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[i] To the winner goes honor and the spoiles of battle, to the fallen comes eternal shame. Defeat is not an option, for the forsaken. [/i]

the year is 3047. To be more presice, April 30, 3047. A revised glatiator like colluseum stands in the middle of the town. Cheering and jeering fill the air, as four small space crafts try to annialate eachother using lazer's and missles. Suddenly, without warning, the ships turn from eachother and speed into the stands, killing many innocent people.
This was usual, now. For months, ship pilots have been rebelling on the innocent crowd that watched their manslaughter. Rumors float that the rebel started with this pilot:


The rebellion has continued for months, pilots being pulled in as this man's followers.
~10 years later, April 30
The rebels have taken over their own contry, known as Murderous. Actions must be taken, and a special group of pilots arrive to the situation...

Find your pilot's apperences at [url]http://www.acclaim.com/games/forsaken/char.html[/url] keep in mind, that the added biographies won't meen much in the RPG
slap the chars onto this



Years of experience

Rank (Green, pathetic, intermediate, closer, Ace, divine) (this is more like a preference, I will choose later)

Apperence: (use pics, or describe, or use a pic of your own)

Laser Type(max: 2): (suss gun (rapid fire) Launcher (Shotgun) topex(huge cannon, long loading period) Ring ( med. power med. speed) or make one up)

Missle type (max 1): MFRL (multiple fire rocket launcher) Gravitron (paralyser) MUG (standard) Seeker (powerful, accurate, slow) other)

To pilot, you prefer: Speed, strength, defense, wisdom (order them from best to worst)

Here's mine:

Name Jax

Age 21

Years of experience 15

Rank Ace

Apperence: [img]http://www.acclaim.com/games/forsaken/char/images/jo_bike.jpg[/img]

Laser Type(max: 2): suss gun (rapid fire) Launcher (Shotgun)

Missle type (max 1): MFRL (multiple fire rocket launcher)

To pilot, you prefer: Speed, defense, strength, wisdom (order them from best to worst)
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