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Sign Up Duengeons&Dragons: Gauntlet Legend (beginners welcome)(LOOOOOOONG)


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OOC: here goes! PS if you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask. To begin, Yes. I am the dungeon master, and a player.

[I]The peasent's mountain of rubble, may become the kings finest riches, but the foul odor of peasnt's rubble will linger forever.[/I]

OOC let's start this off with a girl, nobody ever does, so it may prove intiresting.

Merrina considered herself the most powerful sorceress in the world. Her spells were deadly, and her lure to men never ceased. Her power, was only limeted by the drifting clouds in the sky. Until the fateful day she met Lazerous. His sweet talk and calming eyes sickened her, but none the less luered her into the same web she had entangled so many men. Lazerous asked her one plead, to call upon the demon lord. She was promised of a new rule, one of flourishing and peace. She willingly accepted and sealed it with the boring of his child. To complete the task, she was given seven rune stones to open the portal. She foolishly summoned the dark lord, and single handedly ended are world. The dark lord laughed at her attemps to reseal him, and cast a curse on her to live forever, and watch the world crumble before her eyes.

17 years have passed. The dark lord has taken over after many valiant struggles. The world lays in ruins, and the ruin stones have been cast to every corner of the world.

OOC: whew! think you're almost done? kukukukuku!



You are a stalker of shadows, with fingers both quick and light. Your are aware of the softest sounds and move even softer. Your friends are none, your obligations are less. You tread with the scum of the earth. You are a thief, and it's a pleasure to meet you.

HP: 50

Attack +6
Evasion -6 (1)
Defense -1/2
Magic MP=10
Silence (5): -3 attack from enemy
Steal (10): -15 from enemy MP, and add to own only useable once per battle
Likes: dark
dislikes: light
Throwing knives: Because of their long distance, it is hard for the other player to attack. Not very powerful, -2 from your own attack points, but +3 to your evasion.

twin blades: Standard. No changes

Here's a good chance to explain the system. the battles are in turn order. At the start of your turn, you are given a choice to either attack, cast a spell, defend yourself, or cast a spell

Attack: When you attack, the corrisponding number (+6) is how much you take off of enemies hp. this is a role playing game, so there is some acting involved.

Ex: The beast's scream tore across the valley. Kanu was unaffected, though. He charged and unsheathed his dagger, which gleamed in the rising sun. He rose his dagger and sunk it into the monsters flesh.
Attack +6

Of course, yours will be longer to not aggravate the moderator.

Evasion: Now comes your chance to dodge. Soon after you are attacked, on you're turn you will be given the oppertunity to evade. NOTE: evasion can only be used a set amount of times (Evasion -6 (*2*)) a battle.
to evade, simply subtract your evasion points (-6) from the other's attack points (+6) again, act.

Ex: The monster cackled at the thief. What he had thought was flesh, was only a mere shadow of the beast.
evasion -6

again, your's will be much longer. when evading, you will be able to attack, guard, or cast a spell on that same turn.

Ex: The monster cackled at the thief. What he had thought was flesh, was only a mere shadow of the beast.
evasion -6
The monster flapped it's mighty wings and slashed the thief accross the chest.
Note: these bottom things are very important!

Guard: this puts your char. on guard. guarding takes the ENTIRE TURN. Guarding subtracts one half of the damedge.

Ex: The claw hit Kanu hard. He shot back and gasped for breath. He held up his swords to guard.
Guard -1/2

If you chose to evade, it looks like this: Kanu leaped back, the claw only scratching him slightly. He guarded and readied for the next attack.
Evade -6
Guard -1/2

Getting it yet? Now comes spells.

Spells are controlled with Magic Points (MP) they are marked MP=10. how many you have determines what spells you can use. the number by each spell (silence(5)) represents how much that spell costs.

Ex: The monster chuckled and cast silence
Silence(5) -3 attack from enemy
Current Magic Points (CMP)=5
Enemy Attack pts. =5
You used five points to cast the spell. the affects of the spell end after the battle.

Got it? Now comes doubling. if you have 10 MP, and want to cast silence twice, you can do it in one turn.

He chuckled and cast a spell.
Silence(5)(5) -6 from attack.
Enemy Attack pts.= 2
NOTE: attack pts. can never go under 2. No ifs, ands, or buts about it.


