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Gaming The cubone story returns!


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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by DarkerSephiroth [/i]
[B]Ben i know your pokemon better than u on the poll u left out ghosty the 1 without a body [/B][/QUOTE]

I had to leave out a couple of them because it would only let me post ten different choices. :o

And you guys are right, I'll post the first chapters too.
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There once was a boy named Ben who loved cubones. They were his favorite pokemon. When he was young he learned as much about them as he could. When he turned ten, he went to Professors Oak and Elm in search of a cubone. Once he got one, he nearly fainted with joy. After he got his cubone, he went in search of more. He didn?t want any other pokemon, just cubones. He battled with such enthusiasm that some of the other cubones didn?t even resist capture. After a few long searches, he finally found a female and captured it. Not long after he caught her, the cubone laid an egg.
When he had caught a great number of them, he began his own training course. His plan was to make them as agile as possible, able to dodge or deflect attacks. He did also train them good attack strategies as well. He trained them as hard as he could without upsetting them. He could not stand to see them suffer, so if one of them got overworked, he slowed the pace of the training.
After a time, the effects his training began to show. His cubones could easily dodge most pokemon attacks used on them, and could deliver an attack of their own just as fast. When he was satisfied with their abilities, he signed up for the Johto League Challenge. That night he put all of his cubones and his egg in the pokecenter for the night.
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Ben sat up sharply. Something had woken him up. Tap tap tap tap. Ben looked at his window and saw his first cubone, the one he had come to call "The Original", tapping on the glass. Ben immediately knew that something was wrong. He had left his cubones at the pokecenter, several miles away. He ran outside and hopped on his bike. He paddled as fast as his legs would carry him. The Original ran alongside him. When he began to tire, The Original bullied some rattatas into carrying him.
When Ben reached the pokecenter he found a section of wall blown in. When Ben peeked in he saw four Team Rocket members creeping toward the shelves of pokeballs. The Original ran in and slammed his bone on each of their heads. They chased him into another room. While The Original was distracting them, Ben looked around for his pokeballs. He had marked each of them with a picture of a cubone. When he found them he grabbed them off the shelf and turned to confront Team Rocket. They ran into the room, still chasing The Original. They stopped when they saw Ben standing there with his pokeballs. They immediately called out their pokemon. From what Ben could see, they had one of every type. Ben released all his cubones. They all looked around at where they were, then at the pokemon in front of them. They formed a line that blocked Team Rocket?s way to the pokeballs. That is all of them did, except the female, who ran into another room and returned with her egg and stood next to me. I immediately saw that our numbers were equal, even with the female not fighting, but they had several type advantages. I had type advantages too, but I didn?t want to risk it. There was only one way....
"Conversion!" Ben yelled.
Team Rocket had realized that they had just lost their advantage and approached more cautiously now. Their pokemon began to slowly creep toward the cubones.
"Bonemerang!" Ben shouted.
The pokemon that were slowly marching toward the cubones retreated from the barrage of bones. Then Team Rocket attacked with all they had.
"Water Gun!"
"Razor Leaf!
"Poison Sting!"
"Rolling Kick!"
"Rock Throw!"
"Beat Up!"
"Metal Claw!"
"Pin Missile!"
"Icy Wind!"
All the attacks were heading straight toward his cubones with nothing to stop them. Ben was thinking quickly, what could possibly protect his cubones? The answer was so obvious it made him feel stupid afterward.
"Dig!" he almost laughed out. All of his cubones immediately dug themselves into the floor. When the attacks passed overhead, the cubones came up under their attackers so hard that the pokemon were slammed into the ceiling. Team Rocket returned their pokemon and was preparing to run.
But one member, in his desperate act to escape, fired his bazooka at the cubones. The shot missed the cubones, but hit the power generator. BOOM! Ben and his pokemon were thrown back from the blast; each of them knocked unconscious.
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Ben woke up and winced, he had a splitting headache. He looked around and saw that he was in a hospital room. The room was lit by a dim red glow that Ben recognized as emergency lights. Ben guessed that the generator had been totally destroyed. The door opened and a chansey walked in carrying a tray of breakfast food and medicine for his headache. Chanseys always seemed to know what a patient needed. She walked over and laid the tray on his bed.
"Thank you." Ben said "could you get Nurse Joy please?"
The chansey nodded her head and walked out. A few minutes later, Nurse Joy walked in with Officer Jenny. Before he could say anything, Officer Jenny demanded to here what happened last night. When he got to the point where he used conversion, Nurse Joy murmured:
"So that?s what happened."
"What do you mean?" Ben asked.
