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Sign Up Clash of the Neo continents

Jubei Yagyou

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An RPG made by Tsukasa hack and I...

[I] Three continents in the world of Neo Earth. All live in peace accept for one day when the continent of Neo England suspected sabotage on Neo Japans part. So Neo England sets up camp in the Mountain of protection to get ready to attack Neo Japan. After knowing that Neo England landed in the No-Mans-Land, The Mountain of Protection, Neo Japan sets up camp on the other side. 14 years after the Massacre at The Mountain of Protection, which Neo England won, Neo Japan and Neo England are still in war. While Neo Japan starts a ambush campaign starting in the Crater of Despair. At the same time Neo England sails to The Mountain of Protection again. But in the mean time The Field continent of Peace, a.k.a. FP continent, has just sat there and watched the whole massacre...[/I]

(look at the attachment if your confused)

Okay this is sort of like a middle age stuff so make it sort of like that.

Sign ups will have:

Bio: Optional

I will post mine later, but here is a map to clear things up.
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Its a war, they fight, and I really didn't help all that much.

Name: Takku
Age: 23
Gender: male
Techniques: Karate, Judo, Jujitsu, katana
Bio: Master of the Makidirida Dojo, he is a black belt in all of his feilds. His mother and father were dead as long as he could remember, and was tooken care of by a church nun, who was killed defending the church she served. Since then Takku pressed his arts to the limits, so he could fight against those who have destroyed his home.
appearance: Very tall. Buff, with black hair and eyes. Wears a black jacket and white shirt, with blue pants and black boots.
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