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RPG Card Captor Sakura~The Neo Clow Cards


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[color=navy][b]Story so Far...[/b]
Sakura and Syaoran sealed all of the cards and changed them into Sakura Cards and sealed the book along with Kero and Yue.Sakura and Syaoran then got married and they had a daughter.Nisha Li.This story begins with Nisha...

One Saturday morning Nisha was cleaning out the attic because it was such a mess.She had some piles set on the ground.Things she wanted,Things her Parents would want and the Rubbish pile.Nisha sorted through all the junk until she came across a strange book.On the front was "Clow" emblazed on it in gold and the book was crimson.On the front was a large lion like creature and on the back was a greyish blue wolf.On the spine was a strange creature.It was like a gryphon.It was pure black and had an evil look.Nisha ran her hand over it carefully and put it on her pile.She would ask her parents about it later.Soon she was done and she carried the Rubbish pile into the large bin outside and got the other 2 piles.She left her things in her own room and put the other things on her parents' bed.She yawned and walked to her room.The Clow Book was on the top of the pile so she grabbed it and ran to the kitchen where Sakura and Syaoran were.

"Hey Mom,Hey Dad...What's this book I found?"Nisha asked holding it out.Sakura and Syaoran took a quick glance at it and it turned into a long stare.

"Where did you find that?!"asked Sakura frantically.
"In the attic.I was just cleaning it out."Nisha said placing a hand on the seal.Suddenly it opened.Sakura,Syaoran and Nisha all gasped.Nisha opened the cover and saw there was a hollow with a whole lot of cards in it.

"Are these Tarot cards?"Nisha asked picking the first one up.

Sakura and Syaoran were trying to grab the book away from their daughter but she was faster than both of them together.She looked at the words at the bottom and read them.

"The.........Windy?"Nisha said quietly.

Sakura and Syaoran shouted as a gale force wind was created in the house and the cards inside the book scattered everywhere.Out of the walls,through the walls and they all left.Then the wind stopped.The book glowed and the Lion had changed and there was only a small teddy bear like creature with wings.From the back emerged a small greyish blue wolf.Not the large one Nisha had seen earlier and it floated on wings.Then one more monster escaped from the book.The gryphon on the spine was released and laughed evilly before flying off through the roof.the teddy bear yawned and rubbed its eyes.

"What happened....?"it said looking around.Then it spotted Sakura and Syaoran.

"Sakura......?......Brat?"it asked looking at them.
"Kero!!!!"squealed Sakura embrassing him tightly.
"I'm not a brat.You stuffed animal."Syaoran said smirking.

Kero smirked too.They had gotten over their rivalry before Kero was sealed away but they still joked about it.

"What happened?Who opened the seal??Wow...The both of you look different."Kero said floating.
"Umm....Well...It's called growing up Kero.And our daughter...Nisha...She opened the seal."Sakura said slowly.

Kero spun around and faced the girl who held the book and the Windy Card.She trembled under the gaze of Kero and the adults.

"So you did it huh?"Kero said flying closer.

Nisha gulped nervously and nodded slowly.

"Great!!!More adventures!!!"Kero shouted unexpectedly.
"So Kero...Who's that?"Syaoran said pointing to the wolf.
"Ohhhhhhhh....Sorry....I forgot!"Kero said rubbing the back of his head nervously.Everyone in the room sweatdropped.

"This is Kai.He's the new Moon Guardian."Kero announced.
"What happened to Yue?!"asked Sakura in surprise.
"Well...He became a God.And now..I'm not a Guardian helper of the Card Captor anymore."
"You're not?"Asked Syaoran.
"Nope.I'm the Final Judge."Kero said proudly transforming into the great Keroberos at his full size.

Sakura walked up to Keroberos and rubbed his side.

"I'm the new Guardian of the Card Captor."

Everyone turned around and saw Kai.It was the first time he had spoken since the release.Nisha thought and spoke up.

"Who was that black gryphon that was released too?"
"Takamari was released?!"Kai said loudly.
"Is he bad?"asked Nisha.
"Definately is.He means trouble.I bet he's off to find an evil Card Captor.He wishes to take over the universe so Clow Reed sealed him in the spine of the Clow Book.Guarded by Myself and Yue but now Kai."explained Kero.

Sakura and Syaoran looked at each other before nodding.They both reached into their shirts and pulled out 2 things.Syaoran pulled out the bobble that held his sword that he kept around his neck and Sakura pulled out her key of Clow.they both gave them to Nisha.Sakura's key of Clow changed as soon as it touched Nisha's hand and changed into the silver teardrop.Nisha hung them both around her neck not knowing what was going on.

