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Sign Up Digimon: Into the Beyond


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This is my latest effort to make a successful Digimon RPG. It's a bit different then the ones I've done before(a lot different, actually), so don't be put off by my record. Anyways, here's the story:

[i]The digital world has faced many threats over the years. Humans are chosen to partner with Digimon to stop these threats, and they have always done so. But the evil of the digital world has learned. It knows that humans will fight against all threats, and it can take steps to ensure that they will not interfere(sp?).

It found a way to block access to the digital world, preventing humans from ariving to stop it. With the human threat neutralized, the darkness began its newest attack. But again, it had learned from previous attempts. Instead of finding Digimon to do its work, it searched the digital world for a compatable Digimon. When it found a Patamon it could use-one who showed by his actions that he would support the darkness-it gave the Digimon a large part of itself.

The Patamon, now fully with the darkness, tested his new powers at its command. When he digivolved(which the darkness caused to happen much sooner then it normally would have), the new form could hold more of the darkness. When he digivolved to the Ultimate-level Digimon Mephistomon, the darkness gave him even more of itself. Then, Mephistomon began the attack. No Digimon was able to stand up to his power, and he soon gained control of the digital world.

But the Digital World is extremly resourceful, and it eventually found a way to bring humans through the darkness's barrier. The selected humans have all been to the digital world before, and are the best of all the digidestined humans that have ever been chosen. They are brought into a digital world controlled by an enemy more powerful then any they have ever faced, and given the task of freeing it.[/i]

I realize some of that might seem a little cliched, but don't worry. This story is far from cliched([spoiler]we'll be exploring the true orgins(sp?) of more than one world, for one thing [/spoiler]), but mine tend to seem that way at the start. By page two or three, however, this will change.

Anyways, here's what I need for a sign-up, with my character as an example:

Name: David

Age: 17

Digivice color(Digivices are modified D-Powers with no card-slashing(the slot is used for something else(I'll reveal the use in the story)), but several new abilities): Purple

Description: 6 feet tall with brown hair and eyes. Average build. Almost always wears
shorts and a t-shirt.

Bio: David?s parents both lead very busy lives. As a result, they don?t have much time for him. They don?t know of his problems at school, and David suspects that they wouldn?t care if they did.
David is autistic, which makes him a constant target at school. Everyone makes fun of him. He can?t say or do anything without someone makeing a rude remark. The only way he can deal with it is by shutting out everyone esle, which has made him a loner(Something which he is frequently teased about).
David?s one true intrest is computers. He?s read every book on computers he possibly can, and has done almost everything one can do with a top-of-the-line home PC. He can hack, he can program, he can repair, and he can do just about anything else with computers. It?s this intrest and knowledge that led him to discover a strange program on his hard drive. He couldn?t figure out how it got there, so he loaded it and almost instantly found himself in another world. That happened a year ago. Since then, he?s studied the new world(the digital world), and has learned a lot about it and the Digimon that live there. He met his partner when he first arrived, and the two have become inseperable.
Two months ago, he found himself cut off from the digital world. He and Guilmon X have never stopped trying to find a way to return.

Other: As mentioned, David is autistic. This means that he can?t read emothions or postures. He takes words at their literal meaning most of the time, altough he does understand that there are times when that is not what is meant. He has no idea what people will be offended by, and constantly does or says the wrong thing.


Rookie: Guilmon X
Appearance(Needed for Rookie form only): Pretty much identical to Guilmon. it?s not until he reaches his Ultimate form that his appearance is noticeably different.

Champion: Growlmon X

Ultimate: WarGrowlmon X

Mega: Megidramon X

Other(These forms are not avalible at the start(You can go to Mega, but no forms in this catagory can be used). They include mode-changes, biomerges(if your Digimon has an alternate Mega form) and several others. Choose a Digimon, and I'll find a form in this catagory for it. If I don't, then you'll need to create one or change Digimon, as these forms will play an important role in the story.): Gallantmon X

There. That?s it. this RPG will be a llong one(although i?ll speed it along if it starts to die out). Also, things will start to get really strange after several pages(see spoiler text above for an example), so make sure you can deal with being confused.

EDIT: This is implied in the backstory I posted for this RPG, but I need to nake sure you know it: All characters have been digidestined for a year. In your bio, include how your character met his or her Digimon partner a year ago, and what he or she did in responce to access to the digital world being cut off two months ago.
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