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New Awakenings!

Drix D'Zanth

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[COLOR=darkred]Seeing as this will be my last post as a Newbie, and first post as a Junior Member, on Otkauboards.com, I figure that I should commemorate the event with some words of wisdom, reflection, and recognition. I think my experience on otakuboards has been more than a source of entertainment, but a source of camaraderie and friendship. I decided to take a few things into retrospect. How would I want to be known at my funeral? I figure I?ll give my opinions of other people and the status of otakuboards. Feel free to move, close, or fumble with this thread as much as you wish. If we wish to open this thread to some sort of reflection upon itself , by all means..

I would first like to point out a few individuals of special note who deserve some personal spotlight. In no particular order:

[B]James[/B]- Ah, who really couldn?t love this guy? He has truly been one of the more inspirational members of otakuboards in his supreme amount of patience. James is one of those amiable persons that will happily answer any questions or concerns with a profound fountain of wisdom. You are a man of character and integrity, deserving of the full respect and love from your peers.

[B]Transtic Nerve[/B]- You seem to be my polar opposite, which is perhaps one of the reasons I value your company on otakuboards so much. No other person has seemed to butt heads with me in such a fairly respectable manner. I think we have expanded our personal understandings through otakuboards. Oh, and I still stand by what I say; If I were gay, you?d be mine ;)

[B]Poision Tongue[/B]- Holy? Where to begin? Alright, this guy not only tries to take every major point I make and perform some extraneously long rebuttal, he actually makes SENSE doing it. He actually argues with me effectively, revealing he?s one of the few on otakuboards that can seemingly match my wits (emphasis on seemingly, no ego trips for you). Honestly though, Poison Tounge is a great guy, who?s rough around the edges if you step on a hotbed issue, we both take extreme joy in verbally assaulting each others closest opinions. No other member on otakuboards can claim such a prize.

[B]Semjaza Azazel[/B] ? This guy probably is one of the most restraint-driven persons I know. I find it amazing how he manages to deal with the immense amount of stupidity that I see on some of the otakuboards by perhaps eeking out a bit of sarcasm. I?ve talked to him a bit on AIM, and found we have a lot in common. I think I?m going to try out a few more of the bands on your winap list, Tony. Thank you so much for introducing me to my new favorite band: Nine Inch Nails. I hope we definitely get to find out what else we both have in common.

[B]Raiha[/B]- *sudders * No person has ever defiled my innocence like this girl has. You have told me things about yourself that would make a preist vomit. I truly admire your self-respect and devotion to your? values. In any event, your writing is something worthy of the most premium esteem on otakuboards, and your legacy stands testament. I wonder why you aren?t a moderator? In any event, I doubt I will have to tell you this, but; stay original.

[B]The Harlequin[/B]- Another of the writing GREATS on otakuboards. This guy has, from what I gathered, cracked the whip on the Adventure forums, making it one of the finest subcategories found on otakuboards? entirety. I have a profound respect for his leadership skills, and taking the discipline to where it is needed. Bravo, Harlequin. Although I haven?t had much of a chance to meet you personally, you did flatter me with interest in my vampire game, and I look forward to the development and introspection that will result from my RPG. I hope you get as much out of it as I do. Again, bravo.

[B]Wrist Cutter[/B]- Ok, boys and girls, listen carefully. This man is dangerous. Stay far far away. If you are afflicted with a disease that my incapacitate your writing abilities beyond elementary school level, though comprehension, or the ability to make any coherent sense, avoid this man. If you do not understand the sarcasm in this post, honor his name and slit your wrists. Give suicide a chance.

[B]Shy[/B]- Who?s my daddy? Shy?s my daddy.

[B]Babygirl[/B]- Someday? someday I?ll woo her with my sonnets and piano-playing. Someday I?ll treat her to a night out on the town with a sparkling dinner, and evening of dancing. Someday we?ll learn how to tango. Someday we?ll share the company of each other, wrapped in the warmth of a loving embrace. Someday we?ll laugh at our jokes and cry at our sorrow, appreciating the simple things in life amongst the hassle of a demanding world. Someday, but until then? just keep lookin? beautiful. :blush:

[B]SailorStar[/B]- I must say that her spelling and grammar are issues to work on, but this kid is damn cute. She always adds that sprinkle of insanely happy joy (bear with the redundancies) that seems to complete any thread. She?s always by far the most empathetic person on a thread, and willing to give her heart to anything. She?s probably got the purest soul on the entire board scene. Did I say how cute she was?

