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I requested them both but never got them, and then my comp came back (WOOHOO) and I made them both myself. I think I did a decent job on bothe the banner and avatar. The only thing I dont like is, is that on the banner, the "h" in Vash is way too close to the edge. So let me know what you all think. Comments, Critique, and Suggestions please.



What you all think?
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[color=green]Did you cut the side images onto the backround? Because if so, you did a very nice job of it. The name part, well, I wouldn't have noticed it at first glance if you hadn't pointed it out, so I don't think it's really much of a problem.

I love how the word "GunGrave" seems to jump out at you. It must be the lighted backround. Overall, it's a fairly clean job on the banner.

The avatar is a bit dark though, so I'd suggest if it wasn't meant to be that way, use a lightening tool. I'm sure the program you use has one. If it was meant to be dark, I really don't see much problems with it.[/color]
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