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Sign Up R.P.G. LOGIN::: A Pokemon style RPG

Guest Anime_Forever

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Guest Anime_Forever
This is a total Pokemon/.hack//sign rip off

Just like in .hack, you are playing a computer game online. But this ones different. Its called LOGIN DEMON. You are an adventurer who begins with 1 demon on your side that is held in a disc. The object of the game is to collect 25 demons and enter the demon battle championship. You can battle and capture wild demons or have 1 on 1 battles with other players to get their demons. If you have 25 demons you can enter the champion ship. The winner will be sent 5,000 REAL DOLLARS!!! But it isnt as easy as it sounds. There are 15 areas in this game, and in your 25 you must have 1 from each area. But is it worth it for the money? And what are the real secrets of this game? In order to find out you will have to get lost in LOGIN DEMON!!!!

Characher age:
Spells: (2)
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[Color=darkblue][size=1][i]Sounds good.
Name: David Armenta
Username: Meteora
Age: 14
Character's Age: 15
Weapon: Twin Swords known as the Chaos Blades
Spells: Meteora Blast, Meteor
Appearence: Black Hair with red tips, 5'10, 135 pounds, red eyes, muscular, red shirt and red pants.

Hope this is good. Oh and what about our Demon friends or whatever They are?[/color][/size][/i]
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Guest Anime_Forever
I have been asked several questions about this RPG and will answer them here. 1st of all... you will be making your own demon of any tipe. 2nd, your age is the age of the player and your charachter age i you age in the game.
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OOC: Wow, you're lucky Raiha or someone told you to shorten your sig... Yeah, I just wanted to point that out, AF.

OK here's my signup... I just had to ask a few questions first. My signup may be different from the rest...

[color=purple][u]Name:[/u] Wanda Pi
[u]Username:[/u] Xenon
[u]Age:[/u] 17
[u]Character Age:[/u] 21
[u]Weapon:[/u] a green, lightsaber-like sword
[u]Spells:[/u] Saber Wave, Power of X
[u]Appearance:[/u] see pic; 4'6", green eyes, indigo hair, purple hat, purple dress with green on bottom, purple shoes

[u]Name:[/u] Galadria
[u]Age:[/u] 3 (21, in cat years)
[u]Species:[/u] Cat
[u]Weapons:[/u] none
[u]Spells:[/u] Crescent Runes, Siren Song, Sapphire Spiral, Sonic Vortex (The demon can have more than 2, right?)
[u]Appearance:[/u] About five feet tall, glowing purplish blue fur, silken white wings, carmine earrings shaped like crescent moons, a tiny reddish star on her head, fairly long violet whiskers, soft aqua eyes, and a tail that looks like a streamer of blue silk

*Galadria likes to be out of her disk.[/color]

Galadria sure doesn't look like a demon, huh? Well, you said it can be any type...

I hope I'm in!

*The picture says "Xenamon" on it. (It used to be a Digimon I created. Heh.) So I just changed her name to Xenon for short.
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