If the area you fight in is an area under you char's likes list, you will be given +2 attack pts. for the rest of the battle.
Under dislikes, -2 attack pts.

Whew! that about wraps up the battle system! Now for the rest of the chars, and then were good to go!!!


You are a stalker of shadows, with fingers both quick and light. Your are aware of the softest sounds and move even softer. Your friends are none, your obligations are less. You tread with the scum of the earth. You are a thief, and it's a pleasure to meet you.

HP: 50

Attack +6
Evasion -6 (2)
Defense -1/2
Magic MP=10
Silence (5): -3 attack from enemy
Steal (10): -15 from enemy MP, and add to own only useable once per battle
Likes: dark
dislikes: light
Throwing knives: -2 from your own attack points, but +3 to your evasion, along with +1 to times per battle allowed to evade.

twin blades: Standard. No changes


You are the noble warrior. Your blade guides you through life. You are never afraid and always show your best in battle.

HP: 60

Attack +8
Evasion -4 (1)
Defense -1/2
Magic MP=10
Bloodthirst(5): Raises attack +2
Warcry(10): disables enemie's guard option

Like: Grassland
Dislikes: Wasteland

Two Handed Sword: Large and very powerful. +4 to attack, but evasion drops 2

Sword: Standard. No changes.


Your cunning and speed are your only worry. Your friends are limeted, for you scarecly go away from the forest.

Attack: +4
Evasion -4 (4)
Defense -1/2
Magic Mp =10
Speed of the Fox(5): Evasion grows 2 points
Arrow of wind(10): attack grows 2 pts.

Likes: Forest
Dislikes: Fire places

Dual Daggers: Attack +2 Evasion drops 2

Bow: Standard

You can trade a nickle for all the physical strength you have. Your weapon is your magic, and it serves you loyaly.

Attack +2
Evasion -4 (2)
Defense -1/2
Magic MP =30
Fireball(3): attacks enemy +8 pts.
Barrier(5): all attacks against you -2
Minion(10) Creates a miion w/ 10 HP adn =2 attack points.

Likes: Light
Dislikes: Dark

White sword: -2 0n evasion +5 P.
Cane: Standard.

There! I'll answer and post mire tomorrow, she I gotta sleep niw...
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Im a shamon here goes:
Name:Zantar Shadow ,or nick name Reaper of Souls
Species: Demon of Souls
Age:Has lived over 800 lives
Phsical age:20 earth years
Hair color: White with a black streak in the middle
Hair style:tall with some spikes
Eye color:completely black
Clothing:Completely black leather armor(that has my sybol in gold on the chest), black ,cloth shoes, black cape
Mental abilities:Telapath,telakenetic,black magic and shamonism,Most powerful spell=Soul spell,when his body dies or gets too old he leaves it ands finds another, or whenever he wants, can go to astro plane at will and can bring others(he can bend the plane at will but others cant),and can heal himself
Physic abilities: Imence strength and speed drawn from astral plane
Weapon:Infinity- a Katana that can stop time for 3 mniutes at a time he can do this 3 times a day
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Okay. Just tell me your weapon of choice, and your in. OH! And
Elf HP=50

Soecerer/ess=40, and now that I look at it with renewed eyes,

Minion(10): Brings a guard with 10hp and 4 attack pts.

And, other person? I know your a demon, but what class are you in? I made them so everything isn't confusing. You can't just make your own. You can modify some things, like names of spells, but thats it. Heres a signup:

Physical Description:
Other description (I am the merc. of shadows
Chosen weapon (weapons can be switched in the towns, and traded at market places.)


You lumber through many a town,not letting anything get in your way. Your massive phisique is legendary.

HP: 70

Attack +10
Evasion -0 (1)
Guard -1/2
Magic MP=5
Rage(5): attack +2, but HP-20

Likes: Caves
Dislikes: water

Heavy Glave: attack -2, evasion -4(1)

Large Axe: Standard. No changes.

You, are the sorceress who ended civalization, the reaper of the land. Entangled in a spell of love, you willingly called upon the dark lord. You now have eternal life, and are forced to see the lord's rain.


Attack +4
Evasion -4(3)
Guard -1/2
Magic MP =35
Ice Blast(5) +8 attack
Heart Break(20): Selects one enemy to come to her side and attack his/her allies for the remainder of the battle.
Lullaby(10): Puts an enemy to sleep

White Staff of the sorceress: Standard. No changes.
Okay, here are some important notes:

[b] Health and magic refil after every battle, unless another battle is held in succession.