"Nisha...This is going to be hard...You need to go out and capture all of those cards that escaped...Some of them are dangerous so you must be careful.But we'll always be here to guide and help you being Card Captors before you."Sakura said gently.

Sakura and Syaoran taught Nisha the incantations and how to capture the cards.Kai floated around them adding small things.

After it was all done Kero started to glow and he said his farewells.Sakura was teary eyed and watched Kero disappear.Now Nisha's journey begins....[/color]
(3)No controlling other people's characters!!
(4)Only post if you have joined and has been approved by me!
(6)OBEY THE RULES!!![/b]
[color=navy]It was a Monday morning.Two days after Nisha opened the seal on the Clow Book and re-released the Clow Cards.Kai had told her some more bad news.

There was a Legend.If the Clow Book was opened 10 times,The Evil One would be released.The Evil one was an evil demon that Clow Reed sealed away into the Clow Book hoping he would never be released again.The bad part was...Sakura was the 9th so...Nisha was the 10th...[b][It's Takimari.][/b]

Nisha had been afraid.She always carried the 2 pendants around her neck in case she came in contact with a Clow Card.Kai slid into Nisha's backpack and Nisha grabbed her school uniform and changed.She shoved her usual attire into her backpack too for after school.Kai climbed to the top and sat on the pile of clothes using them as pillows.Nisha made sure the Windy card was in her pocket and closed her bag.She put it onto her back and ran out of her room and down the stairs.

Nisha arrived into the kitchen area and grinned.

"Morning Mom,Morning Dad."she said cheerfully.

Sakura and Syaoran looked up and smiled.

"Morning Nisha."they said.

Sakura finished cooking and put them onto a plate before placing it on the table.Nisha took off her backpack and took a seat at the table.Sakura served up a large stack of pancakes covered in maple syrup.She put some on Nisha's plate,some on Syaoran's plate and finally some on her own leaving some left on the pile.They ate quickly and Nisha and Syaoran got up.Nisha grabbed her backpack again.Nisha sat on the bench near the door and strapped on her blades and gloves.She shouted a "bye" to her parents and skated off down the road.Syaoran left the house not long after,off to teach his martial arts classes.

Nisha skated through Cheery Blossom lane and the Sakuras(Cherry Blossoms) were falling around her.She lifted her left wrist and saw she would be late and she sped up and got into her class just in time.She said "Hi" to Harru,Tenken,Evean,Alex and Yoshimi.She took her seat next to Yoshimi.She put her backpack down and withdrew her school items that she would need.Then the door slid open and Mr Makanara or Mr Maka as all of his students called him,walked in.He greeted the class and then announced something.

"Today is a special day.We have 2 new students.Let's welcome them.Siaga McAmoray and Matt Hawke."

The two students walked into the room.Nisha and her friends all got a shiver and Siaga and Matt's eyes were cold.

"Okay Siaga and Matt.You can both sit in the back row next to Alex.Alex could you raise your hand to show who you are?"

Alex nervously raised her hand and the 2 new students walked towards them.The closer they got the stronger the feeling was for Nisha and friends.They arrived and sat quietly.Their eyes were still cold and hard.Nisha tried to shake thefeeling but it stayed there.Something wasn't right about those two.[/color]
[b]Okay so there's the beginning.Sorry if it's a bit long.Anyone else who wants to join can but [u][i]NO MORE CARD CAPTORS!![/u][/i].Ok so post,have fun and don't break the rules.[/b]
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Evean looked at the new students. He knew some thing wasn't right about them. He used his senses and sensed that they could do magic to.

"They're probaply after the cards" evean thought as he looked to the front of the class.

"I just hope alex will be o.k with those two next to her" evean thought.

Evean looked around and every one had taken out there books but evean hadn't notice becasue he was thinking about siaga and matt. He pulled out his book and started looking for the page they were on before he got called upon to read.
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OOC: Someting really super quick I need to add here, Harru's hair is a really light blonde (think quatre on GW). I just wanted to state that so no one was confused between my character and Shanghai's character.

Harru's eyes kept darting from his book to the new students. Half of a shiver ran up his spine each time he dared watch one of them too long. His eyes rested on the girl, Siaga, he recalled and felt a small tremor rise inside of him. What was this? He wasn't afraid of anything, and now a new girl was going to make him run with his tail between his legs? It took every ounce of strength he had to keep from grasping the small smiley pendant around his neck and force some answers from these two.

