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RPG Animorphs: Face to Face


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[size=1][color=blue][b]Do not post in this RPG unless you are one of the following:

Me/Dominic Kaiser
JJ Riddler/Jay Kinder
Blanko/Sam Smith
SailorStar/Catt Marcus
Sheikahmon/Diana Vebda
KnightofTheRose/Jonas Artribidad
Raiha/Graie Vaikai


Posts shall not be shorter than two paragraphs. [u]A bunch of dialogue of multiple characters will not count as a paragragh.[/u] Example: "blah blah blah blah blah" "blah blah yidde yiddde yidde" "loo loo loo kiki"

Please don't introduce anyone else's character. Sure, I will have them appear a the end of my post, but don't give them dialogue.

On to the game....

[center][u]Animorphs: Face to Face[/u][/center]

Leaping into the air, Jake, Cassie, Rachel, Marco, and Ax made their way through the construction site as dogs. Tobias flew gracefully overhead.

{Are you sure you know this guy, Ax?} said Jake, in though-speak.

{Yes, Prince Jake. He is a fellow..what would you call it, Animorph?} Ax replied.

{And his name is?} Marco added.

{Dirandon Helios Kamarta} Ax replied.

They made their way to the site where they first recieved their morphing powers. There, standing in the midst, was a being similar to what Ax looked like but with a silver breastplate and cuffs around his wrists.

{Helios!} shouted Ax.

{Ah...what have they dubbed you? Ax, is it?} the being said.

{Yes, it is Ax. Now, to get to why you wanted us here.}

{Hello, fellow Animorphs. As you know, the Yeerks are almost succeeding in their plan. Although you handle this very well, I believe it is time for you to graduate from your powers.}

{What?!} screamed an outraged Marco.

{We can't! We have to defeat Visser III!} yelled Cassie.

{Calm down, calm down. There is another thing you need to know. Visser III and the Yeerks are about to be evicted by newer, more powerful enemies called the Dieros. Along with them, their leader, Visser VI will be here.}

{Oh no,} Ax said quietly.

{Then you'll need us to defend the people!} shouted Rachel.

{No, no. You deserve a normal life. I've already alerted a team of seven teenagers for you to pass on your powers to. And Ax, you will be going home. You, too, deserve a normal life.}

Behind them, seven people stood in the shadows.

OOC: Use brackets {} for thought-speak.

Begin next scene after they already have their powers, the next day.[/b][/color][/size]
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[i] Alexus slowly creeped down the long metal corridor of the ship. She was extra carefull not to let her shoes make noise on the cold metal flooring. Voices were heard down the corridor and She leaped into a small space in the wall and waited for a sign.

The silence greeted her and she continued on down the corridor. Soon she came to the bridge and entered the access code. She slipped in and jammed the doors so they couldnt be opened from the outside. She turned around and let out a sigh. Her ship... her very own ship had been taken over by the enemy. She felt shamed by her faliure to protect her ship and crew. With almosth alf her crew dead and the other half taken captive. She awaited an answer. [/i]

Sam rolled her eyes and shut the book. The title was ok but the writing stature was just sloppy. Not to mention science fiction books just werent her thing. She tossed the book onto the bed and walked over to the window. She rolled her eyes. She was now living in a science fiction book she thought to herself as she watched the little kids play out in the street.

She turned and walked to her room door but then got an idea. She stood still and thought for a moment. She then began to concintrate.

{Odin... Come here odin! Come here boy...} She said to the animal down stairs through thought speech.

Suddenly she heard huge feet slam against the stairs and thromp all the way up to her door. She opened the door and the huge Great Dane looked at her with confused eyes. She scratched him behind his ears and pointed for him to leave her room. He stood and turned slowly and slowly wandered back downstairs where he was sleeping earlier.

