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There's a FF forum, so I'll move that here. Someone else can decide if this needs to stay open or not.

FF isn't a Sony thing. It's a Square thing. They can put it really anywhere they feel like. At one point Sony owned a decent sized share of Square. It wasn't enough that they'd get their way, but it was enough that they could influence Square's decisions. However, once Square and Enix merged, Sony's share amount went down.

Before the merger, Square made a little studio called Game Development Studio (or something really lame like that). They are basically a paper company, seemingly existing only to get funds from Nintendo. At the time Nintendo had founded something called the Q-Fund, which helped new, small studios financially if they wanted to make GC games. Square couldn't take advantage of this, but technically their new studio could.

So Nintendo wound up with a FF game, and Sony really couldn't do jack about it. They couldn't anyway, because they're not a majority owner in the company by a longshot. This kind of bypassed anything they did though... because the new studio wasn't technically Square, and Nintendo was going to publish the game.

In any case, the Nintendo game is called Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles. It plays nothing like the standard series. It's more of a spin off and is basically an action RPG geared towards multiple players. It's not a standard RPG like the rest of the series.

Also, Nintendo had FF in the first place. Sony got it later. Things like this happen all the time.

There is a thread on Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles in here if you want to check it out.
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[color=indigo]There's also Final Fantasy Tactics Advance on the Game Boy Advance, which has already been released in the US.

But yeah, Final Fantasy was originally on Nintendo consoles. (The original first appeared on the NES). It seems like most FF fans I see on the board anymore haven't played anything earlier than FFVII, though, so they think it's always been on Sony consoles. Gets annoying after a while, when you talk about the early games and no one else knows what you're talking about. :twitch:

But no, I don't think this should stay open. The only thing I can see coming from it is Sony fanboys bashing Nintendo and/or the FF games on the Nintendo consoles. Either that or Nintendo fanboys bashing Sony for "stealing" the main series.

[img]http://www.angelfire.com/ex/desbreko/Lock.gif[/img] Thread Closed[/color]
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