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RPG Duengeons&Dragons: Gauntlet Legend (beginners welcome)(LOOOOOOONG)


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The falling autum wings swayed lightly around the forset. Theskies were painted a brilliant pink and orange in the setting of the sun. Two men faced each other in a clearing, a small while away from a river and a waterfall.

"Amazing how things can still be this beautiful, in these harsh times."


"Oh yeah, you don't talk. Maybe I can persuade you to this once. Are you sure what you are doing is right?"


"I cannot let you go. You know that. Are you prepared to face me?"


One of the man had long black hair in a ponytail, and dark blue Kimono. this man drew his sword, which shined in the falling sun. The other one, who had short white hair and a bandana around his face beneath his eyes, reached behind him and drew a katana. A moment was spent in utter silence. The man with black hair grinned. "Now!" (catchy song starts playing) He ran forward and attacked with a flying round-a-house. The other man ducked to the side and swung his blade upwards. The white haired man leaped back, but his enemy threw a volley of shurikens at him. He leaped back and jumped into the tree. Their fight took them to the edge of a massive waterfall. The white haird man rolled and monkey flipped the black haired man over him. The black haired man grabbed the other and they fell off the side, along the waterfall. The whie haired man pressed his katana against the others heart, who had stuck a dagger to the mans head.
they landed in the pool that the waterfall created. A moment of silence, followed by the red dying of the water followed as the white haired man climbed out. He looked back into the pool. "Goodbye, brother."

[COLOR=darkblue]DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS: The Gauntlet Legend[/COLOR]

The man walked silently into town. [i] Times have been hard, but from the looks of this town, you would never guess it. As long as I can remember, the dark lord has reigned supreme, desolating the land in his path. My so called brother, was the guard of the town. He made sure nobody left, and nobody entered. Thats how the town was kept secret for so many years. But I had to go, my journey leads me to the end of the world, into the dark lords own territory. I am Inanis, the merchant of his death. [/i]

The dirt streets were laiden with leaves. Inanis walked through the town, when suddenly a large explosion caught his attention. He instinctevly leaped onto a near roof for a better view. "What the hell?!"
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A minotaur staggered drunkenly out of a hole in a pub wall that he had just beaten down with his axe while clutching a drink.
"Well then, i can tell when i'm not wanted, so i'm out of here."He then threw his drink at someone so hard that they fell over unconcious.
"Allright, that's it, your gonna pay!"yelled the bartender.He then drew a club and rushed at the minotaur.The minotaur whipped around, suddenly alert and beheaded the bartender. "there is nothing more for me to do here,"he said.Before he walked off, a villager asked,"who....who are you?"
The minotaur slowly turned around and said,"My name is Talonir,"
He then began walking away from the town.
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Inanis watched Talonir walk away to the town boarder. He ran along the roof tops and ducked in an alleyway ahead. Talonir stumbled across the street, but came to a halt when a katana stuck out of the shadows in front of him. "Leaving the town is forbidden."
"Keep out of my way." He launched his arm into the shadow, but only met with air. Inanis spoke again from atop the roof. "These people live in secracy, and you would endanger them so freely.?" Talonir looked up at him and examined the rations hoisted on his belt. "You should talk. I doubt any distance inside the city requires that much equipment."

"I am not of your concern. I can keep out of sight, while you may lumber right under their noses."

"I can take care of myself, thanks." He walked on and turned a corner, only to find Inanis standing there. "I don't care if you take care of yourself, what about everyone here? Could you so easily make the same decision if the roads were painted with corpses?"

"You want to try and stop me?"

"I think you would rather me over the authorities, but do as you wish." In a flash, he dissapeared. Talonir looked around, but couldn't find him.
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OOC: Runs in. Huff Puff sorry I'm late. I was being chased by orcs lol. Anyways, Here's my character.


IC: Not far a figure began to walk into a inn. He had a harsh journey and he was terribly tired. "Sleep!" Said the small figure at the innkeeper.

"Sleep eh?" Said the innkeeper. "Then you'll get room three." He said handing the small man a key. "Pleasent dreams." He said with a smile.

"I don't trust him." Thought the small man. He walked into his room and removed his garments and armor. To the eyes of many humans he's known as a dwarf. His name is Gaul, the last surviver of the Dwarka tribe. That tribe was doomed and cursed by an evil man. All who were in that tribe would face a horrific death and so far Gaul has experianced many troubles and dangers yet he always pulled through.

"Finnaly some sleep." He said and fell into a deep sleep that it would seem nothing could awaken him. As he slept he held his trademark weapons in his hands, double axes.

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Utterly confused, Talonir decided that it would be best to heed the strangers warning. He wandered into an undamaged inn.He took not of the curious looks following him, so he simply grabbed a drink and headed up to his room. After resting for a couple hours, he set off in the town questioning townspeople until he got a general idea of where Inanis lived. As he entered, Inanis jumped in front of him. "Why have you come here?" asked Inanis,
"weren't you about to doom this down?"
"I've come to talk to you about that," said Talonir,"I live to defeat the dark lord, and if I were to reveal this town, he would come here and I would destroy him, if you want to stand in my way, do it now."
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OOC: I want to make sure everyone is familliar with the battle system. this is where you may need your class's stat sheet.

