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RPG Pokemon: Gym Leader Challenge


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[color=darkblue][size=1][i]T.V.: The gym leaders have all decide to retire. That means all you pokemon trainers out there you have your chance to be a gym leader. The Gym Leader Challenge starts in 1 month.

Meteora remembers that day when that happened. That was the Anniversery day that he got his first Pokemon Absol. His favorite pokemon.

Thinks back to when he got his Absol.

Professor: David here is how to catch a pokemon.

He goes on and on about telling him how to catch one.

Professor: Now you give it a try on the first pokemon you see.

Meteora: Ok

He looks and see's a Absol.

Meteora: Can I catch that one?

Professor: Yeah sure just remember weaken it first.

Meteora: With what I dont have a pokemon.

Professor: Oh yeah well then here is mine for now.

Hands him a pokeball.

Meteora: Go pokeball.

Out comes a squirtle.

Squirtle: Squirt squirt

They go on battling so he could catch the absol. Finally he weakened it enough.

Meteora: Go pokeball .

It bounces on the absol and sucks it in. It shakes once then twice and then three times and then it stops. He had gotten an Absol.

Back to reality.

Meteora: I remember that day.

He says while looking at his pokeball with absol in it.

Meteora: Well im on my way to become a pokemon gym leader.

He says while hugging his mom.

Meteora: I love you mom

Mom: I love you to son. See you when you get back.

Meteora: Bye

He says as he walks off into the distance.[/color][/size][/i]

[color=red][size=1][i]Ok the rules.
1. Dont spam
2. Post more than just a sentence post make it at least a paragraph.
3. No Godmodding
4. You break the rules after one warning and you are out of the RPG.
5. Have fun[/color][/size][/i]
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[size=1][color=ff66cc][i]Starr and her pokemon were training inside the Black Thorn City Gym while the TV was on. The others were watching the news channel. Starr had heard something about Gym Leaders and she stopped training and looked up.[/i]

T.V.: The gym leaders have all decide to retire. That means all you pokemon trainers out there you have your chance to be a gym leader. The Gym Leader Challenge starts in 1 month.

[i]Starr smiled and thought about the day that happened. 3 special events happened that day: her birthday, the Legendaries day, and the Anniversary of when she got her first pokemon...Tortodile.

Starr sat down and started to look at her pokemon as she daydreamed about that day.[/i]


[i]Starr was at her Aunt Delia's house. Delia is Ash Ketchum's mother and Starr's aunt. She sat there playing with Pikachu while Ash was upstairs cleaning. When he came downstairs the phone rang and he picked up.[/i]

Ash: Hello?
Professor Oak: Hello? Ash? This is Professor Oak! How are you?
Ash: Hey Prof. I'm fine! What's this phone call about?
Prof. Oak: Well, I have a pokemon for your cousin, Starlight.
Ash: For Starr?
Prof. Oak: Yes. For Starr. Wait...isn't it her birthday today?
Ash: Yes it is.
Prof. Oak: Her birthday is the same day as when the Legendaries come out and show their power.
Ash: Really? I didn't know that.
Prof. Oak: Yes. Hmm. I think I'll give the pokemon later at the party when she's opening presents.
Ash: Alright, Prof. Thanks for telling me. Good bye!
Prof. Oak: Goodbye Ash, see you soon.

[i]Ash got off the phone and walked over to Pikachu and Starr. She wondered who it was. Knowing Ash, it could have been a lot of people. Brock, Misty, his mom, anyone.[/i]

Starr: Who was that Ash?
Ash: It was Prof. Oak.
Delia: Kids! I'm home! Ash, take Starr out for a while. I need to set up for the party.
Ash: K, mom. Come on! I'll show you a training area in Viridan City.
Starr: Ok. Come on, Pikachu.
Pikachu: Pika pi!

[i]Starr and Ash went outside and walked to the edge of Pallet Town. Ash took her to the training area in Viridian City and she saw that many pokemon trainers came there to train and to strengthen their pokemon. Ash found Brock and Misty. They came over and greeted Starr.[/i]

Misty: Hi, Starr. Happy Birthday.
Brock: Hey. Happy birthday. You're finally 12.
Starr: Yeah. I'm happy too. It means that I get my first pokemon too!
Ash: Hey, we should get back. It's almost time for the party. You guys can come too!
Misty and Brock: That'd be great!

[i]Misty, Brock, Ash, and Starr left for Pallet Town. Soon as they got there the whole town had yelled surprise. Starr was surprised. There were lots of presents. She smiled and sat down. They urged her to open her presents. She started with the biggest one. It was from Gary. It was a shirt that said, "I Love Gary!" and it had his face on it. She smiled and thanked him. Then the pile got smaller and smaller. Until there were only 5 presents left. Starr picked up the one from Misty. It had a picture of her, her sisters and Dewgong along with her. It also had a small shimmering blue bracelet. Then Brock's. It was a pokemon diary. Then Delia's present was a ring. It had a shimmering white pokeball. Ash's present was a necklace with a strange white and black pokeball hanging on it. Now Professor Oak's. She looked for it but couldn't find it.[/i]

Starr: Professor Oak. You said you had a present for me.
Prof. Oak: I do. Here it is. A new edition PokeDex and a pokeball.
Starr: Thank you all. Hmm. Go PokeBall!

[i]From that pokeball came a Totodile. Starr smiled and looked at the happy-go-lucky pokemon. She smiled and kneeled down. It ran to her and it jumped into her arms. She held it in her arms and looked to the sky. From far away she could hear the legendaries crying out. She closed her eyes and could feel the air freshen upon her face. She could feel warmth and other things mixed in. She opened her eyes and looked to the water. It was pure and clean. She looked even closely and saw that something was floating on the water. She let Totodile down and walked to the edge of the water. She picked it up and looked at it. It was an unopened flower bud. She shrugged and put it on her necklace. She smiled and thanked everyone.[/i]

[i]Starr smiled and loved that day. It was the day that the Legendaries sent her a gift. The very first day she was born, she was able to understand pokemon better than humans.