[i]"no"[/i] He thought, returning his jade hued eyes to the book once more, [i]"that's not the way I've been taught"[/i]

Harru drifted off into his thoughts to a few nights before, when the card came to him. He had been sitting in his window sill as he had so many nights before, looking out into the stars for a sign. His silvery blonde hair wisped accross his forhead in the night's gentle breeze, and fresh tears lay slick accross his cheeks. in his hands he had a picture, frayed around the edges from being handled too much. It held the image of a handsome man in his prime, he was laughing at something off to the left, and his blue eyes sparked richly against his cornsilk hair. Harru hugged the picture closer to his chest, letting out a smal whimper of a sob.
"father...." he whispered, "when will you come back?"
Harru's mother never spoke of what happened to her husband, he just dissapeared one day when harru was very small. All he had left was the devilish looking clow key that harru had learned to use long ago. He had moved to put the picture away when something bumped into his forhead lightly. He looked down into his lap to see a tarot card, but on closer inspection it was a clow card.
"A clow card?" He said to himself his eyes growing wide, The card held the appearance of a small pink furry animal, slightly resembling a rabbit, the words JUMP lay accross the bottom of the card.

Harru had that card in his shirt pocket now, a golden rimmed corner poking out of it. He didn't dare use it untill he needed to and he felt his time was comming. The sudden silence brought him back to the classroom, no longer was Mr. Maka speaking but staring at him as was the rest of the class.

"Are you going to answer the Question Harru?" He asked impatiently. Harru stumbled to his feet, already flushing a brilliant red.
"y-yes sir"
G2g, all for now.
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[size=1][color=ff66cc][B]OOC:[/B] Well, I guess Alex can fear for some. But, normally, she jumps into anything, not caring for the consequences and also, she does really care for the two new students who look as if they're about to kill someone.


[i]Alex sat there with Siaga and Matt. Not knowing what to expect from those two, she sat there silently. Instead of listening to Mr. Maka, she put on her headphones and tried to contact Nisha through thoughts.[/i]

"Nisha, Nisha! Hey, Nisha! Check these two. Strange, ain't it?"

[i]Nisha ignored her and went on with school. Alex sat there and stared. She knew how Nisha was in school, so she didn't bother. She ignored it and didn't say anything else.

Alex remembered the card that came to her...The Float. It was a windy day. Above her she could see a large blimp like object. Strange how a blimp was in the sky. Alex ignored it, but felt like something was calling to her. She knew it was to be hers.

After recieveing the card, her journey as well as many others were about to begin.[/i][/size][/color]
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Guest Skyechild91
Mia saw the way that the new kids looked at Alex and Nisha. She leaned over and sadi softly to Nisha," Who are those creeps?" Mr. Maka gave her a glare and dhe looked back at her desk. She looked at the embarrased Harru and gave him an encouraging smile. He stumbled over his words and the new kids snickered.. She glared at them and the girl, Saiga stared back.
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Harru answered his question and sat back down, both hands folded in his lap his eyes hard and staring at one word in his book. His face was still red and he could hear the snickering of other students, he hated it when he was singled out, but hated it even more when he let his shyness overcome him. He brought up his head, shook a lock of his silvery hair out of his eyes and gave Mia a small smirk for her smile at him. Harru then took out a pen and began to write down the assignment Mr. Maka was writting on the blackboard.
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Guest Skyechild91
Mia saw the smirk on Harru's face and looked at her book. Mr. Mak was giving out the assignment, and she copied it down. The rest of class, she listned but didnt really hear the teadher. When it was time to go, she grabed her stuff and letf, leaving Nisha, which she rarely did. She went out side, during break, and sat under a tree, hugging her knees. She saw the knew kids and they started walking towards her. Oh, great, she thought. Now what am i gonna do? Nisha, where are you? I can fight, but not that well! She looked at the ground.
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"So Nisha, was it just me, or were those new kids acting really cold towards us?" Yoshimi asked her cousin as they ventured outside for break. "At first I thought they were just shy, like new kid jitters or something. But they were really icy, don't you think? If Mr. Maka wouldn't flip, I would've grabbed my umbrella and bopped them on their pretty heads!" Nisha didn't answer. "Hey, are you alright? I mean, yeah, they were weird, but don't let them freak you out." Still no reply. "Hey, if those two ever bother you, just let me know, alright? I don't care what Mr. Maka does to me, but I'm not gonna let them mess with you. Dad would never forgive me if I let anyone upset his favorite niece. You got it?"
Just then they saw Mia with the new kids. Suddenly, the boy lunged at Mia. "Oh my gosh!" Yoshimi gasped, and she ran towards her friend.
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Guest Skyechild91
Mia tried to rool out of the way, but the new boy slammed her into the tree trunk. "Oww!" She saw her two best friends, Nisha and Yoshimi running toward her. The new girl held Mia's arms behind her back and the boy threw a punch at her. It hit her hard in the cheek and she wiggled a tooth that had been knocked loose with her tounge. She coulnt move, the new girl had her arms pinned good. None of the teacher seemed to have noticed.
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"O.k that's it I don't care if i get in trouble i'm not staying out of this" evean thought. He was sitting in a tree and he started jumping from branch to branch. As he jumped he jumped he checked his pocket to see if the stone he had was still there. When used the stone would summon the staff he used to fight with. He jumped out of the tree that mai was at and knocked siaga off of mia. "If your going to fight some one try me" evean said getting ready to fight. He saw nisha and yoshimi comeing to help.
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Edit: Ok, how's this then?
Siaga slowly picked her self up, as she did she started to laugh at Evean's attack. "Come now you can do better then, that can't you?" she asked smiling. Siaga stopped laughing, and glared at Nisha and her cousin, Yoshimi. Siaga walked away from Mia, and closer to Evean. A smirk then came over her face. [i]This should prove to be.[/i] She thought to her self.