"Well that worked..." Sam said to herself quickly as she went to sit on her front porch.
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Guest Skyechild91
Catt slammed her locker shut. She had had a waful math class, and had paper balls in her yellow/red hair. She shook her head, a paper ball falling out. She slipped her backpack on, walked to her house. She went up to her room, and dropped her pack on the bed. {Demon? Here kitty, kitty.} A calico cat walked into the room, rubbing on her leg. Catt reached down, and picked up Demon. "Wow, I cant believe that worked." She put Demon on the bed, and sat down. She petted the cat, and picked upi her phone. She dialed Sams number. She needed to know what they were supposed to do. She got dial tone, and set the phone back. She scratched Demon's head, getting a purr. She rested her hand, and closed her eyes. She concentrated, and Demon stooped purring. A few minutes passed, and Demon regained her purring. Catt could now feel the cats DNA running through her. She walked to er mirror, picked up her brush, and brushed the rest of the paper balls out of her hair.
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Sam looked around and sighed. What a peacefull neighborhood. To bland for sam though. It was to boring and there was never anything to do. She stood up and walked back inside. Her caller id flashed and she checked who had called.

"Ohhh Hmm i wonder if i should call her back..."

"Call who" A voice thundered behind her.

"Just a friend dad... just a friend. Im not calling the army sheessh."

"Ah whatever."

Sam walked back up to Her room. odin following her every step lazily. Sam sat on her bed and continued to concider it. She finally picked up the phone and dialed. Hopefully someone would answer. The long ringing noise indicated the phone indeed was rining through but was anyone there?
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[color=royalblue][i]Graie fiddled with her notebook quietly. Absolutely bored out of her skull. Compared to yesterday, this was about as thrilling as watering the garden. She waited patiently for the bell to ring. Which it did. Thank god.

She stood and gathered her things. Backpack, notebook, textbook, pencil, papers, waterbottle. She zipped up the compartments and made a beeline for the exit. And then through the halls, weaving in and out of traffic with perfect balance. Then out to the parking lot, into the car, and back home. She made a beeline for the freeway and entered without hassle, made it home, and crashed onto the bed.

This was so.....ugh.

She flicked off the lights and drew the shades. Her clothes hit the floor as she hit the bed, nearly asleep. No more moving for the rest of the day. If she could help it.[/i][/color]
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[b]Neil-[/b] "No. That's all there is to it. You bailed on me last night. I was waiting for [i]you[/i]. The double date was for [i]us[/i], not me, [i]us[/i]. You left me there with Shelly and her sister looking like an ***. I will not cover your half of the rent!" Norm had gone a slight shade of red. A vein pulsed monotonously on his forehead. Jonas shrugged.

[b]Jonas-[/b] "Then I'm afraid we're going to get evicted. Listen... Neil, I will pay you back. It's only a hundred bucks. You know Adam and James will throw in their hundred. They always do. I had to buy some new clothes... They got, uh, ripped up... At work. Don't look at me like that! You look like my damn dad. I'll put in a few extra shifts. I will pay you back." Jonas ran a hand through his hair as Neil eyed him. His eyes pierced like daggers.

[b]Neil-[/b] "Fine! Fine. I don't care anymore. I don't even know why I'm still your friend. I should have dropped you in junior high. Now we're living in a college dorm and going to effing college. You're probbaly going to drop out after this year but end up still living with me." Jonas embrased him and put a big overly comical smack on his cheek.

[b]Jonas-[/b] "You're a life saver. I'll see you tonight. I'm gonna go in and put in a few extra hours." Jonas slapped his friends hand and trotted from the building. The day was clear. The sky a bright blue. The traffic, light, but thick enough so you didn't want to take a walk in the street. He walked over to his locked bike and removed the Kryptonite lock. He jumped on, making sure to put on a helmet, and rode his way to the county zoo. He worked there as a Janitor.
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[COLOR=royalblue][i]She opened her eyes, later in the evening, and felt wide awake. For once. She ate her dinner, then got dressed. Black. Always black. On a whim, she drove to the zoo. She parked, and got in without any complications. Graie had always had a thing for animals, enjoying their company, watching them, drawing them, wishing she was one of them. But her absolute favorites were the huge black panthers.

She walked through the paths quietly, calmly, without any unecessary movement. Then stopped just in front of the cage bars. He was watching her. Tall and proud. Reclining against the side of the tree, lounging really. Twilight, was always the time he moved. And he could smell something he enjoyed.

