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Do you like Ludacris


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I love the vidoe Stand Up it is really funny. Ludacris and Busta Ryhmes have some of the funnest vidoes out there. I saw Stand Up for the first time today and it had me laughing in a matter of seconds. The part when he was a baby is my favorite.

Ludacris is my favorite rapper next to Eminem(I wish they would make a CD together). He is really smart and has a great vocabulary. "Now see ya got it all wrong like women in tuxedos and you keep coming up shorter then five Danny Divetoes." that is funny and it shows off how witty he is. I can't wait till Chicken and beer comes out. I've got to add it to my collection.
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Yeah, i love Luda. He is my favorite rapper period. Stand Up is my favorite song by him along with his part in "Holidae In" with the

"Stop! Drop! KABOOM BABY! Rub on them nipples
Some call me Ludacris some call me mr.wiggles
far from little, make ya memorial gland dribble"

He justs pulls it out of his @%^ on that song. Its tight and the way he makes words rhyme are awsome. my favorite part in Stand up are:

"Wach out for my medallion, my diomandsare reckless
Feels like a midget is hangin from my necklace...."


"The moon and the club is full and i'm lookin for a thick young lady ta pull, so to find a sure fire way to get ridda dim pants let me show the steps of the brand new Dance...When i move you move.."

That jsut a great song. I love Ludacris.
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Ludacris is very articulate, compared to most rappers today. His lyrics are original, but they're still easy to learn. He speaks clearly, so you understand every word he says. Plus you can tell he's somebody who likes to have fun with his songs. You know he could get as serious as the next person when it comes to his lyrics, but he chooses to joke around.

And he does it all without being too cliche. It takes talent to say a word, find 8 or more words that rhyme with it, and integrate them all into one verse without going off-topic.
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Yeah, Luda rhymes about the things he loves, like women, mnoney, fame, parting, and his home town, ATL. Him, Busta Rhymes, Missy Elliot, and Slime Shady (not Eminem :P) are my favorite rappers cuz they enjoy to have fun with there lyrics and the songs are alwyas up beat and very easy to dance to. Same with most of P. Diddys songs, but Luda is my favorite out of the five.
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