"Your cubones experienced some drastic changes after the explosion. It appears that they are stuck in the type they converted to." she explained.
"Okay, but what do you mean changes?" Ben asked, beginning to get worried.
"Maybe you should see for yourself," she suggested "They?re in solitary confinement."
"Why there?" Ben asked.
"Because together they are extremely dangerous when they?re together." Officer Jenny said.
"What makes you say that?" Ben asked.
"Because it took both the growlithe and spinarack squads to restrain them." she explained.
"I can?t think of why they would do that." Ben admitted.
"I think I might know." Joy said.
"Then please tell us." Jenny said patiently.
"I think that the energy released from the generator somehow embedded the type that the conversion attack gave them. I also think that their bodies are adapting to their new types. I?m sure that a change of that type would be extremely painful and would make even the sanest living thing irrational for a while. What I?m trying to say is that the cubones have taken on new types, their bodies are changing to suit those types, and they were driven mad by the pain." she said.
"I think I would like to see these changes for myself." Ben said a bit uncertainly.
"Don?t be scared, most of them have calmed down by now." Nurse Joy assured him.
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The solitary confinement cells were white-walled square rooms. There was a two-way mirror so people could see in, but the pokemon couldn?t see out.
The first window was black and sooty. Nurse Joy pushed a button and the window began to clear. Inside was a cubone that had a curve of fire around its neck like a typhlosian. Also, his bone helmet and club were now black. The walls inside were black from the fire attacks used on it earlier.
"I think I?ll call him Torch." Ben said.
"You?re not actually considering keeping them are you?" Officer Jenny said incredulously. "They could turn on you any minute!"
"I?m sure they won?t. I?ve known these cubones most of my life, trained them as close to perfection as I could, and loved them even before I met them. Nothing could stop me from keeping them." he declared.
In the next room Ben saw his smallest cubone, it was the runt of his family. It had scaly skin like a totodile now. It was also swimming laps in a foot of water. It was actually blurring through the water. Ben could see that, even if this cubone was small, he would still be a formidable pokemon. Small chunks of wall were blown away in random places. Ben guessed that this cubone had used bubble when it was mad. "I?ll call him Squirt."
The next cubone he saw was literally bouncing off the walls. The walls were made of rubber to contain the cubones electricity. Whenever he hit a wall, he sent out a jolt of electricity. He was obviously hyper and probably would always be.
The cubone that had taken the flying type had evolved into Marowak. He was spinning his bone so fast that he could easily fly around the room. Ben laughed and said "I?ll call him Fly Guy."
The next room was filled with grass and flowers. He saw a cubone in the middle with olive-brown skin and a large bulb on its back. That bulb looked very familiar. "I?ll call him Bulbabone."
They were about to go into the next room but Nurse Joy stopped them.
"I think we should take some precautions." she said. She then pulled out three gas masks from a cabinet outside the door.
When they went in they were met by a lot of smoke and toxic fumes. When they got to the window they couldn?t see anything because of all the smoke and gas. Nurse Joy went to a control panel and pushed a button. Several large fans turned on above them and sucked in all the smoke and gas. When Ben looked in he blanched, the pokemon looked like the perfect Team Rocket pokemon. Its bone had a spike on the end of its bone that Nurse Joy said was poison-tipped. It had poisonous spikes all over its back and arms. Its skin was a dark purple color and strangely reptilian. He gulped and said "I think I?ll call him Toxibone." Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny both looked shocked that he intended to keep the cubone but made no objections. The pokemon suddenly spat on the floor. The spit melted straight through. It was acid.
"This next cubone is still in pain." Nurse Joy said "so don?t be surprised at what it does." When they entered the next room, Ben saw a cubone with rippling muscles and a huge tail. He was jabbing and kicking at the walls with incredible speed and doing lots of damage to them. "I?ll call him Hitmonbone." Ben looked again and couldn?t see what was wrong with him, the transformation seemed complete. He mentioned this to Nurse Joy who told him to look under the cubone?s arms. Ben looked and gasped. The little cubone was growing another pair of arms. Ben suddenly felt very sorry for the little pokemon.
The next two cubones he saw were in the same room. They were big, bulky and heavy. They were the rock and steel types. They were walking slowly around the room. Every now and then they would throw a rock to each other. "I?ll call them Rocky and Steelix."
The next cubone Ben saw was floating in midair. He was sitting cross-legged in the center of the room. He had smooth skin like and espeon and the same liquid eyes too. When they had reached the mirror, he had slowly opened his eyes. Then he waved.
"He is a psychic type," Nurse Joy explained "he can see us with his mind."
"I?ll call him Psy Guy."
