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Next UK Epp Q


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Ok, people may not want to know what happens next, so either don't read on if you don't wanna know, or could anyone answering this PM me.

Today, Gohan juss kicked '18 out of Cell. It says what happens tomorrow, but i have 2 questions (yes, i am impatient :D)

1) Does Goku die tomorrow? Cuz it showed him puttin his 2 fingers to his head as though he's gonna transport Cell to Kai's place. But he was doin it with a smile on his face :confused:


2) How does Cell take Gohan by surprise? It said that he does, and then it showed Gohan being hit pretty bad.

Incase anyone answering this decides to do it by PM, could you post up saying that you've answered so that lots of people don't waste their time PM'ing me plz :)

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Cell self destructs tomorrow, and Goku teleports him to another planet so the earth doesn't get blown up, thus Goku dies. Gohan was on his knees because he realised what a mistake it was not to have finished Cell off when he had the chance!
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K, thanks for lettin me know. When it shows what's on the next epp, it makes it look like Cell's hit Gohan and he's on his knees in a bad way. lol.

Oh well, Goku is gonna day within the next 2 epps then i guess. :( So that means that DBZ is gonna be Goku-less for a long time from what i'm told :(
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