She looked to her pokemon and they were laughing and playing with each other. She smiled and jumped onto Feraligator who then play-wrestled with her. Everyone joined in. Claire stood at the door of the Gym and smiled. She knew that Starr would be a great Gym Leader. Lance knew that as well.[/i][/size][/color]
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[color=darkblue][size=1][i]Meteora was walking along on his way to Pewter city so he could face the first gym leader.

Meteora: Mmm thisis going to be fun.

Meteora stops and rests.

Meteora: Go pokemon.

All hispokemon come out. They all start eating and playing. His Absol though walks up to him and lays down next to him.

Meteora: You ready to win?

Absol: Soooool.

HE rubbs absol on the head.

Meteora: Good


Hey one thing to dondar only post here if you have signed up. [/color][/size][/i]
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Guest Skyechild91
Selene walked to the local gym for training and swimming. she got there, and called," POkemon, Go!" Her Umbreon was the first out, then Lapras. Her water pokemon jumped into the pool, and Skarmory flew up to the rafters. Slene put down her towel, and dove into the cool clear water. She shook her head as she came up, sending water flying. She pulled erself out, and Umbreon walked over, and dropped into the water. Slene laughed, a clear bell like sound. She stood, and Saw misty wave to her. She waved back, and dove into the water again. She swam a few laps, and sat dwn on a towel. She watched TV for a while. She saw a News Report, and she was all ears.
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[size=1][color=ff66cc][i]Starr walked back in and Claire put her hand on her shoulder.[/i]

Claire: Come with me.
Starr: Ok.

[i]Before leaving, Starr commanded for all the pokemon back into their pokeballs, except for Larvitar who Starr picked up into her arms. Soon, the two of them left for a walk.[/i]

Claire: You know that all the Gym Leaders are retiring now.
Starr: Yes, I do. And I wish to become the Gym Leader of Black Thorn City.
Claire: That's wonderful and you should. And you do know that our family has been doing this for a while. Your mother is in fact, my sister.
Starr: I know that. That's why I want to be a part of the Black Thorn City Gym Leader generation. I want to make her proud. So that she can see me through the heavens.
Claire: Yes. She would be proud...as I am. You're ready for your great pokemon journey, just like your cousin Ash. Come on, I'll get you ready.

[i]Claire and Starr went back to the Gym and she gave Starr 50 Master Balls, 10 Pokeballs, and 30 Full Restore. Starr thanked her and was about to leave when Lance stopped her.[/i]

Lance: Where do you think you're going?
Starr: Journey. Why? Is that a problem?
Lance: No. But there is a small matter.
Starr: What's that?

[i]Lance opened the gates that led to the Gym and outside stood all the people that lived in Black Thorn City.[/i]

Lance: Is that you say hello, instead of good-bye and see you soon, instead of so long. And to give you this.
Starr: You're giving me the Dragon Charm?
Lance: You deserve it. After all, it brought me luck. Let it bring luck to you.

[i]Starr smiled and hugged him. Before leaving she hugged Claire. As she was leaving, she received a bike and before she left, a Salamence was given to her so that she could get to Pallet Town. She got on it and it flew her up. She waved to the people and promised she'd be back for the role of Gym Leader. She smiled and began her journey to Pallet Town.[/i]

Starr: I'm going to be just like Ash, make my journey across the whole world and meet new people. I'm going to be the best.[/size][/color]
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[color=royal blue][size=1][i]Dolly wandered around the house, thinking about a lot of things, especially her career as a gym leader. She thought about her aunt Sabrina and what she heard about her when she was younger. Dolly hoped she wouldn't be at all like her aunt--as much as she liked playing with dolls, she would definitely not want to turn people into them. Nor would she want to control her Pokemon with her psychic powers. How cruel! Ever since Dolly returned home from her Pokemon journey, Sabrina kept convincing her that she was training her Pokemon the wrong way, and that the best way is through psychic power. Dolly kept explaining that she only had one psychic Pokemon, but Sabrina just ignored that fact. Then, just as she was at the peak of frustration with her, something happened... It was a gym battle between Sabrina and a mysterious rival Pokemon trainer for a marshbadge. Sabrina was about 35 years old at this time, but still young enough to be quite an experienced Pokemon trainer. The challenger's name was Carmen, and the battle started. Dolly decided to watch...[/i]

[u]Carmen:[/u] Sabrina! I have been looking for you! I have come to ask for a challenge, for a marshbadge!

[u]Sabrina:[/u] You are a fool to challenge me. You know you will lose. No Pokemon can compete with my powers and my psychic Pokemon. Just watch and see.

[u]Dolly:[/u] This will be a one-on-one battle, with no time limit. Begin!

[u]Sabrina:[/u] Go Alakazam. (Alakazam appears.)

[u]Carmen:[/u] I'll fight psychic with psychic! Go Hypno! (Hypno appears.)

[u]Dolly:[/u] OK, it's Alakazam versus Hypno! Let the battle begin!!

[u]Sabrina:[/u] Let's begin with a Psybeam.

[i]It's Alakazam's Psybeam attack! Can Hypno withstand it?[/i]

[u]Carmen:[/u] Psychic attack!

[i]Hypno strikes back with a Psychic attack! Let's see what Alakazam will do.[/i]

[u]Sabrina:[/u] Heh. Fool.

[i]It looks like Sabrina's using her powers too... Alakazam uses its Psychic attack as well! Who will triumph?[/i]

[u]Carmen:[/u] Go Hypno!

[u]Sabrina:[/u] ...