The next room was much darker than the others were. Nurse Joy explained that light was bad for Dark type pokemon and that she thought that the dark would make the change easier to bear. Ben looked in a saw a haze in the shape of a cubone sitting in a corner of the room. Then suddenly, it was on the ceiling. Nurse Joy said that Dark type pokemon could move very quickly and quietly in darkness. "Than I?ll call him Shadow."
The next cubone was being held in place by a haunter and a gengar. It was transparent and purple in color. It was not roaring in rage or insanity, but instead, it was crying. It was bawling at the top of its lungs and shedding ghostly tears.
"Why is he doing that?" Ben asked.
"We?re not sure, but the chanseys think that he?s very sad for the loss of his body." she said.
"But can?t ghost types touch things just like other pokemon?" Ben asked.
"Yes, but it is still a very big step to take. I mean, would you like to be permanently removed from your body?" she asked
"No, I guess I wouldn?t." Ben admitted. "But, since he?s like this, I?ll call him Ghosty."
"Can we move on please?" Officer Jenny asked "this is getting to be too sad for me to handle."
In the next room was another pokemon who had evolved. It was bigger than an average marowak and smaller than the dragonite it resembled. It was very strong, judging from the enormous chunks ripped out of the walls. It very much resembled a small dragonite with a marowak?s head. "I?ll call him Drago."
The next room was filled with hundreds of bugs. The cubone in it had sprouted wings on its back and it?s tail had molded into a stinger. It was hovering around the room, watching all the other bugs crawl about.
"I?ll call him Bugbone."
The next room they looked into was full of ice. There were ice spikes coming from the top and bottom of the room and sheets of ice on the walls. In the middle of the room, barely visible, sat a light blue cubone with a pure white helmet and bone. It was blowing snow from its mouth to keep the room cold and icy. "I?ll call him Freeza."
The next room had no markings of any kind on the walls and was completely empty. Ben looked inquiringly at Nurse Joy. She stared at him a little guiltily.
"The cubone in this room took the normal type and was sitting there begging to help. He wanted to do anything to make up for what he had done. He?s tending to the injured police pokemon right now."
"I don?t think I even need to see him to choose a name. I?ll call him Norman."
The next room they looked into had the female in it. In her arms she held a small pokemon that Ben had never seen before.
"What?s that in her arms?" Ben asked.
"Her egg hatched after the explosion, she?s been caring for it ever since. I think the pokedex said it was togebone, and relative to togepi. Also, the female cubone has not gone into a rage like the others, she has been calm and very nice to the chanseys that bring her food. In fact, a little too nice. She has persuaded a couple of them to let her out with her Charm attack."
"I?ll call them Ladybone and Babybone." he declared.
The final room was battered far beyond the rest. Chunks of the floor were torn up and leaning against the walls, which looked ready to collapse. There were huge cracks in the ceiling, walls, and even the mirror. The Original lay in the middle of the floor, writhing in agony.
"What?s wrong with him?!" Ben demanded of Nurse Joy.
"It?s very complicated. He is no longer just a ground type, he is ground/ground. A good example would be bulbasaur, he is poison/grass. Your cubones have all taken on the type the conversion gave them, with the ground type still with them. Only this guy, Ladybone, and Babybone got an extra dose of their original type." she explained.
"That is complicated." Ben admitted. "Is there anything we can do to help him? I can?t bear watching him like that."
"You could go in there with him, I?m not sure what good it would do, but you are his trainer." she said.
"Than I?ll go." Ben said in a determined voice.
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Ben walked slowly toward the door of The Original?s room. He pushed the button to open the door and walked in. He walked over to The Original and put his hand on the pokemon?s shoulder.
"It?s all right," he said soothingly "I?m here now."
The Original looked up at Ben and smiled. Then he fell asleep. After a few minutes he woke up. He looked around, stood up, and stretched. The transformation was complete.
"How do you feel?" Ben asked.
The Original shrugged. "Bone." he said. Then he pointed at the walls. "Bone?" he said curiously.
"Yes, you did that." Ben answered.
The Original looked shocked. He went over to the section of floor leaning against the wall. He picked it up and laid it back in the floor. His look was still puzzled. He shrugged, as if to say "Oh well." He then ran toward Ben and leapt up on his shoulder.
"Let?s get the others." Ben suggested. The Original nodded.
The next meetings were about the same as The Original?s was. They were ecstatic at seeing Ben again and leapt into his arms. All except Ghosty, who put his arms around Ben and sobbed uncontrollably. Ben knew that he would have to do something to help Ghosty, but couldn?t think of what. Even Toxibone was happy to see Ben. He was not as heartless as he appeared to be after all, Ben realized. Then they all went to see Hitmonbone.
