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This is based on my favorite MArtial Arts film, Enter The Dragon.

Off the the middle of Hong Kong ans China, there is a small island that has no clear nationality, therefore, it has not jurisdiction between the two countries. So, a mysterious, middle aged, Hong Kong millionare named Lou Ko Su, bought the island for his own use and living. He inforces a no guns policy and a small army of martial artist as personal body gurads. His history is shady and fowl play is thought to be part of his mass amounts of money. Many, beleive him to be a large player i nthe Hong Kong Heroine trade.

The British Secret Service known as M16 has decided to send three of there top agents to his island to attend his annual Martial Arts Tournament. But there they must win there concecutive matches and defeat Lou's personal body guards. all to take him and his drug trade down............

I only have room for 8 members.

3 good guys includgn myself
and 5 bad guys.

Sign Ups go:







Martial Art(s) : (a max of three and no bladed weapons.)

Weapon: (not manditory and no blades of any kind.)


Hers Mine:

Name: Michael Lee

Age: 28

Height/Weight: 5'10"/156 ibs

Description: Has jet black hair that goes far down his neck slicked back, brown eyes, a dark complexion, and while on island, wears a black chinese Gi.

Race: Chinese/British

Bio: Born to a chinese father and british mother. Born and raised on the men streets of Hong Kong ans offen participated in gang fights, Micahel Lee was natural to martial arts. He studied Gung Fu for a large peiod of his child hood. When he reached the age of 17 he began studing Korean Tae Kwon Do, for its furious kicks, and Japanese JuJutsu for its locking techniques. He joined the M16 organiztion only becasue his mother was British and he was an amazing fighter/ quick thinker. He is the current leader of the three agents sent to Lou's Martial Arts tournament.

Martial Art: Gung Fu, Tae Kwon Do, JuJtsu. He uses The Jett Kune Do philosophy.

Weapon: Nunchaku

Attitude: Solemn, but goofy. His humor is sarcastic. But in fights he toys with his opponent unless, he sees they are truly powerful.

this is supposed to be a realisitc RPG. Now lets goet to it. :D
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Ok...I like being bad evil people.....^_^

[B]Sign Up[/B]-

[B]Name:[/B]Ken Haymaker


[B]Height/Weight:[/B]6'4"/240 lbs



[B]Bio:[/B]Born to a mother and father who hardly made meets end,he had a hard life growing up.His father was a boxer,and went to fight clubs to make money for him and his mother.His father lefted them,so he grew up faster mentaly.He started to street fight,and went to fight clubs.His mother soon found out that she had cancer,and died shortly.Ken was lefted alone,and his hatered of his father grew more.

He was called on by Lou Ko Su protect him,and in return will give out where his father lives,because Ken hates his father so much he is was cold.His father was the reason why he was so bitter,and would kill to kill him.He soon took up the job.

[B]Martial Arts:[/B]Boxing,Kick Boxing(Both normal styles)


[B]Attitude:[/B]Bitter and cold,he hates his father and tries not to think of his mother.He is also wise from having to grow up fast,and having no real childhood.He is willing to help others,and you will have to gain his trust for him to open up to you.

There,hope that is good.
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I'll be a good guy, or I can always change my sign up and side

----Sign Up----

Name: Estell Laylind

Age: 26


Description: Short black hair, bangs off to the side, brown eyes, pale skin, skinny, wears a silver ring, black pants, white long sleeve shirt, and black ankle boots

Race: Korean

Bio: Estell was born in Korea, there she lived with her father. A short time after giving birth to Estell her mother died, the reason being that she quickly grew frail after Estell's birth. When Estell was a kid, her father was out most of the time. In this he signed her up in classes for martial arts, so that'd she have something to do when he was away. She had first learned te, Estell spent five years learning this. She then later on she studied taijutsu, and finally found someone willing to teach her taekyon. Which she continues to study even now trying to perfect her form. But when in the time she was able to spend with her father he taught her taijutsu and how to love martial arts. At age 16 he was the one who first introduced her to M16, while she was with him on a work trip. So she tried until she believed that she was strong enough to join the team they had told her that they'd be forming later in the future time. That time has now come, and she's been gathering as much info as she can about Fire Island.

