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Dj Professor DM

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For Centuries Demons and humans have been waging war. Thanks to the aid of warriors like Sparda and Dante The humans had the upper hand. Since they died the Demons have been starting to kill off the Humans. Vampires that have been watching this with great hope that humans would win joined the fight against the Demons. The Demons are being started to be pushed back but they are not finished yet they killed the old Vampire leader Slayer, now his son Vampiro(Me) will avenge his father's death fight the demons.

O.k. Follow the way I do this:
Name: Vampiro
Age: ??? looks 21
Weapons: Fangs, fists, feet, and Vampire magic
Race(choose from vampire, human, half-demon, or demon):Vampire
Demon Trigger(If Demon or half demon):
Appearance:(Will get too soon)

Bio:Vampiro is the child of Slayer and is trained in Nosferatu's style of fighting. Slayer was killed by demons who tried to stop the vampire's onslaught. but when that happend Vampiro took the riegns of his father and leads the Vampires against the demons.
Alliance: (humans/vampires or demons)humans/vampires
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