[i]It's close... it's really close... YES! Alakazam overpowers Hypno and sends him flying![/i]

[u]Carmen:[/u] No! Hypno! *That's a really strong Psychic attack...* Can you keep fighting?

[i]Dazed, Hypno gets up.[/i]

[u]Dolly:[/u] It looks like Hypno's hanging in there!

[u]Sabrina:[/u] Time to use Kinesis.

[i]And it's an awesome spoon-bending performance! What will Hypno do?[/i]

[u]Carmen:[/u] Grrr... *Darn, Kinesis lowers accuracy...* OK Hypno, try... try using Hypnosis!

[i]Whoa, bad choice! Hypno uses Hypnosis![/i]

[u]Sabrina:[/u] Heh. I knew that would happen. *glow*

[i]Alakazam teleports out of the way! Way to go! Wait! What's this...?[/i]

[u]Sabrina:[/u] ...What's...happening...

[u]Dolly:[/u] Huh? Hypno's hypnosis is still going on? Now why... *gasp* Oh no!

[u]Carmen:[/u] Oh yes, Sabrina. I'll show you psychic power.

[i]Hypno's eyes glow, and Sabrina immediately faints.[/i]

[u]Dolly:[/u] Sabrina! No! (runs over to Sabrina) Are you OK? *Oh no, she's unconcsious...* (looks at Carmen) You're disqualified! Harming the trainer is against the rules! No badge for you, sister.

[u]Carmen:[/u] Hmph. *What a wimp. I didn't come here for a badge; I came for the fall of the gym leader! Whahahaha!*

[i]Dolly's parents enter.[/i]

[u]Mom:[/u] Huh? What happened here?

[u]Dad:[/u] Is Sabrina going to be OK?

[u]Dolly:[/u] Better get her to a hospital or something...

[u]Sabrina:[/u] (in her dreams) Team... Shockwave... Carmen's... in... Team... Shockwave... I... know... it... *blacks out*[/color][/size]
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[color=darkblue][size=1][i]While he was sitting there he was thinking of what would happen if he won the gym leader challenge and became the new gym leader of Sootopolis City Gym. He starts to dream of Wallace giving him the right to run his gym.

Meteora: That would be great.

He gets up.

Meteora: Hey Absol want to walk with me outside the pokeball.

Absol looks up and nods.

Meteora: Ok.

They start to walk.

Meteora: Hey absol I bet I can beat you to that tree up there.

He gets set

Meteora: 1...2...thr

Absol takes off.

Meteora: Hey you little cheater.

He catches up to him.

Meteora: HA.

Absol speeds up.

Meteora: No...

Absol beats him to the tree.

Meteora: You have gotten faster.

Absol: Sol sol

Meteora: Lets take a rest again. Im tired.

Couple hours later.

Meteora: Let go.

He gets up and they start walking to pewter city. In about 15 minutes they see buildings.

Meteora: We're almost there buddy.

Absol: Ab-sol.[/color][/size][/i]
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[size=1][color=ff66cc][i]Starr landed in Pallet Town and got off of Salamence. She took the bike off of Salamence and watched him fly away. She smiled and looked around. It was quiet. She walked to Ash's house and was about to knock on the door, when Mr. Mime opened it.[/i]

Starr: Hey Mr. Mime. Is Aunty home?
Mr. Mime: Miime! Mime, mime!
Starr: Alright. I'll come in.
Mr. Mime: Mime mime miime.

[i]Starr walked in and sat on the couch. She waited as Mr. Mime went away. About a minute later, Delia came outside.[/i]

Delia: What is it Mr. Mime?
Starr: Hi, Aunt Delia.
Delia: Huh? *gasp* STARLIGHT! It's you!
Starr: Yeah. It's me. I'm back from Black Thorn City.
Delia: I thought you had already started your journey.
Starr: Not yet. Is Ash home?
Delia: No, he's not. He's at the Pewter City Gym with Brock. You should visit him there!
Starr: Alright. Thanks, Aunty.

[i]Starr left Ash's house and she walked over to the Professor's lab. She walked in and looked around. Everything changed. A lot of Ash's pokemon were there. Muc, Kingler, and many others. She walked through the crowds of Pokemon until she found Professor Oak feeding the animals. She giggled and he looked around, trying to figure out who giggled. It was heard again and then she popped up out of the crowd.[/i]

Starr: Hi, Professor!
Oak: Starr! How are you? How is your Totodile? I assume it is a Feraligator now?
Starr: Yes. He is! Would you like to see him?
Oak: I'd be delighted. Come outside.

[i]Starr and Prof. Oak walked outside to the back and there Starr let out Metagross, Feraligator, Dragonair, Umbreon, and Blaziken. Larvitar jumped out of her arms and into the group. She smiled and then looked to the Professor.[/i]

Starr: So? What do you think?
Prof. Oak: It is certainly amazing. You have a Blaziken, Umbreon, Dragonair, and your Totodile evolved to a great evolution. And that Metagross...it is rare. You caught one though. Amazing. They all look healthy and very strong. I wonder if you can beat the Pewter City Gym Leader, Brock.
Starr: Brock? Ash's friend? I lost to him once, but I probably can beat him now. Me and the team can beat him.
Prof. Oak: Alright. Well, you best be on your way.

[i]Starr said good bye and left. She returned the pokemon to their pokeballs and grabbed Larvitar into her arms and put him in the basket. She waved goodbye to Prof. Oak and left.

She rode through Route 1 into Viridian City. There she stopped at a PokeCenter to check if her pokemon need any healing. They did not. Then she left the PokeCenter and rode her bike to the Viridian Forest. She stopped when a Beedrill shot after her. She ducked down and took out a pokeball.[/i]

Starr: Umbreon, GO!
Umbreon: Umbre, Umbre!
Starr: Umbreon, use Quick Attack!

