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RPG The Howlers.


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Ok, here's the story line for people that sugned up:

In the year 2005, strange creatures arose. These were known as the 'Hlak'. The were unstoppable, horrible creatures. They distroyed over 500 citys. Soon, all of the univers knew they were dommed. This new beast couldn't be defeated! They killed most of the life forms. Until, a small boy who had one powerful move to beat all the beast. He used it and casted each beast into a stone. These were called the 'Halk holer'. Years later after the attack of the beast, the universe became stable. But one day, some one unleashed a powerful source. This source was able to make more of its self. They called him Jin. He made the Hlak's alive again and made a new army called the howlers. These were beast combined with the Hlak's. These were too powerful. No one could defeat them. jin Had there power, there will! Jin contorled the fate of the universe! Until, the beast out smarted him and he perished. The howlers took over. They killed...in history on earth, it took 6000 1st class warriors to defeat one of them. The howlers...the black beast of night. the could come in any form. there was only one chocie, they had to ge the greast fighters known to man to fight. From the past and present. the future depened on Kaiser to get each warrior from each time line to fight! To beat the Holwers!

These people play:

Nefertimon(plays two):Duplicula-howler.
SilpheedPilot:Vahn LeGrand -good
Taki Ebina:Shadowblade-good
Neoclone-7:Will O'Connell-good
Ohkami:Kimana Toki(Ki)-good
DuoMax: Derrack Draska-good

Hopefully you guy haven't forgot about this. Well, here's goes:


Kashin stood straight, faceing Mather, the person we would sed him on this mission that his brotehr failed to do.
"You'll arive in the past first." Said the misty voice of Manther.
"There you will seek out these people." He handed a list of warriors from the past to Kashin.
"You got." Kashin said smiling.
"Don't come back without them all."
"Ok." Kashin didn't move.
"I'm going to swirch on the machine now." Mantehr explained.
"You do that." Kashin said scanning the lsit. Then, there was a loud thud on the metal doors of the lab.
"There getting in..." Said Manther. He quickly began to tpye on his computer. There was a second loud bang, and a loud growl.
"Quick get in!" Yelled Manther. Kashin jumped into a pod and closed the door. HIs skin was cold, but he was warm inside. Then, through the misty glass, he saw a huge Panther liek cat jumped through a hole in the door. It suddenly changed into a Bull, and it began to ramm down the machines.
"HURRY!" Roared Kashin. Kashin closed his eyes, and he heared the clicking noises of the computer. He heard a scream, and then his head went blank, and his mind almost dead.


Kashin awoke in a forest. He looked around. The place was dull, and misty. He looked down, and saw the small pod he was in.
"Let's see..." He growled. He looked down at his list.
"I better get going..." He growled.
"I think I should find..." He looked around, and then smiled.
"Standtall.... What kind of a name is that?" He said grinning.
"And then, it looks like I should go back to my timeline pretty much, then to the future, if there is one..." He said. He walked into the trees, and looked back. He felt like something came with him....something to small to see...
"Must be me..." He mumbled. But little did he know, a bug came with him, not jsut a bug, but a howler as a bug!


Ok, your turn!
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OOC: Sorry, I've been offline for a long time...
Anyways, here's the deal: Everything I post in pink will be Taikura, and everything in purple will be Duplicula. (I'm probably not gonna post anything about Duplicula now; maybe later...)

[color=deeppink]Taikura sat on a rock on the dark side of the moon, wondering where she was. As far as she had remembered, she just recently got sent through a weird portal from another dimension to Earth... Fortunately, she felt she was safe, and that nothing could go wrong.

"Well, I guess it's time to take a little hop..." Taikura danced around a little, happy that she was safe at last. Before she had entered the portal, she was being chased by a weird little boy...

As Taikura was hopping around jubilantly, she saw an asteroid heading straight for her! Startled, she jumped out of the way. But then, something strange happened: the asteroid stopped in midair, hovering about a foot above the ground. "Wow, that's strange," Taikura thought. She went to touch the massive rock, and it glowed and turned into a flying saucer. Taikura cheered at the sight of this and hopped inside it.

Out of excitement, Taikura pulled a random lever on the saucer's control box. Suddenly, the saucer spun around out of control and flew off in an orbit around the moon. After steadying herself, Taikura opened her eyes, but she was unfortunate enough to be looking straight at the sun. As she was closing her eyes tightly, she caught a very brief glimpse of a blue and green planet with white, foggy spots all over it. And shortly after that...

THUD. The saucer crashed. Taikura got out and found herself on a small island with lots of hummingbirds on it. Giggling excitedly, she amused herself by chasing after the tiny little birds. She kept thinking, "So this is Earth, huh? Ooh, I just love planets with cute little critters like these on it! I gotta stay here!"