Siaga stared at Evean, she then gripped her hands into a fist. Reeling them up into the air in a fighting stance, she did a right leg crescent kick knocking Evean. Causing him to slid back. Siaga then came charging at him with a left hand jab.
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OOC: Should people [I]really[/I] be controling other peoples characters? Well if you got their primission then go ahead..but no one control my character, he does his own thing and I'm the only person who'll know how to Rp as him... And one more thing...
Why would the enemy show themselves so quickly? I mean this as in using your magic in school. x.x

IC: When it was time for a bit of a break(right?) Shukuchi walked outside and sat down on the ground with his eyes closed, but this had stopped once he heard something happening. Opening his right eye slightly, he had seen that people were fighting," Pathetic.." thought the boy as he closed his eyes once more.

Those silver locks of hair slowly blew in a nearby wind that came, he not speaking a word as this was happening, the boy would of gotten up to go stop them, but why would he waste his time with something like that? Instead, Shukuchi sat there, arms firmly crossed over his chest, and he had an unwelcoming face.
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Guest Skyechild91
Mia stuck out her foot and tripped Saiga. She fell on her face. She grinned at Evaen " One for one." She had to duck, becuase Matt tried to hit her. Yoshimi tackeled the boy and Nisha ran for a teacher. Evean pinned Saiga. Mia felt her cheek, which was starting to swell. Nisha came back with Mr. Maka. Mia sta down and glared at Saiga and Matt, who glared back. "well, Ms. Li told me that you three..." "Two," evean corrected. Mr Maka redened " ALtright, two, started a fight. Which two was it?"
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"It was saiga and matt Mr. Maka" evean said. "I don't know why new students would want to pick a fight so soon" Mr. Maka said. Evean started thinking about some reasons. "So what was the fight about" Mr. Maka asked. "It was a dispute over ideals" evean said. "Well if it happens again don't fight it out" Mr. Maka said. Saiga and matt just staired at them and left after Mr. maka did. "So what are we going to do about them" evean asked.
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Guest Skyechild91
"I have no clue, but i have to go the clinic," Mia said. She got up. "You guys go ahead nad talk, just fill me in when i get back." She walked off, but Yoshimi called," Wait up! Your just gonna get into another fight." She ran to catch up with her friend. Mia grinned. "You know me better than I know myself." she said.
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[size=1][color=ff66cc][i]Alex came out of school with her headphones on. She looked to Saiga and Matt. They glared at her and tried to trip her, but before they could, she did a butterfly spin to land behind them and walk cooly. She smirked to herself and kept walking. Saiga glared at her coldly and kept walking away.

Alex soon came over to Nisha and the others and found Evean hurt. She shook her head and couldn't believe this happened. She had a feeling it was Saiga and Matt. She hated people who tried to hurt her friends.[/i]

"What happened here? I know you didn't trip Evean. Was it McAmoray and Hawke? Man, are they really that stupid? or that evil? Cuz, I felt some evil coming from them. It was...invigorating and all, but not the type of darkness I like. But anyways, man. What are we...oh, my god. My chest."

