress and scream SIT
When you think your the reincarnation of your grandmas sister
When you convince your brother to bring your books to school
WHen you start punching yurself in the stomach hoping your hand will go through you and come out with a pink jewel.
When you put a necless on your dog, paper with fire drawn on it on your cats feet and jump into a well.
When you convince your grandpa to call in shool and say your sick
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