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Gaming MTV's Celebrity Deathmatch


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This game looks really fun. I used to love the show and I'm sre the game won't be any different. The graphics are pretty dessents considerng the show had clay characters. The make your own charcter thing is really needed because of the games limited amount of celebritirs(most of them wouldn't sign the contract). They also have several unlockable stuff in the game that will keep you guessing all the way. This game is mortal kombat on drugs.
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[size=1] This game looks really funny and would be good in multiplayer. The graphics look pretty decent and resemble what the characters look on TV. I heard that there is about 17 celebrities to choose from. The characters have a range of fighting moves, from just punches and throws to chainsaw-wielding supposedly. But overall this looks a nice looking game, may get boring after a while though. [/size]
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Let's examine the game, shall we?

1) Announced a long while back.
2) Delayed a lot.
3) Pretty much NO advertising...meaning a "hush hush" release.
4) Upon release, it was a budget title, meaning 20 dollars or less.

When a video game meets those 4 criteria, it's a very safe bet that the game is inferior.

I figure it's a weekend rental.

The show was hilarious...up to a point. Then it just got ridiculous, so I'm not really eager to play the mediocre (most likely) video game adaptation of a mediocre show.
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[size=1][color=darkblue]The game seem alright, but I think because of it's unoriginality, it may not do well. Comedy wrestling games have been done, and I think there are better ones than this. Also, the show is basically dead now. If this game had been released during the shows period of good popularity, maybe we'd have a different story. I still might rent it, or play it if I get the chance, I won't go out of my way just to get a taste.
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