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RPG Soul.Cynets


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[SIZE=1]A girl walked out of a garage with a motorcycle.She then put on her helemet with a skull on it.

"I'm gonna go for a ride."She said to herself.

"Rei...Rei....Rei!Where are you!"A voice called,it sounded like an old man.He then suddenly appeard in the garage,he had a long white beard,glasses and a scientist coat."Don't tell me you are running off again Rei."

"What does it look like I'm doing grandfather."Rei said quite annoyed.

Tao sighed,"Don't go off this time!This is an important day!You must come to my company!"

Rei eyed her grandfather,she thought to herself 'A important day?'She then shrugged."Whatever grandfather,I'm going for some fresh air."She said as she got on her bike and started it.She then rode off.

Tao sighed and said to himself,"Rei,is Rei,Rei the cold hearted one.I can name her withonly two words,Cold,and distant...Wait maybe 3 words,Cold,Distant,and a Loner."[/SIZE]
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Koga slammed his hand on the small alarm clock next to his futon bed to stop the annying alarm. He woke up to a small studio apartment within the confinds of Dr. Tao's Company Lab's. The room was white and plain. Nothing more than a small 16 inch TV and a stove with a fridge beside it. Nothing special. Lots of moving space. Simple. Just how Koga liked it.

Koga got up and flung his hair back and he straightened his boxer shorts, which was the only way he slept. In his boxers. He walked over to the fridge and opened it up. He took out a jug of iced tea and a slice of cold pizza from two days ago. He took a bite out of it as he got a glass and poured the cold tea into it. He didn't care if it was cold. It was good that way. Pizza was always good. Koga took a gulp of the tea and went wide eyed. He sighed. [I]Thats refreshing.[/I] he thought to himself. He wnet on threw his daily routine. He got dressed. Did some straches. Did a couple of sit ups, push ups, power squats, and combonations of techniques. He was loose and ready for the day.

He stepped out of the room to a brightly lit hall way. He walked down the hall and greeted a couple of people leaning on the wall talking. He countiued down te hall ways and came into the Cynet dock. A room full of the huge Cynets. They stood dorment as the pilots of eahc one were in the cockpit, ready for the days begging excersises. Each one had there Cynet names on them. Koga came up to Dr. Toa.

"Good Morning Doctor." Koga said in an optamistic tone.

"Oh, good morning Koga. So, do you plan on training in your cynet today?"

"Already prepped sir."

"Good, this will be intense, i hope you are ready...." The Dr. said. Koga looked at him, concerned.....
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[color=navy]Kayley got up in the morning and yawned.She did a few stretches and exercises before running downstairs and nade some breakfast.Kayley mixed up some batter and cooked them and she soon had a stack of pancakes.Kayley took quite a lot and put them on a plate for herself.She went to the cupboard and took out some honey and maple syrup.Kayley thinly drizzeled some honey over them and started to eat.In no time the smell had wafted through the house and everyone raced down and started to eat.Soon she was done so she said she was leaving and went to the garage.She grabbed her silver helmet and put it on.She walked to the garage door and then got on her motorbike.She slipped her visor down and revved and took off.

Kayley moved around town until she reached the Dr. Tao Company Labs.She parked and took off her helmet shaking her hair.She walked through the large double doors.She greeted people as she walked by and into an elevator.She pressed a button and soon she arrived she walked out and was greeted by scientists in white lab coats.It was bright and she continued down the hall and saw more people before entering through another door full of large robots.She had arrived at the Cynet Dock.She saw Dr Tao talking to another man.

"Morning Doc."Kayley said cheerfully."Morning Koga."
"Good Morning Kayley."Dr Tao replied.
"Morning."was the reply from Koga.
"Are you here to train in your Cynet?"Dr Tao asked.
"Yeah.Ready for action."Kayley replied still happy.
"Good.This will be intense,I hope you're both ready."Dr Tao said.

Koga and Kayley nodded before walking away towards their Cynets.Kayley approached a female looking one.

"Doc said it's gonna be tough today Iris.Hope you're ready for it."[/color]
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"What?! It's 8 already?! Ahhh, crap!" Nina hopped on one leg while trying to put her jean short-shorts and boots on. She grabbed a white spagetti-strap tank top and struggled to pull it over her head while running down the hall, she tripped on her room-mates shoe and went tumbling down the stairs.
"Owww..." she shook her head and ran out the door.
"Don't you want breakfast!?" Justin, her room-mate, called out the door.
"No, I am already late! Later Justin!" she blew him a kiss, strapped on her protective gear, and hopped onto her air-borne skateboard and took off to the lab.
Dodging traffic she finally get's to the lab. She tried to walk casually into the lab but ended up tripping over herself and falling flat on her face. She quickly tried to get up and dust herself off before anyone could see. "Good morning Nina, another late call?" one of the scientists smiled.
"Eh, you know me," she gave a big smile and ran down the corridor, "Hey Doctor, Kayley,..Koga."
"Hey," Koga simply said, as usual.
"Good morning..looks like another late morning?" Kayley looked at Nina whose mid-back length, blackcherry hair was in shambles, plus her shirt was inside out.
"Hehehe, yeah.." Nina looked down and walked into the bathroom.
"Nina, you are going to have to wait for someone else to show up. Kayley and Koga are going to train in the Cynets first." Dr. Tao called out towards the bathroom.
"Okay, I still gotta freshen up a bit," Nina had a toothbrush in her mouth and a hair brush in one hand, she had fixed her shirt.
"Hey Doc, I am going to go to the gym for about an hour. That should give them plenty of time," Nina snatches a towl and throws it around her neck.
"Alright then. Let's begin, Koga, Kayley. Man your Cynets,"Dr. Tao replied.
Nina entered the gym and started stretching. Then she proceded with lifting free weights, after she had had enough she started with kickboxing. After about half hour she did some basic crunches, sit ups, chin ups, push ups, and wrapped it all up with yoga to relax. "Ah, time for the shower." Nina was relaxed.
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[COLOR=darkblue]Kayley nodded and got into her Cynet.She watched Nina walk away to do training at the gym and saw Koga doing the same as herself.When she was inside she checked everything was ok and powered up.She thought about her spirit and imagined moving.Iris started up.Kayley walked it forward and stood above Dr Tao.