Some battles will not use the battle modes, instead will be completely acting. Usually against large groups.

Minatuars are a variation of warriors, and therefore acceptable.

Cenotuars are a variation of elves, therefore acceptable.

Valkyres/amazons=warriors, Assasins/lowlives=Thieves, ect. [/b]

Everything clear?
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Weapon of Choice:Giant Pike or Horns
Physical Description:A huge minotaur that strikes fear into the hearts of those around him.

Bio:In that case, Talonir is a traveling minotaur, born of the dark lord but not under his control.He doesn't care who likes or dislikes him, he only cares about becoming more powerful.His current quest is too find the dark lord, for if he can be defeated, Talonir would be the strongest in all the world.
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Okay, your in. Now I'll post mine.
Note: You're going to want to keep your class attributes close, you'll need to refer to them often.

Name: Inanis {In-Ah-ness}(Latin for empty)
Class: Assasin (thief)
Physical Description: Short white almost spikey hair. Scar over one of his dark green eyes. The rest of his face is covered by a black bandanna. Chain mail under a grey. Grey pants and boots. Fingerless steel gloves that go up to below his elbow. [img]http://www.tenchuwrathofheaven.com/html/images/characters/riki_001.jpg[/img]
Other description I am the assasin of the dark. I am silent justice. My target never leaves my sight, until they lie dead on the ground.
Chosen weapon: Twin blades (attack+6, evasion -6 (1))
Bio: An assasin who has never failed to kill his target. His grace andsilence are legend, known to all with powerful enemies. His trademark, the slanted stab mark in his victum, has been seen world over.
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Sorry, here it is,

Name:Zantar Shadow
Physical Description:Elf, black eyes and white hair.There is also a third eye in the middle of his forehead.
Other description:Specializes in shamanistic magic.
Chosen weapon:Infinity Blade (Katana that can stop time for 1 turn twice per day)
Bio:The scion of the Silver Priest (Lord of all Shamonism). Quested with great leaders and traveled through many great citys such as : Cordaria, Azerath, Balders Gate, and Neverwinter. Has many allies that he can call upon at any time for assistance.
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Okay. Your all in. Thanks, Zantar Shadow, for fixing your mistake. And I apologize for being so vauge on my first post. I'm a slow typer, so it took me a whie to pull this together. By the time I had gotten down a fair combat system and chars, my brain was mush (as you can guess from my spelling.) anyways, if anyone wants to be in a class that I have not posted, ask me and I'll happily divise a sheet for you.

Something I wanted to explain, is that there will be plenty of times that you use the battle system, but there will be times (in like a war scenario) when I ask you not to go into it, but go purely on acting. If one person looses a battle, they will be knocked out until the monster is defeated. If we're all knocked out, then we are captured by who ever we were facing. So, like if we fight a dragon, and loose, we will be brought to it's cave and wait to be eaten. That way, everything is more real.
Also, we will be taking trips to a town from time to time. the two weapons with each class are yours already. In each town you will be able to barter these weapons, along with some of the spells and attributes, for better equipment.

After every thirty posts, if we have been fighting enough, we will gain levels. I will decide everything about that.

Also, I need a second duengeon master. a DM controls everything inside the world, what weapons are for sale, ect. I don't want to give myself an unfare advantage, so I need someone who will control the things that directly affect my char. any takers?
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I'll be the Dugeon master. I am very understanded in the world of Dugeons and dragons. Question though: Can i still have a character in this game?

Edit 1: Name:Gaul

Class: Dwarf

Physical Description: Duh he's a dwarf. lol well he's 3 foot 6 inches. Weighs like 200 pounds and has a crude attitude towards anyone who makes fun of his size.

Other description: Not really. Other than he's a DWARF LOL

Chosen weapon: 2 handheld Axes (replaces Large Axe)

Bio: A dwarf whom cares for many things. War being the main one. He loves to fight and when there is no fighting happening around him your sure to see him cause one.
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Your privelages are like mine, just shared. We control where the story takes us, concequences for victory and defeat, and a very important one, deciding the weaponry that we barter for. That's basically it. And I'm afraid, that any more questions will need to be put into PM's, to avoid wasting Harlequin's time.
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