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This is my ff RPG.It's called Final Fantasy the Last Story.Make a profile like this.
items: Potionx10,phoneix downx4
Location:Balamb Garden
Bio:A new seed from Balamb Garden.Acts like a cold hearted person but is very kind.
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[COLOR=royalblue]Name: Sunstar

Age: 17

Eyes/Hair: Silver

Weapon: Solar Wand

Magic: Summon(4), Shadow , Ice, Hypnosis.

Location: Unknown

Bio: Quiet and extremely calm. With a past that's very difficult to figure out, Sunstar is a strong fighter with strange energy.[/COLOR]
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Name: Cecil
Wepon: Lion Heart
Magic: Climhazzard, Zentetsuken, Masamune, Excaliber, Excalipoor.
Items: Whatever he finds after battles or in stores.
GF: Gilgamesh, (Thats where my magic comes from cept except there weaker.
Location: Balamb Garden
Age: 13
Bio: A mysterious new recruit that was found in small basket at the age of 3 with his lionheart by his side and mysterious pendant where he gets the powers of the GF Gilgamesh. Odopted by a poor family of famers he lived a famers life untill the age of 9 after that his adoptive parents died in a masacare in the small town nearby. He has trained with his lion heart and GF seeking the peple who killed them and his really parents. At the age of 13 he finds Balamb Garden and recruits hoping to complete his mission

Phew... hope you like it. :D
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by safer cloud [/i]
[B]I forgot one thing.Gfs.You don't have to have one but you can.I have Bahamut.You can only have one. [/B][/QUOTE][COLOR=royalblue]Excuse my ignorance, again, but what's a Gf?[/COLOR]
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by safer cloud [/i]
[B]Alright Raiha i'll give you a list of Gfs.
Quzecatol,Shiva,Ifright,Siren,Carbuncle, Cerburus,Bahamut,Odin,
Eden,Doomtrain.I can't think of any more. [/B][/QUOTE][COLOR=royalblue]Right. Okay. whatever that meant, that was nice.[/COLOR]
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[COLOR=blue]Name:[/COLOR] Kyle Alamasy
[COLOR=blue]Age:[/COLOR] 16
[COLOR=blue]Weapon:[/COLOR] Casterblade(Outlaw Star)
[COLOR=blue]Magic:[/COLOR] Meteor 3, Firaga, Thundaga, Poison
[COLOR=blue]GF:[/COLOR] Odin
[COLOR=blue]Location:[/COLOR] Unknown
[COLOR=blue]Bio:[/COLOR] Brother of Seifer Alamasy, he is really a mystery person. He is not known to be evil or good. He is a skilled mage with a powerful weapon and guardian force. Can sometimes become unstable when under extreme criticism by others concerning his older brother.[COLOR=red] APPROACH WITH EXTREME CAUTION![/COLOR]
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