[i]Umbreon ran at the oncoming Beedrill with speed. It suddenly disappeared and hit the Beedrill. The Beedrill landed on its back and was weak. Starr took out a Pokeball and threw it at the Beedrill. It shook once, then twice, then...the light went off. Starr smiled and walked to the pokeball. She picked it up and put it in her pack.[/i]

Starr: Good job, Umbreon. Let's go to Pewter.

[i]Soon enough, Starr got out of the forest and into Pewter City. She breathed in and looked around. It was very busy. She rode her bike through when a running Absol almost crashed into the bike. Starr swerved away from the Absol, but crashed her bike and sent Larvitar flying. Absol saw the flying pokemon and jumped and caught it in its mouth.[/i][/size][/color]
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[color=darkblue][size=1][i]They were walking when Absol almost ran into a bike.

Meteora: Watch out.

The girl on the bike swerved away from Absol but crashed. Her Larvitar was shot from the basket and Absol caught the Pokemon.

Meteora: Are you ok?

????: Yeah, but is my larvitar alright.

Meteora: Yeah he is Absol Caught him.

????: Ok, tell your Absol I said thanks.

Meteora: Ok I will by the way what is your name?

????: My name is Starlight but you can call me Starr everyone does.

Meteora: Thats cool. My name is David, but everyone calls me Meteora.

Starr: Ok.

Meteora: Absol come here.

Absol walks over to Meteora with Larvitar in its mouth.

Meteora: Starr says thank you, now give her back her pokemon.

Absol walks over to Starr and gives her, her pokemon.

Starr: Thanks

She pats him on the head.

Starr: By the way you owe me a new bike.

Meteora: WHAT!!! I just saved your Pokemons life and you wnaty me to buy you a new bike.

Starr: It was your pokemon who saved my pokemon, and plus he was the one who ruined the bike, so you have to.

Meteora thinks about it.

Meteora: Fine when I get the money I will. Untill then I guess we have to travel together till I do.

Starr: Fine.[/color][/size][/i]
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Guest Skyechild91
After hearing htat the gym leaders were retiring, Slene turned to Misty. "YOu need some one to carry on the gym, right? Hwat about me? Im a really good trainer." Misty grinned. "Not only that, but i trust you. Are you sure you can do this? YOu have to battle trainers, earnt eh badges." Selene nodded enthusiastecally. Misty reachedout and grabbed Selenes hand. She placed a pokeball in her hand, and curled Selenes slender fingers over it. Selene blinked in suprise. Misty said," Go on, let out the pokemon." Selene tossed the ball into the air, and the pokemon came out. it was Misty's starmie. Selene backed away. "But Misty, thats your pokemon! I cant take him!" Misty nodded," yes you can and yes you will. youll need it." Selene returned starmie, and clipped the pokebal to her belt. She dressed, and slung her towel and back pack over her shoulder. She returned the rest of her pokemon, and put thtem back on her belt. LAstly, she picked up Umbreon in her arms, and turned to misty. "thanks, Misty. I hope that ill make you proud." She turned, and walked down the raod, she turned, and waved ti misty, then continued walking...
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[size=1][color=ff6cc][i]Starr went inside the Pewter City Gym with Meteora. They looked around and saw all kinds of Rock and Ground type pokemon.

Starr looked to Larvitar and then she looked up as she saw Brock. She smiled and walked towards him.[/i]

Starr: Hey, Brock!
Brock: Starr! How are you? Hey, Larvitar. Here to get a badge?
Starr: Yup! Oh, meet David. But everyone, except me, calls him Meteora. He busted up my bike.
Brock: What? Hahaha!
Starr: What's so funny?
Brock: That's how you're cousin, Ash, met Misty. He borrowed her bike and ruined it. That's how they started to like each other. Now, they're actually going out...and me...I'm still looking.
Starr: Hahaha. That's hilarious. It's ok, Brock. You'll meet someone who's just like you.
Meteora: I came here for a match, not to conversate. Brock, I challenge you to a Pokemon battle.
Brock: Alright. Just not now, I have to get home. Come on, I'll fix you guys something to eat.

[i]Starr nodded and Meteora just followed. When they got to Brock's house, his little brothers and sisters were running all over the place. When they saw Starr and Brock they stopped and ran over to them. Starr picked up the ruffled Brock's youngest sister's hair and then they all went inside.

Brock entered the kitchen and the two of them waited as the little ones played. Soon, Brock was finished and brought out a great meal for everyone.[/i][/size][/color]
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[color=darkblue][size=1][i]While they were eating he was wondering about how wierd it was that Arika, and he started out the same way Misty, and Ash did. He was wondering is thissupposed to mean something? Well this wasn't the time to think about silly things.

Meteora: Thank you, Brock

Brock: Anytime Meteora. A friend of Arika's is a friend of mine.

Meteora: Cool.

Brock: What gym do you want to take over Meteora?

Meteora: I want to take over Sootopolis city gym.

Brock: Why that one?

Meteora: Because Wallace is a cousin and I also want to have the responsibility of controling the last gym. If that makes sence.

Starr: Wallace is your cousin? You never told me.

Meteora: Must have slipped my mind.

Brock: I understand. Well why dont you two get a nights rest then we can battle tommarrow.

Meteora: Fine with me. How about you Starr?

Starr: Sure.

They finished eating then went to thier rooms. All night Meteora was thinking about what Brock had said about Misty and Ash. For some reason he couldn't stop thinking about it. It seemed regardless he couldn't stop thinking about Starr.

Meteora: What a great thing to think about beofre a gym battle.

