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Sign Up Night Shade: The Ravens/Part 1


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(Inspred by "Kill Bill".)

[B][U]The Story[/U][/B]

[B][I]I tried to get away. Away, from Nightshade, and my 'freinds', the Ravens. But it just couldn't be done. I got tired of the killing. The secrets. The underworld. I just got tired of it all. My skill shouldn't be contracted. I wanted a life. A life of my own. A life out side of the Nightshade....

Yes, you heard me, the Nightshade Organization. The organization that assasinated, killed, murdered, what ever you would call it. They would do it, for the right price, and you need deep pockets to get their survices. Spies and mercenaries are what you could call them. There methods were clean and easy. Ask us to do it, and it would get done. No question, your 'problems' solved. I belonged to the Ravens. Lets just say, were not your average group. We were the best of the best. The greatest of the great. We were the most skilled in the entire group. We each specialized in one martial skill. And when together, we could destroy all. Us seven Raven's against who ever, and it was a pretty safe bet, we would come out on top. And that is the reason I'm so tired. That is the reason I left them. I should have tried harder. I left to New Mexico, "Who could live there?" I thought. Well, they found me. Killed everyone I had gotten to know, and tried to kill me.......... But I woke up. I thought it was over., but my heart just won't stop beating..... Now I want my revenge, and all I have to say is, "Should have tried harder...."[/B][/I]


Okay, don't join unless you don't mind your character dying~(which it is possible for you to have htem come back to life in Part 2 or create a new character) and me PMing you about what your character is to do. I'm not telling you, but directing you so that this will be classic. I need Six of the remaining Ravens, each eitehr being a Ninja, or martial artisit, or Gunman, whatever. And I need htere personalites to be loose and unique. I want this to be good.


[U][B]Sign Up[/B][/U]







Location: (any where in the world)

Special Skill(s): (be a little origina, no 'master of all martial arts' crap.)



Bio: (make this good.)


[B]Name:[/B] Michael Chow

[B]Gender:[/B] Male

[B]Alias:[/B] The Fighter

[B]Age:[/B] 24

[B]Height/Weight:[/B] 6'2"/167 ibs


[B]Nationality/Race:[/B] American/Chinese

[B]Location:[/B] Searching...

[B]Specail Skills:[/B] Almost the perfect martial artist, he practices Jeet Kune Do and is a great shot. He has a wiely way of fighting in any situation. He often confuses his opponents.

[B]Weapon:[/B] Jeet Kune Do, PP47, and a variety of weapons that he finds along the way.

[B]Attitude:[/B] Sarcastic, goofy, not serious, and wants his revenge, but in a way that makes it seem like its all business.

[B]Bio:[/B] Born in an NEw York and brought to an orphanage, he was adopted by Nightshade for the soul purpose of being a Raven. Apart form this, he was given a pretty good life in the confints of the Organiazation, which led to his laid back, sarcastic, and goofy attitude. After 18, he was allowed to leave, get is own home and life, and participate in the Ravens only when asked. But he soon grew tired of this and tried to leave with his fiancé to New Mexico. But the Ravens came, killed his freinds and fiancé, and tried to kill him. But they failed. He was revitalized in the hospital, and now he wants his vengeance. You know what they say, revenge is a dish best sered cold....
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Name: Whist Blanco

Gender: Male

Alias: The Truth Seeker

Age: 26

Height/Weight: 7"0, 200lbs

Appearance: Wares a gray suit with a limp red tie, black trench coat and black round sunglass, wares a wide brim black hat with boots, has tanish skin with blue eyes a messy black hair

Nationality/Race: Italy/ France

Location: Rio

Special Skill(s): Expert at Integration and Tourcher, sniping and close range combat

Weapons: Use a verity of short sword, knives, and needles, which he keeps hidden in his coat, Long Range Sniper rifle with a 5-mile fireing range, and 2 9mm guns hidden up his sleeve.

Attitude: Whist is Sarcastic and laid back with a warped sense of humor, talks philosophy even when the person he talking has left the room, he likes to play minds games.

Bio: Whist was born in Italy and was heir to a massive mafia, but his parents and other high ranking members were shot down by a masked perfect assain from Nightshade, Whist was able to get away and use the money he had left to go to France were he had a uncle, but when he got there he was dead, he wander the streets but being so young met he was vanarble, he was soon attacked an nearly killed, he was then found by a man, who brought him back to his house and healed him Whist soon found out that this man was the assain that killed his family but since its was very dark when the hit on his family happen he never saw Whist's face, so after much annoying the man agreed to teach Whist every thing he knew about assignation and the art of the kill, when he was old enough, he killed the man that raised him soon after he met Michael and was brought to Nightshade to be recruit as a Raven
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I'm bored.


Name: Jordan Ann Block

Gender: Female

Alias: The persistant one

Age: 25

Height/Weight: 5'11''/ 137 lb.

(I don't know if it works. And remember, it's just a PICTURE. But picture her with more clothes please.)

