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Art New to Photoshop! Is this okay? Please C+C


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I think the proportions ok - I mean sure the legs are long and the head is a bit big, but I think in Anime drawing you can bend the rules a bit as long as you don't overdo it.

Did you make the background yourself? If you did the water effects look good.

One suggestion though. With the white glow, make them less white and vary their brightness to show depth in space.

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Thanks for your help Mina-san!!
Maladjusted: The spots are suppost to be magic orbs. I just wanted a little something to fill all that blue space... The blue.....
klinanime: Yeah... I do tend to draw the legs a bit long and the heads huge... I think that may just be my art style... For the longest time I loved DigiCharot. (That should exsplaine everything)
Blue Cat: Alrighty! I still have this saved in seperate layers so I can adjust it!! Oh! :blush: Yep the water would be mine also. I made it by messing with the stained glass, cloud, and chrome filters.
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