He whispered to himself.[/color][/size][/i]
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Guest Skyechild91
Selene had already gotton Misty's badge a long time ago, so she wasnt worried about not having any badges. She walked, and finally came to Pewter. She saw the gym, and picked up her speed, flat out runing. She slid to a stop in front of the gym. She held Umbreon tight in excitment. Umbreon jumped down, and stood next to her. They walked in, and Selene saw Brock. She walked up nervuosly. "HI... umm, Misty told me Pewter city gym was closest. Im here for a gym battle?" Brock turn around, and siad," Your a friend of Misty's? Whats your name?" "Selene. But everyone I know calls me Starr." Brock looked at her, and started laughing. "well, Ash's cousin's nickname is Starr. SHe's staying here. I can go get them, if you want." Selene nodded enthusiastecally. Brock walke off, and Selene, now Starr, took in her surroundings.
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[size=1][color=ff66cc][B]OOC:[/B] I'm wondering if you wouldn't use Starr. For the fact that it will confuse people.


[i]Starr sat in her chair and let out Umbreon. She looked to him and nodded. She saw that Larvitar was asleep and so she opened the door and then stepped outside with Umbreon. She closed and locked it so that Larvitar wouldn't get out.

As she walked down the hall, she stopped at Meteora's door. She knocked on it softly and he got up and opened it slightly. He saw Starr and she smiled.[/i]

Meteora: Yeah?
Starr: How about a little midnight journey?
Meteora: Midnight journey?
Starr: Get your pokemon and come out with me, but be quiet.

[i]Meteora looked a bit confused but he grabbed Absol's pokeball. He opened the door even further and stepped out.[/i]

Starr: Follow me. I'll tell you on the way. The first step is to get past Brock's security...Donphan, Rhydon, Lairon, and Golem. They're Brock's trainers' pokemon, but they're one of the strongest. Hmm. I got it. Umbreon, time for a little confusion. Use Confuse Ray.
Umbreon: Umbre!

[i]Umbreon leapt quietly a little towards the 4 security pokemon. She used Confuse Ray and the Lairon started to fight with the Donphan. Starr giggled and grabbed Meteora's hand. They were out of the clear. Now, she could show him the secret area where most teenage trainers go to battle.

They went through many trails and were now in a large area that was blocked off by tall trees, piles of rock, and inside there was a large pond, enough to let two trainers fight on, a sandy pit, berry bushes, small caves, and there was an electric box for electric pokemon to recharge. Meteora's eyes were wide and his mouth hung open. He had never seen anything like this.[/i]

Starr: So? What do you think?
Meteora: What?
Starr: That's what I thought. Oh, I see Petra! Come on!

[i]Starr dragged Meteora to Petra. Petra saw them and she smiled.[/i]

Petra: You here for the MTB?
Meteora: MTB? What's that?
Starr: Midnight Trainers Battle. It's for Trainers to give out tips after their battles if their opponent loses and also to see if you can get to the top and beat....the Legend.
Meteora: Who's the Legend?
Petra: You're standing right by her.
Meteora: Starr?
Starr: Guilty as charged. It's starting. I've got to announce it.

[i]Starr ran to the pond and stepped onto the rocks. Suddenly a Gyarados appeared out of it and she spoke.[/i]

Starr: Alright! It's time for the MTB to start! Noobs, please follow Petra, June Bugs, go to the Heracross, and finally...Extremes..stay where you are! Judges, please go take your places! Let the battles begin!

[i]Starr jumped off of the Gyarados and walked to her place. It was at the top of a small platform. She stood there and watched the battles. Soon enough, one of the Extremes walked over. He bowed and presented himself. Meteora watched.[/i]

Timmy: My name's Timmy and I am here to battle you, Legend of MTB!
Starr: Present your pokemon.
Timmy: Vaporeon, Psyduck, Starmie, Kingler, and Quagsire.
Starr: I accept. Let the battle begin!
Judge: This is a 5-on-5 pokemon battle. Extreme Timmy versus Legend Starr. Let the battle begin.
Timmy: I'll start out with Kingler!
Starr: Let me bring out my pride and joy...Feraligator!
Timmy: Right. Kingler, use Guillotine!
Starr: Wrong move...Feraligator, grab the Kingler's pincers and use your Hydro Pump!

[i]The Kingler moved quickly towards the Feraligator, but its pincers were caught by Feraligator and it was blasted back. Starr smiled and waited for the next pokemon. Meteora watched as she battled.[/i][/size][/color]
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[color=666666][size=1][i]As he sat there and watched it was amazing at how well she battled. She was comfortable with her Pokemon and she trusted them greatly.

Meteora: Good job Timmy your doing good.

Timmy: Thanks

Starr: Hello im the one your here for

Meteora: Yeah, yeah I was just giving him confidence.

Starr: Well I guess thats good

Meteora: Well get back to your battle

Feraligator and Kingler struggled for a few minutes while they fought for leverage. Finally Feraligator overthrew the Kingler.

Starr: Use Hydro Pump

At first Meteora thought she was crazy because it was a water attack against a water pokemon. Cept one thing she was stronger. The blast knocked the kingler out of the ring and she won the first match.

Starr: Good Job Feraligator. Can you handle another battle?

Feraligator: Fer-ali-gat-or

Starr: Good. Bring out you next pokemon

Timmy: Go Psyduck

Meteora thought that was smart because he is also a pychic type. Psyduck appeared.

Psyduck: Psy Psy

Timmy: Give her gator a pychic attack.

Psyduck's eyes opened wide and he used his attack on Feraligator. At first it looked like it had missed because Feraligator didnt do anything. Then he flew into the water. Meteora thought this should help it considering the fact that it was in the water.

Starr: Oh no. Feraligator if you can hear me use Surf.

Something stirred in the water...

Meteora could only watch and see what happened...[/color][/size][/i]
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[size=1][color=ff66cc][i]Out of the water came great big wave and Feraligator was at the top of it. It raced towards Psyduck. Once it hit, it engulfed Psyduck. Feraligator jumped to the other side and waited to see what would happen.

