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Guest GodOfDeath
This Role Playing Game is based int he future where robots have taken over the world. It is your job to deactavate them. I will allow up to 5 people into this Role Playing Game.There will have to be a Wizard, Rouge, Assasin, Worker and a Peasent. (If you dont like those jobs thats fine, the classes upgrade with every few levels.) There are weapons that work best with the classes. the weapons are arm blades, Guns, Swords, Speirs, Staffs and punching knifes. The types of armor are Armlets, Armguards, Bracers, Shield, Force field, and buckelers. The Elements are Fire, Water, Earth, Electric and Ice. Sorry to dissapoint you but I'm having second thoughts about the E.M.P. (Electro Megnetic Pulse)
The Starting Packages are,

Wizard-Weapon x1,armor x1, small potionx2, restorer x2
Rouge-Weapon x1, armor x1, small potionx2, Small gernade x2
Assasin-Weaponx2, small potion x2,small granade x2
Worker-Weapon x1, armor x1, Str potion x4
Peasent- Weapon x1, armor x1, Def Potion x4

The starting Abillities are,

Wizard-Flame, Frezze, Electric, Wave, Earth, Heal
Rouge-Theft, Toss, Run
Assasin-Speed Attack, Dubble Strike, Dubble attack
Worker-Leach, Trance, Rage
Peasent-Mind Shield, Mind rock, Mental wall

You can post your charcter and I will P.M. you if you get in. your charcter sheet should lood like this,

Elemental Strength:
Elemental weeknes:

Sorry I forgot to post my charcter. here he is

Race:Half Deamon of darknes, Half Elf
Elemental Strength:Fire
Elemental Weeknes:Ice
Biography:Was born and abandond on the same day. Found by a bunch of assasins, but insted of letting me be. They trained me to become the most secret, most cunning assasin in the world. Now 140 years after the last of the of them dieing. I emerge from the shadows to help save the world.
Appearence:Wears Black everything, black leather boots, black pants, black undershirt, black leather overcoat and a black mask.
armor: Two Buckelers and a small forse field that only covers the front of my body.

Hey How About I Make A Club Out of this P.M. me if you want to join
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[color=green]Signup threads belong in the Recruitment forum, so I moved this. Feel free to start the actual story thread in the Adventure Arena after you've finished your signups. I encourage you to read the sticky at the top of the page and/or look at other RPGs for examples if you're at all puzzled about how things work here.

Also, it would seem that your poll has pretty much nothing to do with your signup, so I closed it. If you'd like, you can add "Played Dungeons and Dragons?" in the signup sheet, and people might answer the question then ...

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I love plaing D&D,in case you wanted to know.

Elemental Strength:Lightning
Elemental weakness:Water
Biography:Born and raised from a rich family of wizards, he was tutored in magic all his life.Speacializing in lightning magic, he and his family have hidden from the robots until he was fully trained,then set loose to destroy them.
Appearence:See attatchment
Weapon:Staff shaped like a lightning bolt.
Armor:Force field and bracers.
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Name: Tina Jes
Age: 19
Race: Human
Elemental Strength: Water
Elemental weeknes: Electric
Biography: A young girl who escaped from home at the age of 15. She's always had a specialty for fighting and usually will find a certain person to battle against then after defeating them steal from them and live off what she got.
Appearence: Brown/bronze hair with red/gold look in the light with silver at the tips w/bangs as long as the rest (just above shoulder length), part down the middle, eyes are vivid icy/blue with silver shimmer (when angered, look like molten mercury), boots, belt and headband (silver) that ties at the back, goes under front part of her hair, comes out just behind the ears and goes over top of the rest, white tank top with black vest, dark blue jeans, necklace of silver howling wolf, gold sword behind, round ruby behind that, all in a sapphire circle on a gold chain.
Weapon: Staff
Armor: Armguards
Class/Occupation/Job: Rogue
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