[i]Alex fell to the ground holding her key locket as well as her heart. When this happened something was near, something like either a dark spirit or a card. Nisha looked around and tried to search for it. Soon enough, the key locket started to glow and it opened, revealing the Float Card only to Nisha. It only appears to her, but it looks like a regular old picture of herself and a mysterious image of someone else in the background.[/i]

"Jesus. I can feel it. It's in pain. AAh!. No, don't get help. *sigh* I'm fine now."[/color][/size]
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"Well, of course I do! I mean, I've known you guys since about, oh I don't know... FOREVER!" Yoshimi told Mia. "But really, while I knew those two were strange, I had no idea they were spoiling for a fight! I wish I had my umbrella with me, or something. Then I would've taught those two a lesson." As she and Mia approached the clinic, Yoshimi asked "You sure you're gonna be alright? I mean, they really ganged up on you back there. Two on one is hardly fair odds, especially when the one is just minding her own business." "Yeah, but I'll be fine." Mia answered. "I'm sure you will be. But just the same, I'd feel better if I waited with you. Evean and Nisha can take care of themselves for a few minutes. Or at the very least, I think Evean can take care of Nisha. Let's just hope that what's-her-face the new girl and her cronie don't try anything again so soon." [i]What's wrong with those two anyway?[/i] Yoshimi wondered? [i] It's like they're only mean to us. Just to Mia, and Nisha and Evean and Harru I think. And me. But why just us? They only just came, so they can't know us. So then what's their problem?[/i]
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Guest Skyechild91
Mia looked at her friend. "I'll be fine, Yoshimi. Im going in the clinic, where there is a grown up. YOucan wait if you want, but..." she shrugged. She walked in, and stared. Saiga was sitting in the waiting room. She was holding her anle. Mia tried to bac out of the room, but she was seen. Saiga glared at her. "You got me into trouble. You'll pay." She shut up, cuase the clinic lady had come in. She handed Saiga a pakege. She left the room to see to another patient. Saiga walked past Mia, whispering in her ear as she walked by," You will pay. You can count on it."
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Harru wandered outside, the afternoon was decent enough and he yawned into the slight breeze that circled around him. He looked out in front of him to see the small conflict of a few people he knew and the new kids. Harru shook his head,
"They won't learn anything that way." He muttered under his breath. He saw a flash of silver hair and the familiar posture of a boy named Shukuchi.

"Not playing with the new kids?" Harru asked sitting down next to him with a small smile, he looked on ahead of him, "The're a strange pair if you ask me, I don't feel anything good from them either..."
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[B]OOC:Read the Rules.Most of you are posting short posts.I want what I asked for.And slow down your posting.I think I'll make it maximum twice a day.[/B]
[COLOR=darkblue]Nisha touched the silver teardrop that served as her key.Those 2 new kids were strange.They had picked fights against her friends.Evean was putting her weight on Nisha's shoulder because he had hurt his leg.Soon it was his turn and he got it disinfected and bandaged.They left the clinic with Evean limping on Nisha's shoulder.

"Are you ok?"she asked,as they hobbled along.
"Yeah....I should be fine."

Suddenly Nisha stopped in her tracks.

"What's wrong?"Evean asked.
"I sense something...A Clow Card.And it's close by."Nisha said.She looked at Evean and saw that he wouldn't be able to run with her.She saw a bench near by and lay him down.

"I'm sorry.I have to go."Nisha said strongly.
"I know.Go get it for me!"Evean replied smiling.

Nisha grinned and strapped on her blades she had in her bag and took off.

(Nisha and Alex Thought-Speak=[])
["Alex!Where are you?!"]
["I'm still in the school area.Why?"]
["There's a Clow Card!Find anyone else and get to the Penguin Slide."]
["Ok.I'll meet ya there!"]

Nisha continued and she reached the Penguin Slide.On top of the crown was nestled a giant egg.Nisha gulped.

"O Key of Clow!
Power of Magic!
Power of Light!
Surrender the Wand!
The Force Ignite!!

She cried and wind whipped around her changing tghe silver teardrop into her long sealing wand with a blue bird head on top.Kai flew out of her backpack.