The water resided and Psyduck appeared out of the water somewhat dazed. He was weak. Starr smirked and called out Feraligator's attack.[/i]

Starr: Feraligator! Hydro Pump!

[i]Feraligot blasted a fierce hydro pump towards the Psyduck and it was too dizzy to get up. It was declared "unable to battle". Starr smiled and thought she'd give Feraligator a rest.[/i]

Starr: Come back, Feraligator. Get some rest. Ok, let's go Umbreon.

[i]Starr threw a pokeball out into the open and out came an Umbreon. It stood there and stretched. It looked to Starr and then to its opponent.

Timmy knew that Kingler and Psyduck weren't able to battle, so he chose Vaporeon, the water evolution of Eevee.[/i]

Timmy: Vaporeon! Let's go! You've got to beat Umbreon for Kingler and Psyduck!
Vaporeon: Vapooor!
Starr: Alright. Then. Umbreon, get ready.
Timmy: Vaporeon, use Hydro Pump and shoot yourself upwards and then use Aurura Beam.

[i]Vaporeon faced downwards and shot a blast of Hydro Pump and it raised into the air. Umbreon and Starr looked on. She smirked and looked to Umbreon.[/i]

Starr: Umbreon, Confuse Ray, then Faint Attack it.

[i]Umbreon nodded and looked to Vaporeon and shot its Confuse Ray towards the pokemon. It confused it and Vaporeon fell to the ground. The two trainers waited. It then started to spin around and around.

Umbreon ran towards it and faded away and then hit Vaporeon. It woke it up. Vaporeon shook its head and stood its ground. It was weakened though.[/i]

Timmy: Come on, Vaporeon. Stay in there. Alright, use Bite!
Starr: Umbreon, block it off with a Quick Attack!

[i]The two evolutions ran towards each other, but Umbreon was at a faster speed and so when they were about to collide Umbreon reached around to the side and it tackled the Vaporeon.

It skidded across and wasn't able to get up. Umbreon breathed heavily. Starr smiled. She returned the pokemon as did Timmy. He reached into his pocket and brought out Quagsire.

Starr reached for a pokeball and held it in her hand.[/i]

Starr: Are you sure you want to go through with this?
Timmy: Yeah. I am!
Starr: Alright, then. Go, Metagross!
Timmy: Metagross? You have that? It's a one of a kind!
Starr: That's right! Metagross, use Metal Claw!

[i]Metagross floated towards Quagsire rapidly and reached around back with its claw and slashed at Quagsire. Quagsire fell backwards, but got up quickly again. Timmy looked to Quagsire and then to Starr.[/i]

Timmy: Grr. Quagsire, use Slam!
Starr: Metagross, use Psychic!

[i]Metagross stood there as Quagsire came at it with full speed. But Quagsire was pushed back and thrown. It got up again, but slowly. Then it fell to the ground.[/i]

Timmy: My only hope...Starmie. Quagsire, return. Go, Starmie.
Starr: Don't be so sad, Timmy. Metagross, return. Blaziken, I choose you!

[i]Meteora looked at Starr with confusion, but she winked at him and then got back to her battle. Timmy's eyes grew wide. But he got into the battle. Meteora sat there, waiting to see what would happen.[/i]

Timmy: Alright, Starmie. Use Rapid Spin!
Starmie: Hya!
Starr: Fire Spin it, Blaze.
Blaziken: Blaze!

[i]Blaziken created a whirlpool of fire and shot it towards the Starmie. It only phased it a little. But then, the fire grew stronger and hotter and the Starmie stopped moving. It jumped into the water. It came back out and stood there.[/i]

Starr: Blaziken, Blaze Kick!
Timmy: Swift attack!

[i]Blaziken jumped towards Starmie and dodged the shooting stars and then kicked the Starmie with a fiery kick. It shattered the jewel and Starmie layed there unconcious and hurt. Starr smiled.[/i]

Starr: What you need to do is not to go into the battle so quickly. Remember that your pokemon is vulnerable to some and stronger to others. But remember that you must not let the battle get to you. First, you need to see what the pokemon is and then choose the order. Second, train harder. Don't push, train.
Timmy: Alright, thanks Starr.
Starr: Anytime.

[i]Starr smiled and walked to Meteora. She smiled at him and wanted to know what he thought of the battle.[/i][/size][/color]
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[color=666666][size=1][i]Meteora just stood there and stared at how strong her Metagross was. He thought of his pokemon. Were they strong enough for when he went up against her. Well right now wasnt the time to doubt himself.

Meteora: That was an awsome duel. You have a unique battle style.

Starr: Thanks

She runs up to him and huggs him.

Meteora: You battle with you heart not with strength.

Starr: You are really nice

She hugged him again.

Meteora: Is that all or do you need to make a speach?[/color][/size][/i]
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[size=1][color=ff66cc][i]Starr smirked and waited for the next opponent. It was Gary Oak. Her expression dropped to a cold stare.[/i]

Starr: Gary.
Gary: Hey there, Starr.
Starr: And what is it that you need?
Gary: Nothing. Just wondering if you want to battle.
Starr: Fine. Let's do this. Judge!
Judge: Battle between Extremist Gary Oak vs Legend Starr Ketchum. A 6-on-6 battle. Ready, begin!
Gary: I think I'll start with Blastoise!
Starr: Dragonair! I choose you![/size][/color]
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OOC: Sorry for the delay... Normally I don't do that in RPGs... I've just been very busy at school lately and have been unable to go online for the past week or so... Oh well... Just to let you know I didn't quit.

