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Writing Prophecy


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[COLOR=red]All the land will tremble
All the life will meet
Seeking refuge from the tainted one

The skies part, to reveal a sword,
The symbol of their death

As the war rages on below, a greater one rages above,
For the rivals collide

Seeking to end the battle, is the light
Seeking to fulfill their vengeful desires, the dark
The war rages, unbeknowenst to the warriors below

With unknown desire,
The lost one is a slave to the dark

As the sword peirces the trembling land,
All the innocent perish

The ones who seek to do good survive
And are destined to battle the tainted one

The Elements meet thier kin, and become stronger
The tainted one is angered by this, and seeks to destroy them

The light will form a power
Strong enough to defeat the tainted one[/COLOR]
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Okay, that was great, only you misspelled a word or two. Is this something you made up on your own? It's pretty nicely written, I'll say. Well, keep writing. Bye for now. Oh, and do you write prophecies as a hobby?
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Yeah it's ok but it just doesn't "click" you know what I mean? The lines are kinda choppy and thoughts are scattered throughout the stanzas. Still good but it's kinda "run of the mill" prophecy stuff. Ya know " the light wil destroy the dark" so on and so forth.
Still good, I like the voice in it. Good job.
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