That creature that watched him for hours on end. He slid up to the bars and eyed her. She eyed him back.[/i][/COLOR]
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He smiled. Graie always did have a thing for panthers. A small family was taking flashless pictures about a hundred feet away. They seemed exceedingly enthralled at her dangerous actions. People were funny. Jonas strolled casually over to the family, making sure his janitor hat was turned backwards.

[b]Jonas-[/b] "I'm sorry folks. We forgot to close off this section of the zoo. It's almost closing time and were conducting a research study. If you would please move out of this area, we don't want to disturb the panthers. Thankyou." They left rather downtrodden, but without comment. With the spectators gone Jonas crept slowly behind the young woman. Fifty feet. She didn't even hear him, but the panther did. Her ears flicked as he stepped on a small branch, but the two didn't break their gaze. An arms length now. He reached out slowly and poked her in the ribs. She jumped and accidently reached her hand through the bars. Her right hand landed on the animals flank. It immediately began to purr. Graie gasped a little as she felt the panthers DNA surge into her body. "Boo." She turned around, taking her hand off the animal, and slapped Jonas rather hard.

[b]Graie-[/b] "You little ****. I could have got hurt!" He smiled and rubbed his cheek.

[b]Jonas-[/b] "Sara wouldn't hurt you. She barely growls nowadays." He reached through the bars and pet the panther lovingly. Graie kissed him lightly.

[b]Graie-[/b] "When do you get off?" Jonas shrugged.

[b]Jonas-[/b] "I've got to pay Neil back a hundred bucks. He covered my rent for this month. So probably not 'til ten."
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[COLOR=royalblue]Graie: ...you always had a **** time with finances.

Jonas: But seriously, how are you?

Graie: ....plugging away at school. Pulling up the grades everyone wants to see. Quite satisfied with it really.

Jonas: But you want something more?

Graie: I doubt there is anything else.

[i]She sighed and leaned against the bars. Sara purred deep in her throat and rubbed against the human creature that had touched her mind to hers. It was rare that such a thing happened. But when it did.....

Jonas touched her face with his palm. She pressed his hand into her cheek.[/i]

Jonas: Are you alright?

Graie: ....yeah.

[i]He bent down and kissed her lips softly.[/i][/COLOR]
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[b]Jonas-[/b] "I wish I had met you a year earlier. I would have had another year of seeing you every day all day, instead of a couple days a week for a few hours."

[b]Graie-[/b] "Plus the whole illegal dating thing." He nodded grimly.

[b]Jonas-[/b] "That's what we get for being two years apart. A Senior and a Junior. Stranger things have happened." She kissed him lightly again.

[b]Graie-[/b] "Like a college Freshman and a highschool Senior?" They smiled.

[b]Jonas-[/b] "Exactly. But unfortunately, I am at work. If I don't get back to cleaning this damn place I'll get yelled at. Soooooo, I'll see you at ten. Tell your mom I'm taking you out this time." He leaned in and kissed her lightly again.

[b]Graie-[/b] "Ten. You better be there to pick me up, in your car this time." Graie winked at him as she moved away. The last time he had a date with her he had shown up on his bike. They had a good laugh, but she made him ride back home and get his car. Sara purred from behind him.

[b]Jonas-[/b] {I'll tell Ron to hurry up and let you back in, sweetie. Maybe I'll sneak you some extra meat later. You deserve it.} She purred deeply and waltzed to the back of her enclosure. She layed down and drifted into a light sleep. Jonas speared a discarded container and put it in his trashbag. Work sucked.
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[COLOR=royalblue][i]She walked out past the animal cages and into the park area. She climbed the nearest big tree, inhaling the scents. For some reason, she could see better, even though dusk was giving way to night. And she could smell the olives. Not an unpleasant smell. Actually it was quite pleasant. And climbing the tree was never easier.

Once she was comfortable, stretched out on the limb, she crossed her arms and legs around the branch, then settled back and waited.