Meanwhile, a sinister-looking hummingbird that was over five feet tall hid among the trees and watched the silly little rabbit playing with his kin. He shook his head, looking embarrassed. Not knowing it, he shouted, "STUPID RABBIT!!"

At once, Taikura stopped her little game and looked in the direction the shout came from. She rubbed her ears gently, being a little sensitive to loud sounds. The giant hummingbird stared at Taikura, looking confused. He thought to himself, "Urrgh, I made that UFO to lure someone here for a little voodoo performance for my kin... They must be taught how to be vicious and cruel. But it seems that that dumb bunny's happiness tricked those little pests into thinking that it's good to be happy... They must be brainwashed and taught a lesson... But I'll deal with the bunny first.

The giant hummingbird emerged from behind a group of trees. Taikura seemed astonished to see him. "So, you decided to give my kin a little love, have you?" he said. Taikura giggled. "Of course, they're so fun! We were just playing a little game of tag when I heard someone shouting... Hmmm... was that you? I'm sorry, I didn't hear what you said... you were shouting too loudly... I'm sensitive to noise, so...

"You dumb bunny!" the giant hummingbird shouted. Taikura was confused, wondering why anyone wanted to call her dumb. The gigantic bird grumbled. "You moron! My little pets are being taught to be villains, fierce little spears of war! You cannot mess with that, so you must pay!" Taikura just giggled and clutched her staff. She looked like she was hugging it... "Hee hee! Inferno of light!" Taikura swung the staff at the hummingbird, and a small flare hit him. The big bird was engulfed in bright yellow flame and was burnt to a golden crisp. "Well, it's too bad I'm a vegetarian," Taikura blurted, "because that would make some nice fried chicken!" Then she giggled, shouting "I love this place!" She danced around excitedly, and the little hummingbirds followed. Still, something inside Taikura's mind kept insisting that they were being watched... again...[/color]

Yeah yeah, I know, she soes sound a little deranged, right? Oh well, you can get used to it.
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ooc: Nice start!!! whheee! You could make your character meet up with Kashin if you like. You could find him in the past or somehting, or be in the past already. meh.

Kashin walked along, still cheaking his list. Finally, he shoved the list into his pocket.
"There has to be a town around here..." Kashin said almost growling.
"I hope I finish Kaiser's work...I have to...I won't fall... I can't..." Kashin then stopped. He looked back. Something gave him a feeling he was being watched. He walked along again, keeping an eye out. Then, the trees faded. A small village, with people of all age and size walking around.
"This has to be were Standtall is..." Kashin laughed.
"I hope he is here..."
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OOC: I probably won't meet up with Kaishin yet; I still have to do Duplicula's intro...

[color=purple]"Mikon, Putini, Filibon, Calculoid, Lizardeth, Du..." A dark fairy-witch named Maridra took roll call of her sons, called the Modrod Mafia. "Hey wait... where's Duplicula?" she said, astonished and annoyed. "That's strange... Well, anyays, Photon's here, and I am myself... OK, boys, do your stuff." Duplicula's brothers set off for their evil doings. As they were leaving, Maridra thought, "Now why hasn't Duplicula showed up today? Well, I guess I'll have to find him..." She started off and searched all of La-La Land (that is where Duplicula lives), but after an hour, she gave up. She shrugged and decided to do Duplicula's duties in addition to her own. "When that copycat guy comes back, I'll have to give him a piece of my mind..." she grumbled as she set off towards Wisteria Cave, Duplicula's job location.

Meanwhile, Duplicula was stuck in a wormhole and spun around so fast that he felt like he was going to faint. He spun like this for what seemed like an hour, then landed with a thud on a hard surface.

It took a long time for Duplicula to recover from the ride. He finally got up and discovered that he was on top of a log cabin in a small town. He laughed and said, "Wow, there are humans around here! Good! Now I can perform my mom's duties and not get in trouble! I just hope she knows I'm here..." Duplicula sat for a moment, wondering whether Maridra had ESP or not. He just shrugged and walked out into the road.

Everywhere Duplicula went, people ran around, screaming and shouting things like "It's a monster!" or "Let's get out of here before it zaps us!" Duplicula laughed menacingly, shouting "That's right! Cower at my feet like little puppy dogs!" He stopped short, wondering what dogs were. "Anyways, listen up! You had better do everything I tell you to do, or you will be destroyed! Whahahahaha!!" People screamed and ran for their lives. However, Duplicula caught a glimpse of a shadow running by. He stared in the direction the figure was running and followed.