When they went into Hitmonbone?s room, he was still pounding on the walls. Ben could not stand to see his cubone in pain so he asked Psy Guy to help him.
"Hypnosis, make him think he?s not hurt." Ben said. Psy Guy looked at Hitmonbone with a look of intense concentration on his face. After a few minutes, Hitmonbone stopped pounding the wall. He looked at Ben and shouted with joy. He ran at Ben and gave him a bear hug that almost broke Ben?s ribs. But, there was something different about this hug, it was a four-armed hug. Psy Guy hadn?t made him think the pain was gone, he really made the pain go, by speeding up the transformation. His psychic powers were much stronger than Ben had anticipated.
After he had recalled all his cubones, he went to Violet City, for his first Badge battle.
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Ben?s body was actually trembling with excitement as he stepped into the Gym. He asked
one of the trainers where he could find Falkner.
?Upstairs,? he answered ?why??
?I?ve come to challenge him to a pokemon battle.? Ben explained.
?Oh, okay. Follow me.? the trainer said.
When they got to the roof, Falkner was no where in sight. A smile creeped up on the
trainer?s face.
?My name is Dave,? he said ?what?s yours??
?My name is Ben.? he answered suspiciously.
?Well Ben, since Falkner isn?t here, I?m required to battle you.? he explained.
?Then let?s not sit here talking about it.? Ben said shortly.
They both stepped into their spots on opposite sides of the roof. The wind began to stir as
the two faced each other.
?Go, Spearow!? Dave shouted. Ben didn?t know much about Spearows, but Ben could tell that
this one had lots of experience.
?Go Torch!? Ben yelled. The fiery pokemon came out and took a look at the Spearow. He
snorted. The Spearow put on an offended look and flew into the air. Dave meanwhile, was staring
at Torch with stunned disbelief. Ben took advantage of his hesitation.
?Ember!? Torch began spitting fireballs at Spearow. The Spearow dodged and weaved, its
feathers getting singed each time. Dave recovered from his astonishment and retaliated.
?Mirror Move!? he shouted. Spearow began to spit fireballs at Torch. Torch did not even attempt
to move. He merely shrugged off the attack as it hit him.
?Fire spin!? Ben yelled. Torch spat a wave of fire at Spearow. When the fire reached Spearow, it
began to coil. Spearow was trapped.
?Sky Attack! Dave yelled. Spearow began to glow inside the ring of fire that held it.
?Focus Energy!? Ben shouted. Torch also began to glow. Then Spearow dived. It dove right out
of the circle of fire that was around it and was covered in a nimbus of flame. It was speeding
directly toward Torch.
?Bone Club! Ben shouted. Torch?s bone glowed with the power from the focus energy attack.
Then, as Spearow was about to hit, Torch brought his bone down on Spearow?s head. CRACK!
They all stood there tense, waiting for some sign. Then, as the fire around it slowly faded,
a large bump appeared on Spearow?s head, then it fell over.
Dave recalled his Spearow and walked over to Ben.
?Congratulations Ben, you beat me.?
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?Very impressive.? an unknown voice said. Ben looked up and saw a boy on a Pidgeot. The boy
motioned with one hand and the Pidgeot swooped down and landed on the roof. The boy recalled
his pokemon.
?My name is Falkner.? he said ?and I heard that you want to battle me.?
?Yes, I do.? Ben agreed ?Are you ready??
?In a minute,? he said ?I was just looking at your cubone.?
?You?re not surprised?? Ben asked incredulously.
?Oh, I was Ben, I was. When I saw your cubone, I nearly fell off my Pidgeot.?
Ben laughed. If he thought Torch was different, just wait till he saw the others.
?What?s so funny?? Dave asked.
?Some of my cubones are even more strange than Torch.? he explained.
?Then let?s see them.? Falkner demanded.
?You can see them when we battle.? Ben said.
?Then let?s battle!? Falkner said, not realizing that he had been tricked.
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by DarkerSephiroth [/i]
[B]Yes that is indeed better ben [/B][/QUOTE]

You're very welcome. The next chapter is [I]still[/I] in the works. I haven't thought of a good way to beat Falkner's pidgeot yet. :rolleyes:
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Ben [/i]

You're very welcome. The next chapter is [I]still[/I] in the works. I haven't thought of a good way to beat Falkner's pidgeot yet. :rolleyes: [/B][/QUOTE]

How about the electric cubone is fighting him and hes loseing until pigeyot uses fly and right before he attacks cubone jumps on pigeyots back and uses thunderbolt and pigeyot faints.:p stoned smile
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