It would be awhile. In the meantime, she closed her eyes and thought happy thoughts. Around 9: 50, she roused herself. He was calling her name. She slid down slowly and ran out onto the green. He caught her up in a bear hug, spinning her around. She laughed and put her arm around his waist, his around her shoulders. She was somewhat shorter than him, but not enough to cause problems when kissing or hugging otherwise. The two headed for the parking lot, not saying much, just enjoying the company.[/i]

Graie: So where are we going to night?

Jonas: ....what do you prefer?

Graie: ...um......erum....I'm not that hungry actually. I could go for a Slurpee.

Jonas: Cheap is good.[/COLOR]
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Sam got no answer and gave up. She hung the phone up and thought about trying the whole DNA thing with her dog but then decided such a lazy animal would be a useless morph. She stood up and walked down stairs. Her mom was home this time.

"Mom... you going to work tonight?"

"Yes sam. Would you like to come along. Im sure Horus would like to so play."

"Yes thats why i asked! Im soooo bored and a night at the Cages would be nice." Sam nods.

Half an hour later they arrived at the small Rare Bird Center. Her mom walked in and Sam followed. Sam wandered into a huge area that was caged in. A huge golden eagle flew down and landed on Sam's glove protected arm. It let out a loud screech.

"Yes horus are you ready to play our little game?" Sam laughed {You ready my friend?}

The bird seemed to nod as if it understood. He then flapped his wings and flew up to a large tree perch he called home. Sam went to the back door and went out into the backyard. It was all fenced and caged in for the newer birds so they wouldnt escape. Sam went back and got Horus. She returned to the back yard.

Bright pink colors streaked across the dark blue sky. Sam had Horus on one arm and in her other hand she had a glowing stick. Horus flew from her arm and circled above her. She threw the glowing stick and it landed far from her position. She made a hand signal and horus went after it but instead of just swooping down and get it he stared at it and circled it for a moment then dove. He grabed it and soared along the ground back to Sam.

"Nothing like a little game of fetch before bed eh?" Sam laughed and threw it again making a different signal. This time Horus landed ten feet from it and hopped over to it to pick it up. he then flew back to sam.

Sam watched him fly for a while and smiled. She signaled him down and once he was firmly gripping the glove she reached up and ran the top of her finger along his sleek shiney feathers. She closed her eyes and concintrated. A surging feeling was felt in both animal and human. Horus made a small noise and his eyes kinda blanked out. Sam opened her eyes and soon Horus regained himself.

{Now that wasnt so bad now was it...}
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[size=1][b]Dominic, or Dom hurried down to the zoo. Kam had told him to wait there, for some reason, and he took this as a chance to get a morph. He walked past some cages, but didn't really see anything he liked until he came up to t he wolf cage.

Dom: [i]This should be nice..[/i]

The wolf slowly came to the bars of the cage, with a little of his encouragement of course. He put his hand on the wolf's head and began to concentrate. The wolf's eyes went blank as Dom extracted the DNA, and then backed away.[/b][/size]
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OOC: I am sorry I had plans last night and didn't get a chance to post.

Jay slammed his locker shut and raced out the school. He was hoping to get home before his parents to try and see if this new power really worked. He hopped on his bike and peddled as fast as his legs could carry him.
After getting home Jay rushed up the stairs and threw his bookbag on the bed. He then procede to try and call his pet cat Ginger but she wasn't around. So he tried a new angle. {Ginger, Here kitty, kitty, kitty} And suddenly she appeared from around the corner. Jay then stooped down and put a hand on her.
It was a sensation that neither Jay nor the cat had ever felt. Like power running through each of thier veins, they being interlocking in an neverending circle. Jay then pulled away and walked to his room where he sat on his bed and tried to sort out all of his thoughts.
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Sam spent some more time with Horus and then returned him to his cage. She told her mother she was going home and her mom nodded kindly and kept working. Sam left the building and began walking towards her home. It was getting quite dark and sam smiled.

"My time of day..." She sighed calmly to herself.

The streets we sort of empty and sam was in the area of town that was already closed. All the stores and restraunts all closed and no reason for people to be around. Sam looked around and slipped into a dark alley where she began to concentrate. She felt the Eagle in her...she felt its strength, Its grace, she felt his keen senses.