Nationality/Race: Japanese

Location: Japan/ her house

Special Skills: She is a great kick boxer, gun woman, sniper, being very presistant, and sudistic(sp?). She was the only one who could shoot someone 10 miles away with her long range sniper. She was also the only female and person who could ever shoot Nightshade in the ear (nicked it). So now there is a pretty big nick in his ear from her.

Weapons: (my fav.) Shotgun, a pretty cool Tommy Gun, .357 Magnum (very nice), two Daggers, one under each sleve, and a Colt Anaconda *drools over such a cool 6 inch barrel handgun*

Attitude: Laid back, kind , can be [I]very[/I] harsh; evil; and mean, sarcastic (a lot), funny, and [I]sexy[/I] .

Bio.: She was raised by a friend of her parents who died in a car crash. The friend had a case full of guns in his home. Jordan soon loved guns after that. The friend taught her everything there is to know about shooting. hen she turned 16, she shot him in the head for slapping her. then a man named Nightshade picked her up after that. She was one of the first Raven's to be a woman. They say dimands are a girls best friends, well, guns are hers. She soon ran a way from boredom. She returned to her old house, and that is where she has been for years.

I hope that was good enough?:D
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Alright Daigo, let's dance! EDIT----I have edited my character a bit..

Name: Annie McGovern

Gender: Female

Alias: The Seductress

Age: 21

Weight/Height: 5'4" 115lbs

Appearance: Slender, slight build, tanned skin, mid-back length black hair with bangs that fall over her mint green eyes. Wears a pair of worn blue jeans that hang on her hips, a white lace tank top, a pair of brown leather boots, and wears a pair of purple lensed sunglasses(the look kinda like Vash's).

Nationality/Race: Irish/Italian

Location: In a remote location in Arizona, hiding.

Skills: She is a very good martial artist, but Michael is better. She is the #1 gunsman, er..woman, that the Ravens had seen in ages. She was the top of her class in the sniper academy and is known for her percision and deadly aim.

Weapon(s): Her training in kick-boxing and martial arts and her most prized possesions, the twin 45 magnum, long barrells. And her attractive body.

Attitude: Witty, sarcastic, and is a clutz. Her, um, unique mixture of nationalities gives her a mixed attitude. Her Italian side gives her her fun and loving side, and the Irish brings out the badass. She is a great person to be with, but don't piss her off or she [i]will[/i] whip out the magnum. Great person to have as a friend and in battle. She has been known for her seductive looks to get whatever she wants when she wants.

Bio: Annie was born and raised in Oklahoma(so she has an accent). She was the bad girl in school, all of her friends were guys. Always making mischief, she got into a load of trouble, at the age of 14,after she [i]accidently[/i] burned down a barn which was owned by the wealthiest man in the county. She was never caught due to her running away. She made her living by becoming a stripper at the tender age of 16. She had a warrent out for her arrest, for the barn burning, and was hunted down by the Nightshade Organization. She asked to be part of the organization and a Raven took pity on her. After 4 years, she progressed better than the Nightshade Organization had anticipated. Then a Raven named Michael decided to leave the orginization. When she was called upon to take part in his assasination she refused and ran away herself. She fled to Arizona and was not seen since. But she still kept up with the action, and heard of Michael's recovery. She now seeks him out to help.
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Name: Tetsuo Mitsugiki

Gender: Male

Alias: The Shogun

Age: 32

Height/Weight: 5'3"/130 lbs


Nationality/Race: Japanese

Location: Kyoto

Appearance: [url=http://darkstar-sifi.co.uk/images/action_figures/soul_caliber_action_figures/mitsurugi.jpg]Tetsuo[/url]

Special Skills: A samurai who follows the ancient ways of the Hiten Mitsurugi Style of fighting. Deadly with a katana, he is also a deadly gunslinger, with one of the fastest draw times in the world.

Weapon(s): A katana hand-crafted from his own hand that he made from the finest metal, and twin desert eagles bought from the black market with cyanide-tipped bullets

Attitude: Peaceful and quiet, always contemplating, he has the focus of a knife, but when he is disturbed his peaceful concentration, he is very irritable, and not very fun to be around, as he will snap unnecessarily at people

Bio: Abandoned by his parents on the steps of a shrine of Kyoto, he was found by the priest of the shrine. As he grew, he found that shrine life was not for him, and ran away from his home. He got into a fight with a local gang, and was beaten within an inch of his life before a wandering samurai scared the gang away. He was taken in by this man, and has spent his life perfecting the strange Hiten Mitsurugi Style.

I hope this is alright. As always, if you dont like something, do not hesitate to be brutal, as I always like to make my chars the best I can. Ja ne!
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The Bullet


5'3" 120lbs

Freaky purple eyes, fraky smile, white gi suit.



He has no weapons other than his hundreds of konai leaving him quite open to a variety of skills. His top running speed is that of an ostrich (45mph) and his hand speed is that of a bullet. That is how he got his name. He canmake someone cray by glaring at them.