"What is this?!"Nisha asked.
"I think it's the Fly Card!!"[/color]
[B][u]Remember!!Post quality!!!Oh.And I am the only one to reveal Clow Cards around.And I will say who seals them.No one seals it yet!!Understand?![/B][/u]
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[size=1][color=ff66cc][i]Alex got up from where she was and tried to search for the others. She found Mia and saw that Saiga was talking to her, she ran to them and scowled at the two.[/i]

"Stay away from my friends. You come near them and you answer to me. I'm not afraid of some two punks who think they own the school. Come on, Mia."

[i]Matt and Saiga were left alone looking at each other. Alex took Mia and sat her down away from the two. She told her of the card and Mia understood. Wondering if Mia could catch it, it seemed as though she couldn't.[/i]

"Do you think you can come with us?"[/color]
"I don't think so. Just go get it, Alex. Help Nisha."

[color=ff66cc][i]Alex nodded and went to find Yoshimi and Harru, but the two were nowhere in sight and so, Alex ran to the Penguin slide by herself.

Soon as she got there, Nisha had her staff out. Veritas and King were there. Alex looked to Nisha and smirked. She did the same as well.[/i]

"Power of sun and moon, release the staff within! Staff of Clow, appear!"

[i]In Alex's hand was a silver and white staff with a heart inside of an orb. Alex swung it around and then let it stand in her hand on the ground.[/i]

["What now?"][/color]
[color=darkblue]["We wait. I believe that this is The Fly. We may need The Float to capture the card, as well as King and Veritas."][/color]

[color=ff66cc][i]Alex nodded and quietly whistled for Veritas and King. They came to her and waited. As did Nisha and Alex.[/i][/color][/size]
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Harru had been on his way back into the school when an odd familiar feeling came over him. As if his insides were being pulled in a certain dirrection. He looked out behind himn in the dirrection of the penguin Playground and paused.

"a clow card?" He asked himself, Then with an assuring smirk he dashed off torwards the playground.

Upon arriving he saw two girls he knew as Alex and Nisha staring at a large egg on top of a Large Penguin slide that served as a center for the play area. Harru tore his father's necklace from his neck and held it tightly in his fist, letting the sacred words come to him.

"Key of twilight,
Strong and Bold,
Aid my quest,
Your power unfold.

The tiny smily faced key grew in Harru's hand untill he held the smooth shaft of his clow wand, a long, and deadly looking scythe wich held an appearance of comical good, rather than an evil air. Harru jogged over to Alex and Nisha, a certain new power surged within him.

"I'm here, jump card and all." He said with a certain smugness.
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Guest Skyechild91
Mia walked out of the clinic to see her firends rushing away. She knew from exsperiance (sp) that it was a clow card. She slipped out her newest video camera and followed. She was watching her friends throught the lense when she saw movement out of the corner of her eye. She turned her head, just barely. She saw Saiga and Matt watching. She slipped up to Nisha and said," We have compony. And your not gonna like it."
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[color=green][size=1][b]OOC: What the cripes is this? My person is evil but he's not [i]evil[/i], evil. He's really kind to others. He's the kind of person who helps other people up. (You really shoulda made a personality section in the recruitment.) So, I'm gonna pretend that my character had nothing to do with any of this and also, I'm not a new kid. Who decided that?[/b]


Matt looked up at the the kid known as Mia. He asked if she was okay.... No answer. He shrugged and walked out of the clinic. As he was heading home he took out that Card he found. "The Loop" it read on the bottom. He also picked up the black key he found a long time ago.

"I wonder if this has something to do with it..." Matt said, talking to himself.

He sighed put the card back and tied the key on a string and wrapped it around his neck. It was kinda cool. Maybe he would find out what this was tommorow. After a good nights rest...


There was Matt standing on a building. He took his key and the card and said some words. The key became a long black wand type thing and he stabbed at the card. A giant elastic band wrapped around the city and it collapsed. Then, he saw some other kids. They took out some stuff aswell and a battle erupted. Matt was defeated and when he was, his staff turned a bright orange. Like a Pheonix. Sparkles started wrapping around him and--

Real Time

Matt woke up with a jolt.

"What a weird dream. I wonder..."[/size][/color]
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Evean saw the others go by after the clow card. "Might as well go after them if they need help" evean said. He placed his hands over his leg and started chanting. After a couple of seconds his leg was healed. He stood up and pulled the stone from his pocket and held it in his hand. "Powers of the past, powers of the present. I call upon you to give me your strength. Let the power come to me now" evean said. The stone became a blue orb and grew a staff with a blade at the end. He started after the others. "I wonder how those two will handle this" evean thought as he saw the others in front of him.
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