She opened her eyes and began to concentrate on the eagle. She felt her bones change. She heard her bones crack and bend. Her skin began to feel strange as the grown grew closer. Feathers began to grown all over her body. Her arms folded back out and became wings. Her nose became hard and sharp. It grew outwards and hardned. Her eyes shanged and she could see much differently than before. Her legs grew short and talons appaeared. Her clothes fell to the ground and she flapped her wings.

{How... Strange...} She said to herself as she looked at the pile of clothes {Well i guess ill have to think of something to prevent that from happening.}

She felt the urge to fly that came from the Eagle... She granted the wish and got a few steps and spread her wings. She lifted herself off the ground and flew. She felt the wind under her wings and she felt the updraft lift her higher. She glanced down upon the city below her. Her sight was incredible. She headed for her house.

She came upon the house fast and landed on her window seal. She looked in to her room. She hoped she forgot to lock the window. She took flight again and circled. She dove at her window which was indeed unlocked because when she slamed into it both sides swung inwards and open. She tumbled to the floor and regained her balance. She hopped into the closet where she slowly changed back.

She grabbed some clothes and dressed quickly. She flopped down onto her bed as her dad walked in.

"What was all the noise about?"

"Uh... window was jammed... Ill have to fix it later" Sam said not even looking up. She glanced at the book and then listened to her father leave.

{Now thats what i call fun!} She laughed to herself.
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Guest Skyechild91
Catt dove onto her bed, trying to get to the phone. Its stopped ringing just as she picked it up. [I]****![/I] She thought. She sighed. [I]Maybe I'll just got to the zoo. Maybe soem one I know will be there.[/I] She slipped her jacket back on, and went down stairs. She didnt need to worry about her parents, they worked late. She went to the garage, and got out her blue speeder. She hopped on, and went to the zoo. She slid to a stop, and, seeing a boy with the same powers as her, she sipped over to the gate. She motioned to him. He saw her, and waved. She went in, and went over to where Graie was at the panther cage. She said, quietly," Im going over to the tiger cage. Wanna come?"
OCC: Sorry. I had to go to bed. Had to get up early today.
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OOC: It's still no reason to disobey master Leh's rules... *rolls eyes*
The dusty, olive coloured El Camino rolled down the city streets. It was an old car, well past it's expected lifetime. Probably sixty thousand miles over. But Jonas did constant repairs, so the car ran. He edged the pedal down a little more. The engine rumbled and picked up a little speed, though it seemed reluctant to do so. He stepped on the brake and turned the wheel. The car idled into the local icecream shop. It was crammed. A couple people waved to the two in the car as they exited, but no one walked up to them. The line seemed to almost not move. It was at least ten minutes before they were at the register.

[b]Jonas-[/b] "Two Slurpees please." The man looked at Jonas.

[b]Attendant-[/b] "Yes?"

[b]Jonas-[/b] "What?" The boy scoweled. He couldn't have been more than fifteen and obviously wasn't happy at this little ****hole job. It showed.

[b]Attendant-[/b] "What flavors do you want." No salesman smile there. Jonas looked at the boy slightly menacingly.

[b]Jonas-[/b] "Get me your manager."

[b]Attendant-[/b] "I am the ****in' manager. What's your problem?" Jonas inhaled deeply, trying very hard not to lose his cool. He had aquired the DNA of a grizzly bear two nights ago, right after they had recieved their abilities. He was pulling a graveyard shift at work because he needed that day off. After he had aquired the animal, he went on his rounds. Nothing much was left for a janitor to do. The end of the day people had already picked up all the trash. He was walking across the portion of the zoo with the primates and saw one of the doors to the Primate House stading open. Curious as to why such a thing could be overloked, he walked inside.

A group of early teens, the oldest probbaly about the age of Slurpee Boy, were sitting in front of the gorilla cage chucking pennies at the animal. It was becomming more and more enraged. He wondered why he hadn't heard it's bellows from outside. 'Hey' he had said. 'What the hell are you doing? Get the **** out of here!' The stood and pulled a few different kinds of weapons from their pockets. Knives, ball bearings with sligshots, and something that looked like a taser. He ran. The boys caught up to him and pinned him down. The one with the taser hit him with it in the arm.