[B]Adahn[/B]- Ok people, I know Adahn in real life. His real name is Erik and I consider him one of my BEST friends. Watch out for this one, he may appear to be a newbie, but he is leagues beyond even myself. See ya tomorrow erik!

[B]Mitch[/B]- I read his stuff, some of it made me cry. This man has an artistic talent nearly unparalleled on otakuboards. I wouldn?t be surprised if someday he is published. Honestly, the works you write have inspired me, as has your work on the writing forum. Expect me to be a more regular attendee from now on.

[B]Sara[/B]- Alright, I?ve got a confession to make. Everyone, I proposed to Sara a few weeks ago, unfortunately she couldn?t accept. She was so gracious about it, I resisted the urge to persist. Frankly, Sara is that center we all need. Sara provides the a stability similar to James, a stability we can all rely on. I really admire her personality, sense of humor, and overall kind heart. If James is otakuboard?s daddy, Sara is the mom.

I realize that I should post so many more names, but I think I?m developing mild carpal tunnel syndrome. Expect a PM to those who I?ve forgotten, for in reality, I never have. To all who have been kind to me in any way, you have my sincerest gratitude for making otakuboards such a wonderful experience.

Now allow me to comment on a few of the sub-boards of note:

The Lounge- Well, I suppose this is my hangout. It?s moderated extremely well and brings up all the topics from broken bones to theories on Time. This is where I spend the most time on otakuboards for obvious reasons. Have a thought provoking revelation? Post it! Usually the feedback can give a person several different perspectives on the same topic. This is where people grow out of a self-absorbed existence, and into the real world of ideas.

Adventure Arena- Some of the RPG?s are amazing (Maverick hunters) and some less than amazing ( digimon: the fallen ), and some downright terrible. The Harlequin runs a tight ship, making this place one of the finest RPG boards I?ve ever seen. I truly admire the devotion that some people put into RPGs, making them turn out to be amazing stories. I hope, nay, believe that the Vampire RPG will turn out to be an exciting experience as well. If you aren?t signed up, enjoy what people have written already, it looks to focus on an incredibly introspective tale of personal horror. I?m constantly thankful of this venue where I may create such a world.

Battle Arena: I must say, the rap battles are inventive, despite some obvious flaws. However, I really want to encourage some of the better Roleplayers to re-invest into this forum. Chaos seems to be so busy, and a lot of people on the forum have let their writing fall into lax, clique writing; poor spelling, grammar, and corny lines you could quote from last years Digimon episode. I?ve worked a game with sailorstar, and hopefully this will be a learning experience for us both. I do encourage that we revitalize the older style of battling, when I first signed up. Let?s try to bring it back to the days where battles were more a war of wits than steel, where a person would describe their character being INJURED more than injuring their opponent. Instead of degrading into mildly clever ways of inflicting damage, let?s focus on the clever ways our characters nearly faced defeat. Perhaps someday, people will post their character?s death, instead of victory.

Writing forum: A wellspring of creative energy. I enjoy the feedback I receive there, and find delight in reading some of the most inventive poetry and fictional stories I?ve ever encountered. I sincerely encourage use of this forum.

Well, that?s about it. The media forum is nice, but I think Tony posts enough for the both of us ;). I honestly thank all otakuboards? staff and members in creating such a unique environment. So I leave you with what I have, and bid farewell to being a Newbie!

See you, Space Cowboy.
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Guest cloricus
And where is [i]my[/i] little paragraph?

Oh... Right, no one likes the guy that hides in the PC/MAC forum putting down newbie?s that try and pretend they know what they are talking about.

Anyway welcome to the none newbie level of otaku boards.
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Keep up your rep Drix. Who knows you could be going places. Hell, who am I kidding. With an argumentative trend like that, may I correct, a [i]successful, well knowledged[/i] argumentative trend like that, you will go far. If not in real life, at least on OB. Heh. Special-ness. Becoming a Junior Member is a... memorable thing. 'Grats.
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