[color=royal blue][size=1][i]Depressed, Dolly walked outside the gym. While she was walking down the street, she was thinking about Sabrina and what happened during her battle with Carmen. What was Carmen up to anyways... But something told Dolly that that was no accident...[i]

[u]Dolly:[/u] Go Altaria... *Altaria appears* Altaria, let's fly to Pewter City, shall we? *gets on Altaria*
[u]Altaria:[/u] Chiiiii! *flies off*

[i]Dolly and Altaria flew to Pewter City, right in front of the gym.[/i]

[u]Dolly:[/u] Here we are! Altaria, return! *Altaria goes inside pokeball* *enters gym* Hello? Is anyone here?
[u]Brock:[/u] Hey there! *rushes up to Dolly* How can I help you, miss? My, you're looking beautiful today? Hey, are you doing anything tonight? Maybe we can get together and...
[u]Dolly:[/u] *pushes Brock away* Get away from me! I came here for a gym battle, not a date!
[u]Brock:[/u] Huh? Oh... *shakes his head vigorously* Right. Let's go. *enter the battlefield*
[u]Flint:[/u] Hey, we have a challenger, huh? All right! I'll be the referee for this match then! This will be a two-on-two battle with no time limit. Begin!
[u]Brock:[/u] Go Golem! *Golem appears*
[u]Dolly:[/u] Hmmm... Go Misdreavus! *Misdreavus appears*
[u]Brock:[/u] OK, Golem, let's begin with a Tackle attack!
[u]Golem:[/u] Gooool!

[i]Golem rolls around towards Misdreavus... It's a direct hit! Wait... What's happening... Amazing! Golem passed right through Misdreavus without inflicting any damage at all![/i]

[u]Dolly:[/u] Hahahaha! Normal attacks won't work on ghost Pokemon! Go Misdreavus! Use Psywave!
[u]Misdreavus:[/u] Misss...
[u]Brock:[/u] Quick! Defense Curl!

[i]Golem uses Defense Curl... And here comes Misdreavus's Psywave attack! Golem may be good at defense, but will it stand a chance against a psychic attack? Golem appears to be OK... Uh-oh, looks like Golem's feeling a bit dizzy...[/i]

[u]Brock:[/u] Hang in there, Golem!
[u]Golem:[/u] Gol.
[u]Brock:[/u] Good. Now use Rollout!
[u]Golem:[/u] Golllllem!

[i]And Golem charges right for Misdreavus! Looks like she's in trouble here...[/i]

[u]Dolly:[/u] No problem. Use your Psychic attack!
[u]Misdreavus:[/u] Misssss!

[i]And Misdreavus blocks with a Psychic attack and sends Golem flying! Normally, Golem would be too heavy to pick up, but it's no match for a psychic attack![/i]

[u]Brock:[/u] No! Golem!
[u]Golem:[/u] Golll... em. *faints*
[u]Flint:[/u] Golem is unable to battle! Misdreavus is the winner!
[u]Misdreavus:[/u] Missss!
[u]Dolly:[/u] All right! You did it! OK, Brock, looks like I'm sticking with my Misdreavus.
[u]Brock:[/u] All right, go, Onix! *Onix appears* Onix, use Screech!
[u]Onix:[/u] Wrooooooar!
[u]Misdreavus:[/u] Misssss...
[u]Dolly:[/u] Hey! Quit copying me! Misdreavus, you OK? Good. Use Shadow Ball!
[u]Misdreavus:[/u] Misss...
[u]Brock:[/u] Use Bide!
[u]Onix:[/u] Onnnnnnnn... *absorbs the Shadow Ball and releases it back at Misdreavus*

[i]Onix's Bide attack hits Misdreavus head-on![/i]

[u]Dolly:[/u] No, Misdreavus! Are you all right? Hmmm... OK, then use Mean Look!
[u]Misdreavus:[/u] Misss... *stare*
[u]Onix:[/u] Ooon?
[u]Brock:[/u] Now what?
[u]Dolly:[/u] I'll show you. Now finish it off with Perish Song!
[u]Misdreavus:[/u] Misss... dreeeee... dreeeee... misss... Dreeee... vis... dreeeee...eee...
[u]Onix:[/u] Ooooonnnn!
[u]Brock:[/u] Uh-oh, Onix, use Rock Slide! Hurry!
[u]Onix:[/u] Wroooooar!

[i]It looks like Misdreavus is in trouble...[/i]

[u]Dolly:[/u] Misdreavus, return! *calls back Misdreavus* Go Hypno! *Hypno appears*
[u]Brock:[/u] Aack! The Perish Song! Onix, return!

[i]What? The laser hits Onix and scatters...[/i]

[u]Brock:[/u] Huh? What happened?
[u]Dolly:[/u] Hahahahaha! Mean Look prevents your Onix from escaping! Your Onix will be history very soon. Meanwhile... Hypno, hold Onix off with Hypnosis!
[u]Hypno:[/u] Hypno... Hypno... Hypno... Hypno...
[u]Onix:[/u] Onnnn... oooooon...
[u]Brock:[/u] Onix, look away!
[u]Onix:[/u] Onnnnn...

[i]Onix manages to sort of escape the Hypnosis spell... but he still looks kind of drowsy...[/i]

[u]Brock:[/u] Onix, use Rock Throw!
[u]Onix:[/u] Onnnnn...
[u]Brock:[/u] Onix? Earth to Onix!

[i]Uh-oh, it looks like Onix is too drowsy to attack...[/i]

[u]Brock:[/u] Snap out of it, Onix!
[u]Dolly:[/u] It can't. The only way your Onix can wake up is if my Hypno attacks it. And that won't happen.
[u]Brock:[/u] Does that mean your Hypno's just going to sit there and do nothing? Well that's boring... You won't win this battle if you don't attack!
[u]Dolly:[/u] Not quite. *smirk* Just wait and see.