Jonas' eyes went wide with pain. Brown fur sprouted from his skin. His bones melted down and changed shape into the strong bones of a bear. His face pushed outward. His ears travelled up his head. His hair sucked into the top of his growing face. The boys were now standing about ten feet away, scared silly... Except one. One stood there with a look of pure hate on his face. 'Andalite' he hissed violently, not realizing that the bear had never been in Andalite form. And right before Jonas let out an earthshattering roar, he let a steel ball fly into the animals belly. Jonas roared, more with anger than pain. He reared up to his full ten feet and looked down at the Yeerk. {Leave.} The Yeerk dropped the slingshot and ran after his friends.

Graie gripped his hand, eyes narrowed at the Slurpee Boy.

[b]Jonas-[/b] "You should really think about changing your attitude you little ****." He looekd down to see a sprout of brown fur on his hand. He stuck it in his pocket and regained control of himself. "Let's get out of here."
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[COLOR=royalblue][i]They left quietly, ignoring several stares. Graie shook her head as soon as they were out of immediate view. She brought his hand out, despite his efforts. With the back of her hand, she felt the thick warm fur, and he colored slightly.[/i]

Jonas: Sorry.

Graie: It's not your fault.

[i]She smiled at him sweetly, and her eyes dialated and contracted, shifting from panther to human and human to panther. He smiled and kissed her forehead gently.[/i]

Graie: Let's go.

Jonas: Where to?

Graie: ....well, La Pinata Guzman's is good. They have the nice big burritos.

Jonas: You're still hungry?

Graie: I was thinking more in terms of you, but I wouldn't argue.[/COLOR]
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Guest Skyechild91
Catt stood next to the tiger cage, and gazed at the sleek being that lied withiin. It gazed back, and she thought,[You remeber me, dont you? I became you a day ago.] The tiger shifted, and said nothing back. She sighed. Standing up, she walked through the zoo until she came to teh bird exibit. She saw the peregrine falcon drop, catching a fish from teh water of its artefical habitat. She watched in awe as it swooped gracefully to a tree branch. She leaned over the rail, and trilled softly with her voice. The peregrine looked up, and hopped towards her. She trilled again, and it flew towards her. It landed about a foot away from her on a limb. She reached out, hand cupped. The peregrine thought she had something, so it leaned out. They touched, and teh peregrine went still. Catt waited, and soon its DNA was running through her. She leaned back, and teh peregrine flew off.
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Di sighed. [i]Why me? I'm just a high school student with a thing for anime-style cartoons. Now I know how Usagi from Sailor Moon feels.[/i] She didn't want to save the world. If these aliens were so strong that the original Animorphs had to retire, then how were a bunch of newbie kids gonna take care of them?
She shook that thought out of her head. [i]Usagi saved the world anyway. I can, too. But first I have to acquire some morphs and familiarize myself with the process. What to morph, what to morph...[/i]
Her eyes lit on the cage near the foot of her bed. Inside, a ferret dubbed Karst smacked at a rubber toy mouse that was hanging by the tail from the jungle gym in her cage. [i] That sure looks like fun. I wonder...[/i]
Di leaned down close to the ferret and pulled out a piece of beef jerky that she used to bribe the little furry animal. {Hey, Karst, is this a private party, or can anybody play?}
Karst immediately abandoned the rubber mouse and snatched at the beef. She would do anything for a little piece of SlimJim, though too much made her sick. Her fur shimmered in the tiny quantity of moonlight that filtered through the closed window.
Di slowly slid her hand around the little critter?s stomach and started to focus all her thoughts on the fuzzy shape writhing in her hand. Momentarily, Karst stopped writhing, and a peculiar electric buzzing sensation flooded through Di?s arm.
{So, little gal, you okay?}
Karst chewed vigorously on the SlimJim.
Di started focusing all her energy on the small member of the weasel family. But she still wasn?t prepared for the ceiling to suddenly rush upwards! {Waaah!} The surprise was enough to halt the morphing process, as well as to actually distract Karst from the jerky. Di tried again. Instead of shrinking again, she felt a sensation of a million tiny pins pricking her skin. She watched fur grow out of her flesh. Her body lengthened and her legs got shorter. It was amazing. She really was turning into a ferret! It was just like that blue dude said!
[i]Wait, is that a SlimJim?[/i] She wanted the SlimJim. But there was another ferret holding it. She sniffed at the air, hoping to figure out who the stranger was. But she picked up nothing but her own scent. What? The SlimJim! She wanted it so bad! But to take on an unknown, scentless enemy...
[i]Whoa! That?s Karst![/i] Di suddenly remembered. She had been warned about the animal instincts, but she hadn?t been expecting that, any more than she had been expecting to lose her clothes in the morph. She backed off from her challenging position and surrendered the SlimJim to Karst, who wolfed it down.
That was enough experimenting for one night. Di concentrated on her human form and struggled to contain her shock as she quite suddenly shot back up to her human height. Her arms and legs lengthened, as did her hair...
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ooc: Leh better be getting the story going on soon... im running out of ideas!