Martial Art(s) : Te, taekyon, taijutsu

Weapon: tonfa

Attitude: Quite, void, and smart. Estell always thinks of what to do first, and thinks of what the out come maybe. Which may cause her to hesitate in battle. Is good at gathering information.
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Guest Anime_Forever
dang.... why do I gotta be a good guy....
name: Shai
age: 23
height/weight: 5'9/145
description. shoulder length silver hair, blue shirt, white shorts, red headband, sandals, asian
race: Japanese
bio: an operative of hong kong special forces to investigate what could be a drug assosiation. He is trained in martial arts and idalizes Bruce Lee, and has seen Enter the Dragon. He has come to this island with one hope, to end this drug cartel and have a battle in a mirror room)
mantial arts: tai chi, tai kwon do
weapon: kama
attitude: like a japanese jakie chan
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Name: gene miramax

Age: 18

Height/Weight: 6'7" , 150

Description: blue eyes, black haire, goggels, gloves with out fingers, dark blue shirt, black pants, boots

Race: american

Bio: Gene likes to fight people he thinks will challange. He has no friends so he mostly didicates him slef to his training. He gets into alot of street fights but he doesn't care because he sees it as a way to train. He travels to improve his skills and that's why he came to the tournament. He doesn't care if he's diffeated as long as he has some fun in the fights. He joinded Lou Ko Su to see if there was any one who could stand up against him and his skills. He acts care free some times but
can be seriouse.

Martial Art: kick boxing

Weapon: brass knuckles with spykes, hand gun

Attitude: nice, brave, loyal
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Yay! I get to be a bad guy. :devil:

Name: Phoenix (never said it had to be original)

Age: appears to be in his mid-20's

Height/Weight: 6'-even, 180 lbs

Description: Dark brown hair, brown/green eyes, long legs, and thin. Wears a black jumpsuit, boots, and gloves with a white, hooded cloak.

Race: American

Bio: Little is know about his past, but his name is well know by every mercenary, and the people that hire them. Chose the name Phoenix after barely surviving battles that would have killed others.

Martial Art(s): Umm, I dunno. Lets just say he has military training.

Weapon: Garrote (thin wire used for choking)

Attitude: Very calm during a fight, even in a bad situation. Makes a habit of mocking his opponents to make them angry (and less focused).
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[size=1][color=ff66cc][B]Name:[/B] Hikomi Lee

[B]Age:[/B] 17

[B]Height/Weight:[/B] 5'/90 lbs.

[B]Description:[/B] waist long black hair, bangs that hang down on the side of her face, dark brown eyes(almost black), black ninja suit when fighting, see attachment, only more realistic

[B]Race:[/B] Korean

[B]Bio:[/B] Hikomi lived with her grandfather most of her years. There she learned ninjitus and tae kwon do, as well as Wudan. But she uses mostly ninjitsu and tae kwon do.

At the age of 5, her grandfather sent her to live with her uncel in England. There, her uncle told her of his job as part of M16. Hikomi resents being with her father, for the reason that he will not allow her anywhere, for the reason that he is one of the top three best agents.

At the age of 10, her uncle died and Hikomi was left alone. She left England and went to China to visit Lou Ko Su. There she learned of his ways and left. She showed how strong she was for a small child and how she could become. He had kept a place for her, but she refused. She had said that this place was not to her standards that she could find better. Lou Ku Su became angry and did not allow this kind of speak. She left unharmed, but 7 years later, they will meet...as enemies.

Hikomi will be with M16 when Lou Ku Su meet again.

[B]Martial Art(s):[/B] ninjitsu and tae kwon do

[B]Weapon:[/B] fists, Maru-Bo, and anything she gets her hand on

[B]Attitude:[/B] She's a quiet, seductive female that doesn't mess around. She's learned all types of martial arts, but only liked Tae Kwon Do, Ninjitsu, and . She doesn't let anyone get in her way and doesn't take any crap from anyone. She is an independant female that knows where she stands. Don't underestimate her, she's someone who can make you wish you never met her.

[B]Weakness:[/B] Martial Artists, men with weapons and an attitude[/size][/color]
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Name: Shi houng kao


Height/Weight:6'2"/ 200 lb's

Description: Short black hair, with a tint of brown and with a face like bruce lee's. His body is fairly muscualer with long legs to kick with. He wear's loose clothing so he can move around, he doesn't care what he wear's, he only cares about how it feels.

Race: South Vietnamese

Bio: He is an avenger that seek's and destroy's for what he fits wrong, he has no team. He talks trash when he fights to throw off his opponent. But, outside of the ring he only talks when needed. He works for Lou so he can fight, there is no other reason.

Martial Art: Gung fu, Master of Nunchaku and staff

Weapons: Nunchaku and staff
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