IC: Inanis looked at Talonir. His unreadable eyes shifted from him to the doorway, where a small group of people walked gleefully into a market way. "May I suggest a place of more privacy?" Inanis asked, turning back to Talonir. "That ledge, beside the waterfall." Talonir turned to see the ledge, but when he turned back around, Inanis had left. The minotuar grumbled under his breath and started up the rocky path.

Inanis waited at the top as Talonir came into view. he drew his katana and prepared to fight.

battle mode
forest clearing
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... uh zantar? i'm glad your familliar w/ the battle system, but you still havent entered the rpg. I'm not sure how avrage D&D works for you, but this RPG has to focus more on RP, role playing. that stops our posts from being too short. normal posts have to be seven lines average. I really would appreciate if you take dondar or ssj brolly's example and enter the rpg with posts that go over two lines long. ok?
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*sigh* are you new? i guessed so. Here, I'll enter your char for you. What you have to know, is that most of the people so far are probably friendless bums.

A weary shaman trudged through the roads of the town. His arm, along with several other places, sported cuts and gashes. He stumbled into a clerick's office, dripping a trail of blood. "What in the word?"
"I seek your healing." The clerick looked him over and walked him into the surgery room. "What happened to you?" The shamen remained silent and waited for the clerick to finish his work. After about ten minutes, the sorcerer exited the shop, covered in bandages. He blinked in the light and looked around. Two figures faced off on a ledge nearby. He grinned and started his way over.

OOC: do you see how that works? at the OB, there are moderators. moderators won't let you post smaller than a specific amount. unless you post that amount, you get kicked out. I suggest seven lines to be on the safe side. this rpg is in the 3 person, not "I seek a clerick in town" but "The shamen stumbles through the town, seeking a clerick."

Another thing, where we are, adventures dont just spring out at people. when I do more of these D&D threads, and people decide to use the same chars, then it will be like that. And small one line posts, they are known as spam. they are forbidden. got it?
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OOC: Okay. It is very simple. your char is

HP: 60

Attack +8
Evasion -4 (1)
Defense -1/2
Magic MP=10
Bloodthirst(5): Raises attack +2
Warcry(10): disables enemie's guard option
Sword: Standard. No changes.

those catagories are battle options. If you chose to attack me, you take off pts from my hp. since your attack is +8, you take off 8 pts from my hp.

Simple. Evasion minuses from that one attack. so, if you were to evade an +8 attack, that attack would be reduced to +4, since your evasion is -4. get it? Evasion does not take up your turn. you can attack and evade in the same one. let's go from there.

IC: Inanis charges at Talonir, unsheathing his katana. Talonir twirled his giant pike and readied himself. Inanis ran forward, but then dissapeared. Talonir searched the trees, but couldn't find him. He turned at a rustle behind him and found Inanis preparing to swing his sword.
Attack +6

now its your turn. you can evade my attack, or take the hit. After that choice, well, right now you have to attack.
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Evasion can only be done a set number of times per battle. As a warrior, you can do it once per battle and -4. I would suggest using it when you are low on hp. but, the style of your post is almost perfect, except when you post (evade) I would prefer it If you used concequences, and post (evade-4) And then when you attack, also concequences (attack+6).

Getting easier? Lets move on to guarding. Guarding is useful when you are trying to last loger in a battle, like waiting for another player to come to your aid. Guarding subtracts half of the enemys next attack. Heres an example.

Inanis is caught by suprise and takes the full hit of Talonir's attack. He stumbles back and coughs up blood, which stains the black mask he is wearing. He shakes his head and looks back at Talonir. He attemtps to hide, but his wound prevents him. He instead kneels on the ground and forms a cross with his blades in front of him.
Guard -1/2

Note that you cannot attack or cast a spell if you choose to guard.
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*grins* Good. now comes spells. spells run on mp, as shown in the class profile. You, as a warrior, have 10 mp available. your two spells have numbers by them, they are the cost of the spell. if you use bloodthirst(5) you use 5 mp. Here's an example of a spell.

Inanis looks Talonir over. He growls and charges. Talonir dodges and jumps back. He feels oddly weaker. Inanis turns to glare at him and shows him a blue ball which he now devoures.

Steal (10): -15 from enemy MP, and add to own. only useable once per battle
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Guest shineigami
eep eep ! I'm gonna be a shadow dancer / assassin !!! I'm invincible with unlimited gold and am unlimitlessly beautiful !!! wait no ...... I dunno ... I'm just a halfling and obviously that makes me short and crap . I have a scimitar and shortbow ! weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! ( I ate sug-g-g-g-gar !!! ) bhn bn hbn hh gbvbhggv bvnbnh gvb vg * that was me banging my head on the keyboard *
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Guest shineigami
hey , wuts the deal with screwing with zantar ? I spell stuff rong all the time ! look ! I spelled munkees rong ! there ! I did it again ! I need suger ......<(((_-))> { I'm zel ..... heed me ..... )
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