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One Peice

One Peice is about a young boy that is determined to become the new Pirate King. His name is Monkey D. Luffy, although Luffy may look like he is not a match he ate the legendary Gum Gum fruit. Which made him be able to stretch his body to unbelievable measures and all. For example, In shonen jump, I forgot which issue, Luffly inhaled alot of air and turned into like a ballon and collided with a cannon ball. He sent the cannon ball back to the ship and destroyed it. Anyway In One Peice, Luffy is searching for the treasure of Gold Roger. Gold Roger dared any one to find his treasure known as one peice. Luffy is determined to find the treasure and become a pirate. He meets up with Roronoa Zora which is determined to be the greatest swordsmen [ The reason why in Shonen Jump. I forgot that issue too x.x ]. Anyway he fights with three swords. One in his mouth, I wonder how he does that x.x Well he also meets up with a young lady that is one of the greatest thiefs, he also meets up with other people but I don't want to give all of it away. Anyway thanks to [ Anime Insider issue # 8 -October 2003 they said that Last Year funimation president Gen Fukunga announced they had acquired the rights, but the announcments may have come too soon--there's been zero word since, and a recent call to Funimation yielded the worlds, "No comment." ] x.x So they are not sure if the show will appear in the states man that stinks.

[b]What do you think of the anime?[/b]

[b]Have you read the manga or something?[/b]

[b]What would you rate it?[/b]


[b]What do you think of the anime?[/b]: Well I really havent saw the show but I have read the manga. I just love it cause it can be serious at some tiems but also hillarious at some other times. Like one time in the manga Luffy is trapped in a cage. But he can't get out, I guess cause he cant use his rubber body to get out x.x I love this anime thats all that is to it.

[b]Have you read the manga or something?[/b]: Yes I have read the manga, that is if Shonen Jump counts. I have about all the issues that One Peice is in. So I am kinda addicted to One Peice manga o.O

[b]What would you rate it?[/b]: Because it can be hillarious and serious alot. It also has a great storyline. So I would rate it 9.5/10 The .5 I dont like about it is that I think his name is Usopp, has a nose like pinoccio.

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I have read the manga and i love it! Its hilarious! It has some pretty cool action stuff in too. The main character is eventually going to come across a super cool pirate hunter named Zoro. All i have to say is Super cool three sworded action!
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Yes, One Piece... My brother's favorite manga, though I'm not THAT fond of it.

[b]What I like about it[/b] It's funny (Though not as funny as Excel Saga or FLCL) and well-drawn.. Those are probably the top two reasons. Plus Oda doesn't use any screen-tones.. It's all either black or white. Like back in the good ol' days before computers were used for touchups and such. Actually, I've never seen the anime.. But I heard that Funimation got rights to it a year or two ago, however they haven't said anything about it since.

[b]Have I read the manga or something?[/b] Yes. I don't have the anime.

[b]What would I rate it?[/b] Probably about an 8.7.. Sometimes it's a little too kiddy animation-wise, even though there's tons of blood.. But the clown pirates and all those other weird groups you see kinda are too un-serious (Wow, good word) for my liking. Naruto, however, is my top manga at the moment. ~_^

Oh, and yes, it IS considered the most popular manga/anime of the shonen variety in Japan right now. It sort of HAS been ever since it came out, filling the void of what Dragonball Z had left behind when it ended. However, Naruto is slowly gaining ground.. *waves a little Naruto flag he got off ebay*

EDIT: By the way.. It's spelled "Piece". I before E except after C, you know. :sweat:
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Guest phoenix_petra
One Piece is a great manga! That and Naruto are my favorite manga strips in Shounen Jump. I love Zoro. He's so sugoi! ^_^ *cough* But yeah, I know the first manga for One Piece is already out in the states. It's published by Viz. I think Viz is going to be publishing all the Shounen Jump manga. Hmm. Now to answer the questions.
1: I haven't watched the anime at all, because I usually go with the manga.
2: Like I said before, I love reading the One Piece manga.
3: Rating. Oh, I don't know. 9, maybe? I love the art style and the story is very good so far.
But yeah, One Piece and Naruto are gaining ground. I keep finding all these threads at random other boards about Naruto. I just hope they do a good job translating the anime when it comes over here. One cool thing though is that down in Chinatown, San Francisco, I found a store selling original Japanese DVDs of Naruto. I was out of cash, so I didn't buy it, but it looked so good. I wish I had bought it because other than being a superb series, it would have been a nice way to practice my Japanese. Actually, come to think of it, none of the anime dvds they were selling there were in English, but I do recall seeing One Piece chopsticks there too. ^_^
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