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Writing The Sailor Moon Cast gets interveiwed

Chichiri's Girl

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Yo! This is Chichiri's Girl and I'd like to say before I start this that this will be based more on the manga then the anime. There might be a few refrences here and there but just live with them. Oh and here's the disclamer: I do not own the Sailor Scouts, Senshi, what ever you you want to call them, or any other charachters. They belong to Nako Ten-aww screw it I ain't gonna spell her name out it take to long, and any other companyies that have owned it at one point. In fact I don't even own this idea. Bandit Joeykuba owns the idea of interveiwing anime/manga charachters and trying to gat underneath their skin till they explode from all the annoying questions. In fact I don't even own the "It's so late it's early show." That belongs to her too. I don't own anything besides this pen on the computer desk.
Oka lets go chapter one is on it's way!
Chapter one: The spore

TSHG: Hello! This is The It's so Late it's Early Show and I'm your host, Talk Show Host Girl! Now today were introveiwing some people who are trying to bike around the word on a unicycle bilt for 6! NO w let's give a big warm welcome to-*intern comes from behinde stage to whisper somethig to THSG* Oh my! I'm sorry foks! There's been a mishape it seems the brave cyclers were eaten by somesort of shark when they wer unicycling into the ocean...? Yes well In there place we have the Sailor Scouts of Japan! What the hell? I'm so not getting paid enough for this...
Well her's our first guest! Sailor Chibi/Mini Moon!((occ from now on I'm just gonna call her rini. It dose'nt take long to write))

THSG: Hello thanks for being on! How are you doing? May I call you the spore?
Rini: No you can't you fraky lady! You mucst be part of some evil organization! Pink Sugar Heart Attack!
TSHG:*after being cowered in powdered sugar* Yes well that was interesting...coughfreakcough...well it says here that your in love with Mamoru...who happens to be your father in the future? Umm yes, well, hows that going?
Rini: Fine thank you Miss. Demon Lady. Why after this were going to the park and then the movies-
*suddeny Usagi burst from behinde stage*
Usagi: What are you talking about Mamoru is mine! Stay off of him!
Rini:*pokes tounge out at Usagi* Never you odango head!
Usagi: What so are you!
audience: Jerry! Jerry!
TSHG:We'll be right back after this commercial break...*sighs and asks were her coffe is*
So how did ya like it? Anwsers please!
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[size=1][color=ff66cc]PUAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Hilarious! Can't wait for chapter 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, and so on! PUAHAHAHAHAHAHA! LMAO! LMAO! BOL! That would be bursting out loud! So, hilarious! Rini, Usagi..fighting. And they're daughter and mother.[/size][/color]
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THAT IS HILLARIOUS! I mean the audience yelled Jerry Jerry and my sister is kinda addicted to that show. When they gonna throw punches at each other :: Grabs some popcorn :: Lets get this party started. In other words great and I can not wait till the next chapter.
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k here goes
Chapter 1: the spore part 2
*TSHG is seen backstage while security guards are seen trying to break up the fight between Usaigi and Rini*
TSHG: Hey intern! Get me the want adds out of todays paper!
intern:yes Miss*gives it to her*
TSHG: Now lets see there must be SOMETHING better then this job...Ohhhh Zoo keeper needed. Now that sounds nice and safe much safer then this...oh and it pats more too...how nice
intern:Uh miss were on in 10 seconds...
TSHG:Fine I'm going*walks onstage

THSG: aha Rini I see they pulled you two appart. Now lets continue this interveiw.
Rini:*one bun thingie is out so she only has one still standing* Okay Miss Demon Lady
TSHG:*sighs* yes well it seems here besides Mamoru you also have Helios. It's says here he is the priest of Eyslon and his soul is connecte to your fathers...? Man you just can't get enough of your dad now can you? Sheesh...and who's this Peru fellow? Another boyfriend I see...
*Helios suddenly burst on to satge*
Helios: What I thought I was your main man Rini! Who's this Peru guy! I thought you only loved me!

Peru: Who's this guy! It thought I was your main man! I had you first! Back off Unicorn boy!
Helios: Unicorn boy?!? I was Pegasus! Say it with me Peg-a-sus!
Peru: whatever...Unicorn....*snicker
Helios: Look who's talkin sugar fairy!
Peru: What did you call me?!*rolls up sleaves*
Helios: You heard me Sugar fairy boy-*suddenly stops cause Peru takles him*
audience:*Cheers then starts channttting* Jerry Jerry!
TSHG: Yep that Zoo job would be SO much safer...Rini it's says you also turned evil and kidnaped your father..then kissed him?!?!
God talk about a complex...
Rini: Wait! What no-I-Hey stop the viloence!
*cuts to comercial break as Security pulls the guys appart*
Oh yeah I'm sorry for buchering Peru's name but I didn't have the time to look it up so I just had to put down what I guessed it was. He's in the Super S movie by the way.
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Guest Skyechild91
::seperates Peraru and Helios:: Now now boys. Peraru, you get Rini. Shes more your age.
(Peraru sticks out tounge)
Helios: WHat! No fair. I-
Me: Helios, your mine. Remeber? What did you think you were doing, cheating on me like that?
(In other words, that had to be the funniest thing i have ever heard.):D
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Guest animelover297
Hehehe... preetee fiunnee peepo....lol....like ur guy'z storee.... ima loser...ima newbie...n a freak... hehehehe to peepo i don noe onlee... hehehe...lol.....*sighs**runs off like a dork*hehehe lol...
pretty stoopid!
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