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[color=green]Well, let's consider the facts: I dance, I apparently enjoy making these banners, I was bored. Combined, these point to a bran new themed banner and avatar.

There's really not much to say about these. I simply cloned(this has to be my most used tool) the pictures in, applied text, and filled the nice little words in with special backrounds. Sqwee.[/color]



[color=green]If you can't see them, curse Village Photos. Oh, and go ahead and tell me so I can fix it.>>[/color]
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I can see them just fine. You could have always hosted them off here, heh.

I really like where you're going with this, my love. ^_^ It's great how you make her body part of the banner, and her face part of the avatar, because it just fits so well. The border isn't anything special this time, but it is nice to take a break, and the black line goes with everything. The pictures are of high quality, and the color of the text borrows from something in the image, which are both very cruical to accomplish in a banner or avatar.

I do honestly like the banner a little more than the avatar, however, mainly because the text in the avatar is hard to make out at a glance. A lighter color would probably do better. Overall, they go down as another great combination from you, hun; you just keep getting better and better.

Oh, and is it a coincidence that most girls in your banners have redish brown hair with lovely green eyes? ~_^ *snuggles*
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[color=666666][size=1][i]Wow those are really cool. I like how you had the banner be her body, then for the head its the Avi. That was very creative of you. I rate them a 10/10. I like your style Mei. You are very talented. Oh by the way i alsolike the greeness in the banner. For somereason green looks better in banners.[/color][/size][/i]
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