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[SIZE=1]From the computer journal of Scientist Tao Natagwa:

It?s finally done! We?ve done it, we scientist at Robo Corp. have created our new creation, this is the year! This year our new robot will be released to only the military. We call these robots Cynets, ha-ha, these are no ordinary robots for they require your soul to pilot them, only the ones with strong souls are worthy enough to pilot them. We must find the right people to test out the Cynets!

Oh no! It seems that our prototype has been stolen! But how can this be!? Only us scientist know about the Cynets! This is impossible, the person who stole it must be stopped, and they have no idea what the Cynets can do! We must find this person ASAP!

This cannot be! It seems that Neo Tokyo has been attacked by what seems to be one of Robo Corp. Cynet! It was the?Prototype who had done it, who had attacked Neo Tokyo! This must be stopped! We must have men and women come to Robo Corp. and take courses, tests and even train! This is the only way to get rid of the Prototype Cynet once and for all! We have already built Cynets for these men and women to use, but, as I said in one of my early entries the Cyent requires a Soul! Hah! You are probably lost! You will have to have half of your soul be taken out and put into the cores of the Cynet! You will not die during the soul process, it will be painful though. Once half your soul is taken you will feel a little tired but you will soon get used to it! I now will introduce the Cynets:

Shade-Rei Natagawa-Sakura Kid

Crisis-Nyoko Natagawa-DaisukeAngel

Trance-Koga Lee-Double_B_Daigo


Cyrus-Tai Gensai-Taki Ebina

Jael-Kai Zomo-Ayokano


We have found recruits, they will be trained at everything agility, strength, endurance, defense, and even knowledge. We will try very hard to train them and get them ready. I would like to introduce them, but I have a meeting to attend to about the Cynets. I will introduce these brave men and women in my next entry,and two just happen to be my grand daughters.[/SIZE]
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[SIZE=1]Name:Rei Natagawa
Personlity:Cold and Distant
Bio:Rei is the grand daughter of Tao,She is the youngest one in her family and when she was born Tao knew that'd she'd be perfect for controlling a cynet.As a child she used to put stuff together,her favorite thing was a motorcycle,she's always wanted one,she drew lots of different types of motorcycles.On her 17th birthday she had been givin a motorcycle from her grandfather Tao.Once she got on her motorcycle she couldn't get off,she was to addicted to it.She then wanted to test it out,she then put on her motorcycle stuff on and her helemet on,she started the engine.

The sound of the motorcycle got Nyoko's attention,Nyoko ran outside."Where are you going?"She asked.Rei replied,"For a ride."
"At this time!?It's past your bed time!"Nyoko yelled quietly."I'm older now,I don't need your protection,your to over protective big sister."Rei said she then rode off.Nyoko was abuot to chase after her but didn't.As she came to a stoplight she met a guy who wanted to race.Rei accepted,she wanted to see her skill with her motorcycle.They both raced down a steep mountain,Rei was quite good,but when it came to sharp turns that's when Rei failed,she rammed into the railing,flew off her bike and landed in a pit.The man who raced her just laughed and rode off.Rei layed there unable to move for her legs where broken.Soon when she crawled out of the pit a car
came by,it happened to be her grandfather,Tao,she just looked at him hoping he didn't know who she was,but he knew,
he knew his own granddaughter motorcycle helmet,he told her to get in the car,and they drove off to the hostpital.
After 2 weeks Rei was able to walk again.All that Rei does is was work on her motorcycle and travel away from home sometimes.
Family:Tao Natagawa-Grandfather Nyoko Natagawa-OlderSister
Any questions?PM me please.[/SIZE]
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[COLOR=darkred]Name: Koga Lee

Age: 19

Personalty: Sarcastic, arrogant, lazy, but has a good core.

Bio: He was born a fighter and so he plans to die as one. Koga's father was the reigning martial arts champ in japan. But one year, he was framed by a rival fighter for taking steroids and was disqualified and shund by the commuity and world. He then left young Koga and his wife and went into exile by himself and in shame. Koga quickly learned to deal with life and became the man of the house at an early age. He had very little of a child hood....

When the attacks came on Neo Tokyo, Koga was discovered by the Doctor and asked to help. Confused, Koga nearly declined, but decided to fight to regain his families pride and clean there names. He fights with the ferocious soul of a martial artist. He fights with the soul of his father......