Duplicula found a wad of gum on the ground and picked it up. He examined it, finding out if it was still sticky. Then, he put it into his clamplike hand and closed it shut. He then closed his eyes, and a strange whirring came from his entire body. Soon enough, his cannonlike hand glowed. Duplicula ran in the direction the figure went, and he thought he spotted it. He then shot multiple wads of gum from the cannon, which hit the figure against a wall. The figure could not escape.

Duplicula sneered and walked towards the thing he caught. It was Standtall! He scowled and walked away, then copied a gun bullet and fired multiple bullets everywhere, wrecking the village. People fled, but some of them were unfortunate enough to be hit by a bullet and killed. Duplicula laughed evilly while continuing firing bullets.

Meanwhile, Kaishin stared at the scene in horror, wondering what he should do. Will he save the village? More importantly, will Standtall live?[/color]

OK... maybe I did indirectly meet up with Kaishin... And Standtall.
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OOC: Yeah, that's cool.


Kashin growled.
"One of them followed me!" He roared. He jumped up and landed near the cabins.
"After all that planning! All that work! And one follows me? Forget this!" He shouted.
[color=red]How could it follow me?? I would have...[/color] Then he paused.
"Oh yeah! Howlers can come in any form!" Kashin smile. He crossed his arms.
[color=red] Howlers can come in any form, and so can I![/color] He kept out of Duplica's way, so he could do his move.
"...Polnamerzoin!" He yelled. he saw Standtall, turn round and stare. Dupilca didn't see kashin. Then, Kashin began to stand on all fours, and his body became black. He then turned into the real form of a Howler. He looked around. He stood on two legs and smiled.
"Dupilca! Come here!" He yelled. Dupilca turned around.
"Who are you?" Dupilca turned around and stared. Kashin then turned himslef into a Dragoon with the howlers technique.
"I'm the one who...who's...incharge of your mission. Hasn't any one told you?" Kashin said.
"No." Standtall stared.
"I have been set here to tell you that...that you should seek out the one called....Dango...and leave the others!" Kashin smiled.
[color=red]Just a little bit more...then he's mine![/color]
"Follow me!" Yelled Kashin.
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[color=deeppink]Taikura stopped thinking about whatever might be watching her and decided to leave the island. But how? She thought for a moment, then had an idea. She fired a light beam at the ground and soared across the sea, not knowing where she would land.

Taikura flew over the beach, over the city, over the plains, over the mountains...

THUD. She landed on a hut in a small village. She rubbed her head and looked around. Then she saw someone vaguely familiar...[/color]

[color=purple]"W...what was that?" Duplicula wondered. Ignoring Kaishin, he ran off toward the source of the crash. He saw a pink bunny wearing a kimono watching him from on top of a hut. Duplicula frowned and started back towards Kaishin. "Stupid bunny," he thought. "Why do I always have to be interrupted or something? Besides, I already got interrupted by Kaishin, a non-Howler. I think he's trying to trick me, so I'm leaving this very instant! I have a world to conquer!"

"Hmmm..." Kaishin wondered. "Duplicula sure is taking a long time..."[/color]

[color=pink]Taikura sat on the hut, confused. She jumped down to the ground and started walking away from the village, in the opposite direction from where Duplicula went. "So that's Duplicula," she muttered to herself, "a Howler. Hmmm... He's my enemy. And if I'm to destroy him... Hmmm... I'll have to think about that." She stopped for a second, then shrugged and kept walking.[/color]
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Kashin sighed.
"This technique will be the death of me..." He crossed his arms and transformed back.
"Hey! You!" He yelled.
"Yeah, you!" He began to run up to the bunny. He stopped and panted.
"Oh, hi!" Kashin said. He held out his hand.
"Is your name...Taikura?" Kashin asked.
"Yeah, how'd you know?" Taikura said.
"You're on my list. I have to get fighters from all over to help me fight the howlers. So, you're on my list. Will you come and help me find standtall?" Kashin explain.


"We've been searching for hours! Standtall must have ran away!" Sighed Kashin.
"Well we won't know unless we find him!" Taikura replied. Kashin took out his sword and began to cut wood off a tree with it.
"What are you doing?" Taikura asked.
"Making a camp here. We need wood for a fire. Duuuhh!" Kashin chopped off a massive lump of wood, then held out his hand. A little flame lit in his hand. Then he burnt the wood.
"We can continue lookinh in the morning." Kashin said. He lay back pretending to be asleep. Keeping a tight grip on his sword, he began to mummble evil words...

OOC: BTW, I'm just twisting Kashin's bio a bit. Don't worry.
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