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Jeepers Creepers 2


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I didn't see a thread for this, so what the hell. I really need to pass on my thoughts on this movie. I should note that I am very hard on movies compared to most. I bet a lot of you will like this. To each their own.

Most every week I get dragged to the movies by someone. Sometimes it's a good thing. Most of the time it's a bad thing, as evidenced by such movies as Tomb Raider 2 and this.

I hated the original Jeepers Creepers. In my opinion, if a horror movie isn't scary... then it should have some humorous value. Jeepers Creepers has neither of these things, and seemingly goes absolutely nowhere... propelled by devices that further the plot, which really have no thought process behind them whatsoever. I never understood the apparent success of this movie, or what value anyone saw in it.

Somehow part two managed to be worse. In fact, the first is almost amazing compared to this one. I knew I was going to hate it when I first heard of it, but I still tried to stay objective and give it a chance. A lot of good that did.

Anyway, we walked in and the theater was packed. Oops, I mean, it was basically empty. This is the first movie I've seen in well over a month that wasn't relatively packed on its opening weekend.

The opening scenes are fine enough. I'm sure everyone familiar with the movie has seen them. All that cornfield crap. At this point the movie seems to have some hope, as all of this is fairly well done.

I don't know that any of this is spoiler-worthy, but what the hell. It doesn't ruin much of anything.

[spoiler]Then we get to the rest of the movie. Thank god there is no psychic nut lady like in the first, but instead we're treated to a randomly psychic cryptic girl who just happens to get her "powers" when all this stuff happens. It's far more believable than the crap in the first, so I can't knock the movie for this.

The rest of the movie is basically this football team packed into a bus like sardines. Generally, you're probably used to seeing half naked (or totally naked) girls in these films, but this one doesn't have any. Instead you're treated to half naked guys on a constant basis. I guess that can be a benefit to some people, so I figured I'd mention it. It was a change of pace, at the least. I don't really know why they all stand so close and talk while they piss in an open field, but whatever.

The monster itself is the same as in the first film. It randomly acts like a human, and randomly acts like some sort of pteranadon. The monster is the only redeeming part of this film. He's not original in any sense. In fact, he reminds me of Freddy on many levels for whatever reason. There is a cool scene were he grows back his body parts. This is possibly the only remotely original part of the film, and that's stretching it.

The main problem in this movie is the dialogue. It's either written really badly or delivered very poorly. It's not even cheesy B-Movie level dialogue. It's just bad.

The first half of the movie after the corn field really accomplishes nothing. A couple people disappear (I did like the disappearance of the lady with the flares, at least) and they figure out what this thing wants thanks to Psychic Girl. I don't remember any of their names since I don't give a damn.

Somehow that's all that is accomplished in well over the first half. I was squirming in my seat the entire time waiting for it to end.

The second half is admittedly much better, but that doesn't amount to much. A little bit before the crazy farm guy finds the kids (he's been hunting the monster since the cornfield incident), the movie does pick up and become slightly interesting on a purely brainless level.[/spoiler]

And even after writing all that, I can't even come up with enough words to describe the rest of it. It's just bad. It does very little right. It doesn't even do the things it rips off well. At times it seemed like this movie wanted to make some profound statement (with the constant references to teamwork and a few other things), but it constantly just fell on its face. The director is also a known sex offender (I believe against boys), and at times I kind of got the sense that he was sticking that thought process into this movie. It didn't really affect anything though, at least not in a bad way. The monster prefers boys for whatever reason though.

Even the music was pretty bad, and a lot of it was just unfitting.

Sorry this was so long, but ugh. It has beaten out Tomb Raider 2 as the dumbest movie I've seen so far this year.

I give this movie my lowest rating ever: 7 thumbs up.
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Hm, actually [i]The Medallion[/i] was worse than this--but just barely. So, what an accomplishment that is considering the fact that I loathed TM! What's important here is that everyone should listen to us. Avoid [i]Jeepers Creepers 2[/i] like the plague. If the film were any worse, you'd come out of it with a rash. It's pitiful. Even for the genre it represents.

At most, I went into JC2 hoping to have a few laughs and witness a handful of interesting death scenes. Unfortunately, I just couldn't be entertained by a busload of boring jocks with abysmal dialogue being chased by a monster whose impact seems to have diminished since the first. At least its predecessor had an element of surprise--where you're shocked that the antagonist is a bat monster. That appeal is gone here. What you're left with is a bland imitation of The Predator.

As far as the teens are concerned--it's impossible to focus on anyone. The film attempts to add characterization to some of these people--but fails miserably because it's impossible for anyone to care about any of the bland personalities represented here. They attempt to make one character interesting because he has a history shrouded in rumors of homosexuality--but they never go anywhere with it. It's just there for the sake of being there.

Worse yet, the hairs on my neck stood on end when I discovered that one of the lead actresses was named "Minxie." It's one of those fake names that are only there to sound cute when other teenagers say it. "Are you all right, Minx!" Bleck. Her acting add to the horror--and by horror I mean the fact that you're being forced to listen to her deliver her lines. Her pronunciation of syllables irritated me to no end. Listen to her say the word "eat" and you'll know what I mean.

Compound that with the fact that Minxie seems to grasp the situation beyond normal limitation [reality] and the plot becomes unbearable. It's almost as if they couldn't come up with a way to deliver the narrative in an interesting and creative way, so they gave us another character with "psychic powers" who just happens to know exactly what's going on through her dreams. All in all, the plot is clumsier than a three-towed ballerina. If you actually pay attention to what is going on--it makes no sense nor does it tie in with the first very well.

So, let's get this straight. This movie is not scary. The dialogue is horrible. There is no sense of fear. The timeline makes zero sense. And, the ending is unsatisfying. If you want your money's worth, wait for the re-release of [i]Aliens[/i].
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If this movie had a good point it would be this rewrite...

Monster is looking for teenages to terrorise
Finds a little girl
Monster gets pissed off because the girl wouldn't give back it's hat
Girl runs off
Monster finds teenages
Monster roars and looks vicious
Teenages swear profusley
Teenages run away
Teenagers find girl
SOMEHOW someone comes to the conclusion that the girl stole the monters hat and SOMEHOW it will make everything all better.
Teenaager says "Lets sacrafice the urchin!"
Teenagers throw girl out to be eaten\maimed
Nobody cares cause she was a brat anyway
Monster goes homeand has a nap
Teenages continue on journey full of team spirit and liquor they found in some shed
Movie ends, is able to be rated as 'B' grade.

Now come on, as movies go this sounds really bad. If they can't put the effort in...don't show it in cinemas.
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I don't know if there's anything about this already(oops), but if there isn't then here it go's.

I want to know what you people thought about the Jeepers Creepers 2 and how it compare's to the first one. Oh ya, and don't forget to put down your reason why.

Well, I thought the 2nd one was just as good as the first one except i thought there was alot more excitement to this one. The only thing is is that it didn't have the Jeepers Creepers song playin and that songs creepy man. :devil: The part i liked the best out of the second one is when that one guy gets his head taken off and the Jeeper Creeper dude gets rid of his head cause it got messed up and he used it for his own head. That part was awesome, but wierd at the same time. :naughty:
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