[i]Onix sits there feeling dizzy, while Hypno just stands there doing nothing. Both trainers wait a few minutes and...[/i]

[u]Onix:[/u] ONNNNNN!
[u]Brock:[/u] Onix! What's happening?
[u]Dolly:[/u] *giggle* Perish Song took its effect. But my Misdreavus wasn't affected because it switched out.
[u]Brock:[/u] No!
[u]Onix:[/u] Onnn... *faints*
[u]Flint:[/u] Onix is unable to battle. Dolly wins the battle!
[u]Dolly:[/u] Yay! All right Hypno! We did it!
[u]Hypno:[/u] Hypno hypno.
[u]Dolly:[/u] Oh that's right, Misdreavus did help too. But you did send Onix into dreamland! And, Brock, this means...
[u]Brock:[/u] Yep, you earned it, Dolly. You're really a great trainer, and not to mention a pretty face.
[u]Dolly:[/u] *sweatdrop* Ummm... yeah. Uhhh.. Yay! I won a Boulder Badge! Thanks, Brock!
[u]Brock:[/u] Anytime.

[i]Dolly left the gym and sent out her Altaria again. She hopped on, and they flew up high, almost to the clouds. By this time, the sun was about to set, and the whole sky lookes pretty.[/i]

[u]Dolly:[/u] Wow, Altaria, isn't it beautiful? And look! You blend right in!
[u]Altaria:[/u] Taaaaaar. *flies above the clouds*
[u]Dolly:[/u] Wow...

[i]Dolly and Altaria watch the sun set, then they fly off, with the bright full moon shining like a giant firefly.[/i]

[u]Dolly:[/u] This is so nice... Well, Altaria, where to next?
[u]Altaria:[/u] Aaaaaaa.
[u]Dolly:[/u] Yeah, good question. Hey, I heard there's a new gym in Lavender Town. I'm not sure if it's open yet, but let's check it out!
[u]Altaria:[/u] Aaaaalll!

[i]Hmmm... What new adventures await Dolly in Lavender Town? We'll just have to find out...[/i][/size][/color]
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[size=1][color=ff66cc][B]OOC:[/B] Conversation in Brackets{} means that Starr is talking to a psychic, and [] means that she is talking to her pokemon telepathically. And also, Gary Oak is not an Extremist. He is just a Ketchum Rival.

Starr: Let's go, Dragonair. Let's beat Ash's rival. [Let him choose the first move.]
Gary: Alright. Blastoise. Let's see some dancin' in that Rain Dance!
Blastoise: Blast! Blast, Blast, Blastoise!

[i]Suddenly, rain began to drop down from the sky. Everyone stopped their battles and walked to see Starr's and Gary's. Blastiose stopped dancing and Dragonair stood there getting soaked in the rain. This gave Starr and idea, when rain dance was used, it gave water attacks more power, but it also allowed caused Thunder attacks to have 100% accuracy. But then Starr remembered that she did not have Magneton with her along with Pichu.

Something else came into her mind. She could still use other attacks and if she used Twister, the Twister would gather some rain and create a Twister filled with water.[/i]

Starr: Dragonair! Use Twister! But try to aim it that puddle in te middle of the field!
Dragonair: Raaar!

[i]Dragonair sent a large mass of wind towards the large puddle and as it swirled, it grabbed most of the water and flew towards Blastoise. It came closer and closer. Gary stood there surprised.[/i]

Gary: Uh..Blastoise! Use...uhm...withdraw.
Starr: Too late.

[i]The Twister hit Blastoise and he was sent flying back. Starr jumped down and stood behind Dragonair. She looked to Gary and then to Blastoise, then to Meteora, and then to Dragonair.[/i]

Starr: Alright, Dragonair, Hyper Beam!

[i]Dragonair's tail started to glow a bright gold and emense power charged up around it. Then it threw its tail back and then shot the Hyper Beam towards Blastoise.

As it was getting up, it saw the Hyper Beam, but couldn't do anything. It was thrown back. It tried to get up, but it fell immediatley.[/i]

Petra: I'll take over. Who's winning?
Judge: The Legend is, ma'am.
Petra: How many?
Judge: First battle. She won this one.
Petra: Change of Judges. And in the MTB, it is allowed, but only for battles like these. Now, Blastoise is unable to battle, Dragonair is the winner.

[i]Gary returned Blastoise to its pokeball and he looked to Starr.[/i]

Gary: I never you'd be strong. But, you should know...I'm stronger. Let's get this battle going! Umbreon!
Starr: Seviper? Please. Alright. If that's what you want. Return Dragonair. You did good. Umbreon, I choose you!
Umbreon: Umbre!
Gary: Umbreon, use Pursuit!
Starr: Confuse Ray, now!

[i]Starr's Umbreon sent out a ray of psy while Gary's Umbreon used Pursuit. While the Confuse Ray ran to Gray's Umbreon, it hit it. Gary's Umbreon stopped before it hit Starr's.[/i]

Gary: Use Quick Attack!
Umbreon: Umbre? Bre? Bre bre!
Starr: *giggles* Umbreon! Faint Attack!
Umbreon: UMBREON!

[i]Starr's Umbreon walked slowly, but then it seemed as it disappeared, as if back into its pokeball. Gary's Umbreon seemed to relax. But then it was tackled towards Gary's feet. It wasn't confused, but it was sort of out of it.[/i]

Gary: Umbreon. You ok?
Umbreon: Umbre.
Gary: Well, then get back out there.
Umbreon: Umbre!
Gary: Alright. Try a Tackle. She'll have to miss that.
Starr: Tsk tsk tsk. You should know better. Umbreon, once it gets near, use Crunch!

[i]Gary's Umbreon ran towards Starr's Umbreon, once it was close, Starr's Umbreon ran towards it as well, but it seemed to have slid under Gary's Umbreon's neck and it bit down hard.[/i][/size][/color]
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