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fav. song?

anime lover

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What's your favorite anime song?
Here's mine.

Tenchi Muyo!: I'm a Pioneer

Did you know that I am a pioneer
I'm out on a secret mission
I travel the galaxy and far beyond

Can't you see that I am I pioneer
Unlocking the greatest mysteries
My key is a fearless heart
So pure and strong
People laugh when you are a pioneer
Not walking the straight and narrow
They tell you the way things are
They swear you're wrong

You can't be a hero
Hiding underneath your bed
Got to live the life
You create inside your head
So I opened the window
Caught the wind one night
Now I sail with the birds in their flight

If you're tired of everything
Come hitch a ride with me
You'll cry out in joy
When you realize you're free
It's a trip like no other
For your heart and mind
Leaving all but the future for behind

Some will say you're safer here
Never mind them - be a pioneer!

Can't you see that you are a pioneer
Not one of the endless talkers
Who tell you the same old rules you're heard before
I can tell that you are a pioneer
You want to be facing danger
Not happy to hide your big dreams anymore
You are a pioneer, the same as me

[ Guitar Solo ]

You can't be a hero
Hiding underneath your bed
So we'll live the life
We've created in our heads
We'll wake up every morning
In a whole new place
On a road reaching out into space

Some will say we're safer here
Never mind them - we are pioneers

Hand in hand we'll journey as pioneers
Unlocking the greatest mysteries
Don't listen to anyone
Who says we're wrong

They can't stop you when you're a pioneer
For truth is your greatest weapon
Out there in the cosmos
Where we both belong
A place for pioneers
Like you and me

Through the ages we well be pioneers
We'll go out on secret missions
We'll travel the galaxy and far beyond
It's our destiny to be pioneers
We'll always be moving forward
Our courage is what we will be counting on
We will be pioneers forevermore.

(It's got an upbeat type of rhythm.):smirk:
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Nothing674 [/i]
[B]I'd have to say Washu's heartache from Tenchi Muyo. That is such a great piano solo. Second would be Dimension of Love from Tenchi Muyo. If you haven't guessed already, I love Tenchi Muyo more than anything. [/B][/QUOTE]

I like Dimension of love to. Have you heard I'm a Pioneer, it's from
Tenchi Muyo too. That show's awesome.:D
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