*half chinese/ half japanese

Appearence: [url]http://www.animeshrine.com/gallery.php?series=warofgenesis&image=19[/url]

Cynet: Trance

Family: Lee Family

I will edit and polish this in a sec.[/COLOR]
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Guest Anime_Forever
Name: Shai

Age: 18

Personality: Very seriouse. He is always trying to do his mission no matter what.

Bio: He always wanted to work with scientist. He found out about the stolen prototype and realized his familly lived in Neo Tokyo! He is willing to help in any way even if he loses part of his soul. He'll finnaly be able t fullfil his dream and save his parents!!!

Appearence: [url]http://www.animeshrine.com/gallery.php?series=warofgenesis&image=9[/url]

Cnet: Blade

Fammily: Mother, Father, Brother.
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[size=1]Sign Up-

Name:Kai Zomo


Personality:Joyful,brave,hot headed,spoiled.Likes woman.....alot.....

Bio:He acts like there no worries,he is laied back,and likes to have fun.He was born in an wealthy family,and is kinnda spoiled.His father works at Robo Corp.,and his father,thinking more of the family name then his son,ask if Kai could pilot Jeal.Even though Kai does not want to,he will do it for his family's name and his father.



Are the Cynets going to have weapons?Just wanting to know.[/size]
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[b]Personality:[/b]Fun,Kind,Caring,Interesting,Likes to help people

[b]Bio:[/b]Kayley has always been interested in science and other studies.Her parents were proud of her for her academic awards.One day she heard about what had happened about the new robots called Cynets.She was instantly fascinated and wanted to find out more so she did research.Kayley usually always brings her laptop around with her.She also lately got a motorcycle for her latest birthday so she always travels around on it.[b][See attachment for pic-Supplied from Arika][/b]She's a good fighter despite her appearance and she travels with the souls of her family and friends.

[b]Appearance:[/b][URL=http://images.deviantart.com/large/designs/deviantid/my_dev_id_XD.jpg]Shilin[/URL] I think someone from OB drew it.Whoever did I hope you don't mind me using it.If you do then let me know and I will change it.


[b]Family:[/b]Mom,Dad,Older Brother,Little Sister[/color]
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[COLOR=TEAL][SIZE=1][B][U]My Sign Up[/U]

[U]Name: Tai Gensai[/U]

[U]Age:[/U] 17

[U]Personality:[/U] Tai is generally a very cool, calm and collected person. In normal life he tends to be very quiet and calm, giving his opinion only when he is asked for it or when he feels the need for it. But when in his soul is withing the Cynet he becomes different, he takes on (what some consider) and new personality and is much more involved in what is going on around him.

[U]Bio:[/U] Tai was raised onlt by his Mother because his farther had died in a Military combat before Tai had been born. He was a sensative and quiet child and could see problems in some that others could not, sometimes he would simply stare into space for great lengths of time just because he felt like it. At the age of about 12 he became interested in the police force and robotics and so when he heard of the Cynet from a friend of his mothers who worked their he dedicated his life to becoming a Pilot of one of the Cynets.

[U]Appearance:[/U] [IMG]http://www.angelfire.com/ut/god/Faceka.art[/IMG]

[U]Cynet:[/U] [IMG]http://skg.250free.com/renmazuo.jpg[/IMG][/B][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[B]Name:[/B] Nyoko Natagawa

[B]Age:[/B] 24

[B]Personality:[/B] Adventureous and Protective.

[B]Bio:[/B] The older of the Natagawa sisters, Nyoko is the daring sister. When she was 10 and Rei was 4, Rei, whom Nyoko had taken to the park, walked into their house and found both their mother and father dead, the murderer was standing over them. He stared at her and then noticed Nyoko, who was very tall for her age, and ran out the backdoor. Nyoko than promised to never let anything happen to Rei and since than has been overly protective. They now live in their Grandfather Tao's house.

[B]Appearance:[/B] [url]http://www.animeshrine.com/gallery.php?series=warofgenesis&image=12[/url]

[B]Cynet:[/B] Crisis

[B]Family:[/B] Grandfather-Tao Natagawa, Younger Sister- Rei Natagawa[/COLOR][/SIZE]
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