Hundreds of konai, tens of firecrackers

His attitude you ask? Well since very little have lived to speek with him it is little known. He is death hungry and very cocky.

Bio: God knows what kind of twisted family raised THIS kid. He grew up watching only the bloodiest of shows. He dedicated his life to training to be a ninja assasin. WHen he got into a fight and threw a konai threw the kid throat, he became addicted to the scent of blood. He left his home for Kyoto. He became friends with Tetsuo and joined the gang.
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Name: Enrique Warrington
Age: 123
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Height: 6ft. 2
Alias: Dokku
Weight: 215 lbs.
Nationality: German
Location: Great Wall of China (don't ask....


Poison Tipped Scissors Suwayyah (x 2) ? A claw dabbed in each tip with a poison that prevents blood clotting. The claw is single-tipped, but by pulling the trigger on the handle, spreads out into 4 different claws. The aim of this curious contraption is to stab the enemy deeply, spread out the claw in the body of the enemy, twist, and then pull out. This causes a huge wound in the opponent, and the poison prevents the wound from closing, bleeding the enemy until it eventually dies.

Poison Tipped Darts ? These darts too are poison-tipped, and allows Warrington to strike the foe from a distance. Unlike the poison employed in his Suwayyahs, the poison on these darts results in a hallucinating effect on the foe. This is especially helpful to Warrington since his style revolves around claws, and it helps him to approach his opponents with the minimum damage possible.


Immunity ? Due to his constant dabbling with poison, Warrington has gained immunity to all forms of poison. He cannot be poisoned, and he is immune to most diseases as well. Many foolish attempts to poison Warrington have proved to be a dismal failure; instead of weakening him, it further strengthened his immunity, thus making him even more powerful. However, the only down side is the fact that poison courses through his entire body much like blood to an ordinary human being, and having skin contact with him can result in a long and painful death.

Plague Nova ? Warrington unleashes a cloud of poison. This gaseous venom reacts quickly with the air, spreads up to a radius of 50 meters in a few seconds, and will not dissipate for a day. Any life form caught within this cloud is guaranteed a slow, painful death in the course of the next hour. The toxin is strong enough to corrode most known metals, and can be transmitted through the skin therefore making gas masks utterly useless.

Regeneration ? The unnatural mix of many toxins and chemicals in Warrington?s system had a curious effect upon his body functions. With the introduction of an unknown combination of chemicals and toxins, Warrington?s self-regenerating effect of the body was significantly increased, making his wounds heal at up to 10 times that of an average human being. A bruise or a scratch will disappear in a matter of minutes, and severe injuries, such as broken bones, ruptured organs, etc. can be remedied in a day at most.

Appearance: A dirty, white lab coat, with five vials filled with red fluid in his chest pocket. His hair is disheveled and coarse, and his face is deadly pale. His skin has a black-green tint to it due to the numerous chemicals flowing through his veins. Wears oval shaped glasses, and comfortable, black pants.

Personality: Solitary, quiet, watchful, distrustful, and analytical.

Bio: A World War I veteran, Warrington suffered the horrendous effects of mustard gas that many of his comrades shared. However, his body seemed to have a natural resistance to the toxin. After suffering for a month in the hospital, the disease suddenly appeared to have left him. Or so it seemed. After the war, Warrington discovered in himself a natural resistance, and in some cases, immunity to most of the venom known today. Being a chemist, he slowly adapted himself to more and more poisons by taking in small quantities of them daily and slowly increasing his dosage. One day, this unnatural mixture of chemicals in his body made him severely sick, almost to the point of death. His sickness, however, was followed immediately by a sudden recovery, much like his recovery from mustard gas. Miraculously, his recovery was followed by his body slowly un-aging, and his body was restored to those of his 20s. Upon research, Warrington concluded that some, or perhaps all of the toxins in his body had formed a sort of an enzyme previously unknown to man, which kept the body?s functions and metabolisms at that of a 20yr. old. This enzyme also provided him with inhuman regeneration, making him immune to most diseases and injuries known to man. The government, hearing of Warrington?s miracles, abducted him, examining his body in minute detail. But the government?s research team died a mysterious death, which resulted from physical contact with the subject. The government sought to dispose of Warrington, realizing the potential for death and decay he possessed. Warrington was no naïve man, and fled as soon as possible, through means unknown. He has been pursued repeatedly by agents sent by the government, though none of them returned alive to report the subject terminated. Eventually, the government either gave up or thought him dead, and he was left to his peace. However, his body was now no longer that of a human being, his touch meant death to any living creature and he never felt that he truly shook off the efforts of the government. To protect himself from his pursuers, he turned to his unnatural abilities, and to his unmatched knowledge of toxins, chemicals, and poisons. Because of being dogged constantly, he is highly distrustful of anyone. However, once his trust is earned, he is a worthy warrior, and also as a doctor; he is able to cure most diseases through his specialized drugs. [/i]

You know who he is.... he's been hunting you in the other WOTS rpg.... o_O
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