The next day Sam was wandering the streets. THey were filled with people and kids going to and from work, stores, school and such. Sam was happy that she was home schooled so she didnt have to deal with 7 classes and teachers.

She yawned, a little exhausted, and walked into a small cafe. She made a hand signal to the guy at the counter and then smiles before taking her regular seat. He nodded and began making her usual drink. Within minutes he brought her a steaming cup of some deleicuous drink. She smiled and he nodded before returning to his stop behind the counter.

Sam picked up the hot cup and drank as if it were iced tea. The guy behind the counter couldnt help but stare but then went back to his work. Sam almost began to laugh at herself as she placed the cup back down.

[i] i wonder what interesting things will happen today [/i]
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OOC: I second that.
They drove through the sity streets in the old El Camino towards La Pinata Guzmans, the best burrito place in town. He picked up two burritos from the dimly lit inside, and ended up eating both of them. Graie didn't want them, though she thanked him for the offer. The fur on Jonas' hand had faded as they made their way to the restaraunt. They weren't in the best part of town, but it really didn't matter. They could both defend themselves.

[b]Graie-[/b] "Where to now?" She looked at him with an amused expression on her face. He shrugged, clipping his seatbelt in and glancing at her. The light turned green.

[b]Jonas-[/b] "I don't know. We could go see a movie." She smiled, leaned over, and kissed him lightly on the cheek. "What waa that for?"
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[COLOR=royalblue]"No reason. You looked like you needed it."

"So, a movie?"

"Nah. Let's go to the hills."

[i]He nodded. The costal hills were beautiful and quiet. Not very crowded and perfect for stargazing. Several minutes out of town, he pulled onto a side road and followed it to the dirt parking lot. He took her hand and led her down the grassy sward, his senses inhaling everything around them. The dusk scent of earth, the sharp clean scent of grass, and the smell of Graie. Which was heavenly.

She turned and smiled at him, eyes half shut, but still reflecting the light. He kissed her eyelids softly and she put her arms around him.[/i]

"What are you thinking?"

"How good you look right now."

[i]She rested her head on his chest, glad he couldn't see her blushing.[/i][/COLOR]
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ooc: I can tell someone doesnt read other peoples posts if they dont have you in it....~_~;
[b][center] ~ The Next Day ~ [/center][/b]

Sam thought about her new ability and wanted to try it out in a different way. Today she was going to go to the Marine Park. She slipped on her heavy boots and tied them carefully. She got her backpack which looked wierd compared to others... this was because it was her rollerblade backpack. She raced out the door before someone decided to stop her.

She walked quickly, well it was more like jogged, all the way across town to the Marine Park. She smiled and looked at the Daily Activities. Some dolphin shows, some underground movie, and....

"Wow! Its about time they opened it..." Sam said commenting on the new list item which was the new Marine Petting Zoo. "Perhaps i can get somethign there..."

With that she spun around and went in the direction of the new center.
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