"Ready Doc!"Kayley called from her cockpit section.

She turned and saw Koga in his Cynet,Trance walking towards them.

"I'm ready Dr Tao."he said.
"Good.Both of you head to the training area and I'll go start the simulation program."

They both said ok and walked off to a door large enough for any of the Cynets.Koga opened it and Kayley followed after him,closing the door.On the wall was a glass panel and they could see Dr Tao at the controls.He spoke into a microphone.

"I'll set a place and you'll be fighting each other.Then I'll have you fight some 'enemies'."Dr Tao's voice rang out into the room.

He looked at the controls and typed some commands and watched.

"Good luck."he said as the room started to change.

Trees appeared and grass and plants grew under them.Koga and Kayley looked around and saw they were in a forest with a clearing.One of Kayley's favourites.The room disappeared and they were in a large space.Dr Tao could still see them but now they were in open area with no confinements.

Kayley got Iris into control,ready to fight Koga.They didn't fight each other often.They usually partnered someone else but it would be interesting.[/color]
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[SIZE=1]Rei was still riding on.Thinking about things going on,and why life was boring.

"Heck,maybe life isn't boring....But for some reason it is!"Rei said to herself while waiting for the stoplight to turn green.

Soon after a while of riding she thought she'd get a drink so she went to the bar,she turned off the engine and took off her helemet and walked in,the men stared at her as she walked in,they all had grins and smirks on their faces.Rei ignored them all and sat down by the counter and only asked for a bottle of tonic water,the bartender then took out a bottle of tonic water from under the counter and threw it at Rei,she caught it and opened it,a man that looked much older then Rei,grabbed her hand and started to talk to her.

"How's about you and me go over to my place?"He said pulling her.Rei just smirked and the bartender smirked as well and said something to the man.

"You don't want to mess with this girl."He said.

"Why not?"The man asked making kissing lips at Rei.

"I'm,"Rei stood turned around and faced the man,"The" she punched him sqaure in the nose,"Cold"She then punched him rapidily in the stomach,"Machine!"She then kicked him that sent him flying into the wall,she then layed down $20 dollars down,"That should pay for his injuries."She then layed down 5 dollars."This will pay for the water."She said to the bartender.

She then grabbed her helmet and and walked out of the bar.She got on her motorcycle and turned the engine off and rode off to Robo Corp. she then parked and turned off her engine and went inside and saw the Iris and Trance Cynet.

"Seems they started."Rei said she then just shrugged,and headed for the gym down the hall. She then started to punch and kick rapidly at the punching bag.
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Nina walked back down the hall towards the lab towel drying her hair. She stopped at a vending machine and put some change in. She pushed the cola button, no cola. Pushes it again, still no cola. Now she was getting mad, Nina was known for her quick temper. " Surpress your anger, deep breathe..Breath in, breath out..." This was what the Doc told her to do. She pushes the button again....no cola! Her eyebrow twitches.
"Hello Nina. Did you have a good work-out...session?" Dr. Tao asked with a concerened face as Nina walks into the lab. In her arms she held 4 colas.
"Yeah, it went fine." Her smile wasn't reassuring to Dr. Tao.
He lifts his left eyebrow, "Where did you get all of those cola's?"
"Oh, these. I just got lucky with the machine. Yeah, strange thing, I put in change, pushed the button, and walaa! It gave me 3 extra cola's!"
"I see.....I will be right back, I must see to something. Watch the controls and monitor Koga and Kayley." Dr. Tao walks out of the lab and down the hall where he saw the vending machine, torn to pieces and cola's everywhere. He just sighed and shook his head.
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No.You don't just post anywhere.For RPGs you have to join in a Recruitment Section.If you are accepted,when the maker decides to start it then you can post.

Please don't spam though.
[COLOR=darkblue]Kayley sat in Iris.She leapt around.She lashed at Koga and paused before striking again.She continued before Koga lashed out with a surprise attack and Kayley had to do a backflip to land properly.

They continued like that for a long time before stopping.Someone turned off the simulator.They both walked out and parked at the bays before getting out.They were sweating.

"Good spar Koga."Kayley said shaking his hand.

He nodded and then they left for the showers.On the way they noticed that Nina was at the controls.Kayley waved at her.She was drinking one of the four cans of cola she had.She waved back at Kayley.Kayley and Koga continued and saw Dr Tao in the hall and the vending machine was in pieces with cola cans everywhere.

"Nina?"she asked.

He nodded and sighed.Kayley bent down and took a few cans before continuing the journey to the showers.[/COLOR]
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OOC: Hehehe, I like my character:D..just had to say that...

Nina sat in the lab, reclining in a chair when Dr. Tao walked into the lab. "So you had a good streak of luck with the vending machine, eh?"

She looked down and scratched her head, "Well..." she leaned back and the chair strained, causing her to fall backwards onto the floor. Dr.Tao laughed hysterically as Nina stood up embarrassed. "I am ready for my time, can I go?"

"No, we have to have another taker. This new program is designed to have two cynets at a time. Not one."

"Grrr..I want to test out Death's new abilities. The guys in mech repair made some new adjustments to my baby. Hey where is Rei? She just got in right?" Nina sat back down and drank her soda.

"She's doing her work out."
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